Top 10 Best Amusement Parks in the World

Amusement parks... those hallowed grounds of childhood and adulthood nostalgia where screams are music to the ears and cotton candy is a food group. If you're reading this, chances are you have a thing for gravity-defying roller coasters, whimsical parades, and maybe a pirate ship or two. Whether you're a thrill-seeker always looking for that next heart-stopping drop or a fairy-tale enthusiast enamored with enchanted castles, there's probably an amusement park that's perfect for you.

The beauty of this list lies in its collective wisdom - each vote brings us closer to the holy grail of amusement park rankings. Sure, the critics have their say, and travel websites spout statistics about annual visitors, but here, it's your voice that counts. Because let's be honest, what really makes an amusement park memorable is your personal experience, not some figure on a spreadsheet.

So, what do you think makes an amusement park the best? Is it the white-knuckle roller coasters that defy the laws of physics? Maybe it's the captivating shows and parades that transport you to another world. Or perhaps it's the meticulous attention to detail that goes into recreating a fantastical realm. Whatever it is that tickles your fancy, it's time for you to weigh in.
The Top Ten
1 Cedar Point (Sandusky, Ohio) Cedar Point, located in Sandusky, Ohio, is renowned for its extensive collection of roller coasters. The park opened in 1870, making it the second-oldest operating amusement park in the United States. It sits on a peninsula jutting into Lake Erie, offering picturesque views to its visitors. With rides like "Steel Vengeance" and "Millennium Force," Cedar Point has earned a reputation as a must-visit destination for thrill-seekers.

With two of the greatest roller coasters on the planet - Maverick and Millennium Force - as well as other great coasters like Top Thrill Dragster, Raptor, Rougarou, Valravn, and GateKeeper, it's hard to beat Cedar Point.

Haven't been to Europa-Park yet, but when I do, I think I will still like Cedar Point better. By far the best park in North America.

Cedar Point has many great roller coasters, such as Top Thrill Dragster and the Maverick, that I can't stop riding.

Nothing beats the rides, environment, sights, or the park itself. Cedar Point is number 1.

2 Six Flags Great Adventure (Jackson, New Jersey) Six Flags Great Adventure is situated in Jackson, New Jersey, and is known for its diverse set of attractions. One of its most famous rides is "Kingda Ka," which was the world's tallest and fastest roller coaster at the time of its unveiling in 2005. The park is also home to Safari Off-Road Adventure, a unique experience that allows guests to observe a variety of animals in a naturalistic setting. Besides the rides and the safari, the park hosts numerous seasonal events and shows.
3 Kings Island (Mason, Ohio) Kings Island is located in Mason, Ohio, and is one of the largest amusement parks in the Midwest. Notable for rides like "The Beast," one of the longest wooden roller coasters in the world, and "Banshee," the world's longest inverted roller coaster, the park offers a range of thrill experiences. It also features a 33-acre water park called Soak City and family-friendly attractions like Planet Snoopy. Seasonal events such as Halloween Haunt attract a wide range of audiences to Kings Island.

Kings Island because it has a cool name.

4 Six Flags Magic Mountain (Valencia, California) Six Flags Magic Mountain is located in Valencia, California, and is particularly well-known for its record-breaking roller coasters. At various times, it has held the record for the most roller coasters in a single amusement park. Popular attractions include "Twisted Colossus," a hybrid coaster, and "X2," a 4D coaster that adds rotational movement to the seats. The park also offers a variety of flat rides, water attractions, and seasonal events like Fright Fest.

Magic Mountain is better than Cedar Point. After Millennium Force, Maverick, and Top Thrill Dragster, Cedar Point's lineup is just OK. Raptor is pretty good. Magnum and Rougarou are a bit rough, but they're still pretty good.

Valravn and Wicked Twister are alright, but then everything else isn't too good. Gatekeeper is forceless as crap. Magic Mountain's lineup is significantly better. Twisted Colossus is better than all of Cedar Point's best three.

Tatsu is America's best flying coaster. X2 is the craziest coaster ever! It's so awesome. Full Throttle is pretty awesome, even though the drop isn't great.

