Best Travel Agencies in Nepal

Visiting Nepal and you want to book services from a reasonably priced and quality travel agency in Nepal? If yes, then you can get it right here.

The rich beauty of Nepal along with its culture can be
explored in best and affordable packages. Heritage, culture and beauty - all you can see here in Nepal along with facilities to enjoy many adventure sports like trekking, mountain climbing, base camp and many more.
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1 Himalaya Expeditions (Himex Nepal)

All those who want to enjoy the beauty of Nepal as well as adventures of mountains can rely on Himalaya Expeditions (a.k.a. HimEx Nepal). This is a well-known and authorized company having Nepal's government approval to explore tour packages for Nepal.

There are various exciting tour packages for groups and families, as well as some packages that can be designed according to the needs of individuals. Including Mount Everest Base Camp and other trekking packages, there are multiple packages as per the need and demand of people. Official website:

2 Magnificent Travels & Tours

This company, since the year 1995, has been involved in organizing activities like sightseeing tours, trekking to the Himalayas, jungle safaris, river adventures (also known as white water rafting), bird-watching tours, and heli safaris, to name a few, with selected staff with the motive of serving travelers coming from different corners of the globe.

3 Mountain Monarch

Mountain Monarch is a Nepal-based tour operator and travel agency, best of its kind, managed and staffed by a Nepali team of experts (more than 100 trek professionals directly involved, including 25 experienced and medically trained trekking and climbing guides).

4 Lumbini Holidays
5 Joshi Travel & Tours Pvt. Ltd.

Fully licensed and registered under the tourism authority of the Government of Nepal, Joshi Travel and Tours provides the most outstanding travel packages around Nepal. Joshi Travel & Tours is one of the leading travel agencies in Nepal that will dip your journey in the lap of nature, from its beauty to its strength, and from mountains to its lowlands. They will make your visit memorable.

Explore Nepal's deep forests, astonishing lakes and rivers, stupendous glaciers, beautiful tradition and culture, wildlife, heritage, and the hospitality of the locals.

6 Shakti Travels

They have had more than 30 years of experience in this trade.

7 Friendship Nepal

Friendship Nepal is a registered travel agency/company in Nepal and recognized by the tourism authority of the Government of Nepal, Nepal Association of Tour & Travel Agent (NATTA), and Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) as providing comprehensive travel packages for leisure, group, charters, and small-business travelers, backed by a real-time website and unmatched products.

8 Plan Nepal

Plan Nepal Travels & Tours (p.) Ltd. is a leading online travel agency in Nepal. A destination management company in Nepal, we are one of the key travel agents in Nepal that brings tours of "Incredible Nepal," the country that has mystified the world for centuries.

Your tour to Nepal, a colorfully diverse country, will enchant you with the beauty of its culture, mountain, and nature. These tours to Nepal will enrich you with its culture, heritage, wildlife, flora & fauna, folklore, festivals, spirituality, philosophy, and at the same time surprise you with its modernity. Nepal tour & travel packages also offer the welcoming smile of hospitable people who make it a must-experience destination.

9 Friendship Nepal Tours and Travels

Friendship Nepal Tours and Travels Pvt. Ltd. is fully licensed and registered as a tour and travel agency in Nepal. It is recognized by the tourism authority of the Government of Nepal, Nepal Association of Tour & Travel Agent (NATTA), and Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) as providing comprehensive travel packages for leisure, group, charters, and small-business travelers, backed by a real-time website and unmatched products.

10 Moonsun Travel

Established in 1998, Moonsun Travel & Tours Pvt. Ltd. is run by dedicated professionals with full commitment to providing the best quality services to the travelers.

The Contenders
11 Namaste Nepal Travels

Namaste Nepal Travels is a travel and adventure company with government-authorized legal documents. Our team provides travel, tours in Nepal, trekking in Nepal, holiday packages, and adventure expeditions in the Himalayan country of Nepal.

Namaste Nepal Travels provides Tibet tours, Bhutan tours, and many more holiday packages for different countries and destinations. We established Namaste Nepal Travels & Tours with the aim of allowing excellence services for tours in Nepal, trekking in Nepal, Himalayan region, culture of Nepal, sightseeing tours, jungle safari tours, hiking, rafting, paragliding, mountain expeditions, and untouched beauty of nature in Nepal.

12 Nepal One Tours

Nepal One Tours and Travels Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading travel agencies and tour companies located in the main tourist hub of Thamel, Kathmandu. Nepal One Tours and Travels also works as a trekking agency in Nepal. We specialize in conducting different tour packages all over Nepal with our standard tour packages of different lengths and budgets.

We have best-selling city tour standard packages designed for tourists visiting Nepal, so they can choose the best deal as per their available time for their Nepal holiday. We have been serving clients worldwide since 2011, and our directors have 35 years of collective experience in the tourism sector in Nepal.

13 Yeti Travels
14 Holiday Maker Nepal
15 Ace Travels is dedicated to making travel simple. We specialize in a complete range of travel-related services and adventure activities, from five-star to budget class.

In providing this full range of travel- and adventure-related activities, continues to promote responsible tourism, sustainable development of the country, and preservation of local cultures and traditions. As always, we continue to place significant priority on the continual improvement of our services to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction.

16 Royal Mountain Travel

Royal Mountain Travel has more than 20 years of experience offering high-quality, personalized service. Based in the center of Nepal's capital, Kathmandu.

17 Himal Reisen

Himal Reisen is a Nepal-based travel and tour agency, which is also well-known as a trekking operator in Nepal, that is managed and operated by a team of professional experts.

18 Mount Fuji Adventure

Mount Fuji Adventure Pvt. Ltd is a team of trekking and travel specialists wholly dedicated to imparting the maximum satisfaction to the travelers coming to Nepal (through its contacts) to spend their holidays.

19 Nepal Footprint Holiday Treks
20 Nepal Tours

Nepal Tours is a specialist small-group tour company that provides top-quality luxury holidays, short treks, pilgrimage tours, and family vacations in Nepal. We offer an exclusive and extensive range of escorted luxury tours, city packages, privately guided cultural tours, honeymoon tours, and 4WD adventure drives across Nepal, all at great prices. Explore all of Nepal Tour Packages!

21 Musical Adventure Trekking
22 Gorkha Treks Pvt. Ltd.

Come and discover the serene beauty of Nepal, which boasts high alpine valleys, lush green jungles, and ancient villages. Nepal's gentle, peaceful beauty rests alongside the world's highest peak - Mount Everest.

23 Himalaya Expeditions
24 Nepalgram
25 Bharal Adventure Pvt. Ltd.

Bharal Adventure is a licensed travel agency in Nepal, providing trekking, peak climbing, expeditions, cultural tours and travels, holidays, and other logistics services.

The service and other facilities provided by Bharal Adventure are great.

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