Top 10 Best Places to Visit in British Columbia

What makes British Columbia one of the best places is that it contains a vast yet diverse landscape filled by mountains, islands, lakes, and other lush greenery which makes it very ideal to visit for many people. Whether you prefer outdoorsy activities from hiking, skiing, to surfing, or urban activities like eating on restaurants, visiting museums, the province covers all of that, but it has a lot more than you think. Here, this list features the Top 10 Best Places to Visit in British Columbia.
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1 Stanley Park (Vancouver)

A huge park encompassing the northwestern part of Vancouver. Most people come here for the scenic views, various outdoor activities, garden, and the greenery. For bikers it's one of the best parks as there is lots of space as it contains one of the most popular spots which is the Seawall. It's also filled with history regarding the indigenous peoples for over a millennia, with totem poles just around at Brockton Point; near there, you can also visit the 9'o clock cannon which fires every 9:00 PM. Stanley Park also has some of the most popular destinations in Canada - the Vancouver Aquarium which contains a diverse collection of marine animals - including sea lions, sea otters, and even penguins.

2 Whistler

A very popular place consisting of mountains and snow perfectly suitable for skiing, snowboarding, and other activities. Plus, it's well known for having the largest resorts in North America - Whistler Blackcomb. While not only there are such activities, you can enjoy a ride and see the scenic view at Peak 2 Peak Gondola, which is connected to both Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain, or you can take the zipline through some of the most scenic forests. Additionally if you are interested in the culture, you can take a peek at Squamish Cultural Centre which contains rich history of the Squamish peoples. Overall, it has one of the most spectacular views especially from the peak, and that's just scratching the surface. If you're from Vancouver consider yourself very lucky as a trip to Whistler only takes 1 hour and a half to up to 2 hours.

3 Canada Place

If you want to enjoy the scenic cityscapes of Vancouver or take breathtaking photos of the sea while taking a long enjoyable walk, this is one of the best places to do those activities here. Canada Place remains as one of the most iconic places in Canada, notably its huge white sails which make up an appealing part of the bustling city. One of the most enjoyable things you can do in here is visiting the FlyOver Canada theater, which takes you into a realistic flight simulation combined with special effects that make you feel as if you were actually flying. The ride only lasts over several minutes, but it's worth the experience especially if you are staying in Vancouver for a short time.

4 Capilano Suspension Bridge

It may seem like a thrilling bridge to walk through, considering that it's 140 metres long and situated high above the river, but it's surrounded by a vast amount of greenery - specially huge trees coupled with historical artifacts scattered along when you explore further just beyond the bridge. If you want to be further thrilled, then look no further to the Cliff Walk, which has thinner bridges situated in a high position that can leave your adrenaline pumping. Just be aware that there can be plenty of people. Otherwise if you have a fear of heights, this can be a really exciting place to experience if you are willing to face your own fears.

5 Queen Elizabeth Park

Just rivaling with Stanley Park, this is another decent park spanning 130 acres of greenery and floral attractions. Not only you can take scenic views, you can take a peek at the fountains or engage in activities such as tennis. It also contains a bio dome at the highest point of Queen Elizabeth Park situated near the fountains, which contains a plethora of exotic plants and birds (including parrots and finches). Overall it's a relaxing place to chill in.

6 Joffre Lakes

Personally I consider this to be the best place to hike in BC. As it is consisting of not only three lakes, but even a waterfall the more you hike up higher. If you are an experienced hiker, then you'll surely enjoy this one. At the start, you would walk through some of the rugged terrain, coupled with some easy paths that can leave just enough rest - with each lake rewarding you with lush scenery. Although it takes a few hours depending on how fit you are and the conditions regarding the place, on the way to the third lake is the most difficult, but you'll be finally rewarded with a breathtaking scene of the final lake which is surrounded by other scenic natural features, including mountains topped with snow. Make sure to bring mosquito repellent in case you tend to hike until the night.

7 Royal BC Museum

If you want to learn the history about BC and its first people, definitely come to this place for a shower of cultural and historical experience, including a vast collection of artifacts coming from the first nations, an exhibition of natural history featuring informative topics of various animals, a feel of what is like to be in old Victoria, including those from the ice age, and recent world issues such as climate change. If you want to get a taste of indigenous culture, you can also get a taste of what their language sounds like coming from various provinces.

8 Grouse Mountain

Not only known for its gondola rides and other skyrides, but also contains one of the most popular hiking trails which is Grouse Grind which is considered a challenging experience - given its steep elevations if you are a seasoned hiker. Whether it's enjoying the snow in the winter or seeing scenic views, there's also a variety activities to experience in. Overall, it's one of the best natural places to go in Vancouver.

9 Vancouver Island

Home to some of the most stunning beaches in Canada, with a variety of activities to do such as whale watching. Thanks to its very mild weather, vancouver Island definitely has some of the best greenery and wildlife there is.

10 Tofino

Located on the west of Vancouver Island, this is one of the most popular tourism places you can visit due to its forests, mountains, and other natural features. As it's a fantastic place for surfing, hiking, whale watching, or just watching the waves crash by at the beach. Aside from also having quality resorts, it's a popular place for storm chasers. Not to mention, it also has relatively low light pollution, which is a suitable place for stargazers alike.

The Contenders
11 Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

Also a recommended place for nature lovers and surfers alike. There's a diverse collection of plants and wildlife here - most notably old forests, the occasional whales, and also the long beach. It's a huge park reserve overall, so definitely take your time exploring some of the features.

12 Butchart Gardens

If you are one who loves nature, then this garden will really satisfy your eyes. Located in Brentwood Bay near Victoria, it is considered a National Historic Site of Canada consisting of 55 acres of land, the majority of which are vibrant floral scenery, including natural features which date back all the way to 1904. Butchart Gardens also has gardens from Japanese themed to Italian themed, along with other types of gardens.

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