Goliath has such high G-forces and gets a bit crazy sometimes. Superman is almost better than Top Thrill Dragster (yes, I said it). Just give it a lap bar, and it's ahead. Scream has amazing inversions and is so fun to ride! Riddler's Revenge is the world's best stand-up, and Apocalypse is kind of cool too.

Yes, it's my home park, but I still like it more than Cedar Point.

5 Hersheypark (Hershey, Pennsylvania) Hersheypark, located in Hershey, Pennsylvania, offers a unique blend of amusement rides and chocolate-themed experiences. Founded in 1906, the park was originally created as a leisure park for the employees of the Hershey Chocolate Company. It has since evolved into a full-fledged amusement park featuring rides like "Candymonium" and "Skyrush." Hersheypark also includes ZooAmerica, a zoo that focuses on North American wildlife, adding a unique dimension to the park's offerings.

Snobs? Sorry, Yank, but did you know amusement parks didn't even start in America? The first one came from Denmark in 1583.

Hershey is the boss. Feel the chocolate burn.

6 Canada's Wonderland (Vaughan, Ontario) Canada's Wonderland is the largest amusement park in Canada and is situated in Vaughan, Ontario. Opened in 1981, it features a wide variety of rides, including "Leviathan," one of the tallest and fastest roller coasters in the world. The park also contains Splash Works, a 20-acre water park that provides a cool escape during hot summer days. Beyond thrill rides and water attractions, Canada's Wonderland offers live entertainment and dining options that make it a well-rounded family destination.

There's always something new every year! Yukon Striker and Winterfest this year. I wonder what else will be added in 2020?

Leviathan, Behemoth, Vortex, Flight Deck, Mighty Canadian Minebuster, Dragon Fyre, Time Warp, Backlot Stunt Coaster, Thunder Run, Wild Beast, The Bat, and more. Truly the best amusement park and the best in Canada.

This park is awesome! At my old school, you could see Leviathan!

7 Holiday World (Santa Claus, Indiana) Holiday World, situated in Santa Claus, Indiana, is noted for its holiday-themed sections, including Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Fourth of July areas. It opened in 1946 as Santa Claus Land and is credited as being the first themed amusement park in the world. One of its standout attractions is "The Voyage," a wooden coaster that has received multiple awards. The park is also environmentally conscious, offering free sunscreen and soft drinks to reduce waste.

Best wooden coaster ever and best value ever, plus the new insane Thunderbird! Love this park!

8 Six Flags New England (Agawam, Massachusetts) Six Flags New England is located in Agawam, Massachusetts, and is a popular destination for thrill-seekers in the northeastern United States. The park is home to several iconic roller coasters, including the Superman the Ride, which has won multiple awards for its design and thrills. Apart from roller coasters, the amusement park also features a water park called Hurricane Harbor, offering a variety of slides and pools for guests. Six Flags New England has seasonal events like Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park, providing diverse entertainment throughout the year.

Awesome park, lots of coasters. Ride Bizzrio, the second best roller coaster in the world.

9 Disneyland (Anaheim, California) Disneyland, in Anaheim, California, was the first amusement park created under the Disney brand. It opened its doors on July 17, 1955, and quickly set a new standard for themed amusement parks. Attractions like "Space Mountain," "The Haunted Mansion," and "Pirates of the Caribbean" have become cultural icons in their own right. The park is divided into several themed "lands," each offering a distinct experience, and it attracts millions of visitors from around the world each year.

This place is the best place ever. My favorite ride is Tower of Terror. This place should be number 1. It is so awesome. I am sad when I leave Disneyland.

Why the heck isn't this number one?

10 Lake Compounce (Bristol, Connecticut) Lake Compounce is situated in Bristol, Connecticut, and holds the title of being the oldest continuously operating amusement park in North America, having opened in 1846. The park combines classic rides with modern attractions, including the wooden roller coaster Boulder Dash, which has received numerous accolades. Lake Compounce also features a water park and a variety of dining options. Seasonal events such as the Haunted Graveyard and Holiday Lights add to its year-round appeal.

My local park, and I love it. I live only about 25 minutes from it.

The Contenders
11 Waldameer Park (Erie, Pennsylvania) Waldameer Park is located in Erie, Pennsylvania, and offers a mix of traditional amusement rides and water attractions. One of its most famous rides is the Ravine Flyer II, a wooden roller coaster that crosses over a four-lane highway. Waldameer also features a water park called Water World, providing guests with a broad range of experiences. The park is family-owned and has a history dating back to 1896.
12 Europa-Park (Rust, Germany) Europa-Park is located in Rust, Germany, and is the second most popular theme park in Europe after Disneyland Paris. The park is divided into different areas, each representing a European country, and offers a mix of roller coasters, water rides, and live shows. Europa-Park is also home to several hotels and a water park, making it a multi-day destination. During the winter, the park transforms into a magical winter wonderland featuring seasonal attractions.
13 Dollywood (Pigeon Forge, Tennessee) Dollywood is located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, and is co-owned by country music legend Dolly Parton. The park is themed around Southern culture and the Smoky Mountains, offering rides, shows, and various other attractions. Dollywood is famous for its unique blend of roller coasters and live entertainment, including country music performances and crafts demonstrations. The park also has an adjoining water park called Dollywood's Splash Country.

I love Dollywood. Friendly workers and fun rides. My sister has been on Mystery Mine there when she was barely tall enough. That drop ride where you pull yourself up with a rope is fun.

I love how it's shaded. They give out free water when it's hot, and the people are nice. Not as many rides as other amusement parks, but it seems nice and laid back and just classic.

14 Busch Gardens Williamsburg (Williamsburg, Virginia) Busch Gardens Williamsburg is set in Williamsburg, Virginia, and offers a European-themed experience. The park features a variety of roller coasters, including Griffon and Alpengeist, alongside animal exhibits and live entertainment shows. Busch Gardens Williamsburg is also known for its lush landscaping and elaborate seasonal events such as Howl-O-Scream and Christmas Town. It offers a blend of thrill rides and educational attractions, making it suitable for all age groups.
15 Linnanmäki (Helsinki, Finland) Linnanmäki is a beloved amusement park in Helsinki, Finland, that opened its doors in 1950. The park has a wide range of attractions, from family-friendly rides to adrenaline-pumping roller coasters like Taiga. Linnanmäki is unique in that it operates as a non-profit, with proceeds going to child welfare work. It also hosts an annual event called Carnival of Light, showcasing a mesmerizing array of light installations throughout the park.

This might not be the most beautiful amusement park in the world, but it has a lot of attractions. It's a good park as a Nordic one.

One of the oldest amusement parks in Europe.

16 Alton Towers (Staffordshire, United Kingdom) Alton Towers is a theme park located in Staffordshire, England. It's one of the UK's most visited amusement parks and offers a wide range of attractions, from roller coasters like Nemesis and The Smiler to family-friendly rides. The park is set in the grounds of a former stately home, and its gardens are also a popular attraction. Seasonal events like Scarefest and Fireworks add extra layers of entertainment to the Alton Towers experience.

Guys, I once went there and rode every single roller coaster. In my opinion, Smiler and Oblivion are the best roller coasters on Earth.

17 Lagoon (Farmington, Utah) Lagoon is an amusement park in Farmington, Utah, known for its variety of rides and attractions suitable for all age groups. One of its most popular rides is the Cannibal, a roller coaster with a world-record-breaking Lagoon Roll. The park also has an adjacent water park called Lagoon-A-Beach and a historic wooden roller coaster that has been in operation since 1921. Lagoon hosts Frightmares, a Halloween-themed event, among other seasonal festivities.

Big Lagoon in Farmington, Utah? Nice. I'm sure glad this made the list. Dracula's Castle is the best ride on Earth. It should be number 1!

18 Kings Dominion (Doswell, Virginia) Kings Dominion is located in Doswell, Virginia, and offers a wide array of rides and attractions. The park is known for its iconic roller coaster, Intimidator 305, as well as for its family-friendly Planet Snoopy area. Kings Dominion also has a water park called Soak City, which features slides, wave pools, and lazy rivers. Various seasonal events such as Halloween Haunt and WinterFest are also part of the park's yearly offerings.
19 Islands of Adventure (Orlando, Florida) Islands of Adventure is part of the Universal Orlando Resort in Florida. It is themed around various islands, each representing different myths, legends, or popular media, such as Harry Potter and Jurassic Park. The park is renowned for its advanced ride technology, featuring attractions like The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man and Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. Islands of Adventure has won multiple awards and remains a must-visit for fans of cutting-edge theme park experiences.

Why the heck isn't this on here yet? It has great theming, rides, and includes well-known coasters such as Dragon Challenge (Dueling Dragons) and Incredible Hulk.

Great water rides, great food (especially at Three Broomsticks), it has a great atmosphere. It is simply the best.

20 Six Flags Great America (Gurnee, Illinois) Six Flags Great America is located in Gurnee, Illinois, and offers a diverse selection of rides and attractions. The park is home to a record 14 roller coasters, including the wooden coaster American Eagle and the steel coaster Maxx Force. In addition to its thrill rides, Six Flags Great America features Hurricane Harbor, a water park with multiple slides and attractions. Seasonal events like Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park provide additional entertainment options for visitors throughout the year.

This park is awesome! Best park in Illinois! They have over like 15 different roller coasters, like Raging Bull.

Well, why do people only care about the Disney Parks? Are they too scared for big roller coasters or something? Plus, Six Flags is getting the Maxx Force next year, and it's going to be awesome! It could be the best roller coaster in all of the United States!

21 SeaWorld Orlando (Orlando, Florida) SeaWorld Orlando is located in Orlando, Florida, and is particularly known for its marine-life-based attractions, shows, and educational exhibits. The park combines theme park elements with zoological park features, including roller coasters like Mako and animal encounters with dolphins, orcas, and sea lions. SeaWorld also hosts seasonal events such as Halloween Spooktacular and Christmas Celebration. Additionally, the park focuses on conservation efforts, aiming to educate visitors about marine wildlife and their habitats.
22 Magic Kingdom (Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida) Magic Kingdom is one of the four major theme parks that make up the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. The park is home to Cinderella Castle, one of the most recognized landmarks in the world of theme parks. Magic Kingdom offers a variety of attractions, from classic rides like Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion to newer additions like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. The park is known for its nightly fireworks displays and parades, as well as seasonal events like Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.
23 Tivoli Gardens (Copenhagen, Denmark) Tivoli Gardens is located in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is one of the oldest operating amusement parks in the world, having opened in 1843. Known for its beautiful gardens, Tivoli offers a blend of attractions ranging from vintage carousels to modern thrill rides. The park also features various restaurants, concert halls, and a theater, offering a comprehensive entertainment experience. Seasonal events, such as Halloween and Christmas celebrations, make Tivoli Gardens a year-round attraction.
24 Carowinds (Charlotte, North Carolina) Carowinds is an amusement park straddling the border between North and South Carolina near Charlotte. The park offers a variety of roller coasters, including Fury 325, one of the tallest and fastest giga coasters in the world. Carowinds also has a water park called Carolina Harbor, which is included with admission to the main park. Seasonal events like SCarowinds and WinterFest provide additional entertainment opportunities for guests.

Should be higher. Fury is amazing.

25 Sesame Place (Langhorne, Pennsylvania) Sesame Place is located in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, and is the only theme park in the United States based entirely on the television show Sesame Street. The park is designed primarily for families with young children and offers a range of attractions, including water rides, roller coasters, and interactive shows featuring Sesame Street characters. Sesame Place is also certified as a Certified Autism Center, offering specialized services to guests with special needs. Seasonal events like Elmo's Furry Fun Fest and A Very Furry Christmas are key highlights.

So are all the Gulliver's theme parks: Gulliver's Kingdom, Gulliver's World, Gulliver's Land. Kingdom is for kids aged 3-13, World is for kids aged 2-13, and Land is for kids aged 2-13.

Now that they have a GG woodie, this place will be worth the trip.

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