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21 Alice In Chains vs. Nirvana

Sure, Nirvana was more influential, but Alice in Chains is one of the most amazing bands of all time. Nirvana did pretty basic stuff, where as Alice in Chains was much more complicated and had more variety. So, Alice In Chains

I'm going to pick Alice in Chains, because while Nirvana revolutionized grunge rock, Alice in Chains perfected it.

Oh This Is Tough Gonna With Nirvana But AIC Is Right Behind Them. - FettiMC

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22 Aerosmith Vs. Van Halen
23 Guns N Roses Vs. Metallica

Metallica is KING and BEAST! Better than Guns N' Roses!

I would have to go with Metallica on this one..

Guns n roses are the best rock band ever no one can beat guns n roses plus guns n roses have slash NO ONE beat slash that's the way it is

Give me downvotes. But Guns N' Roses. After all opinion matters. (by the way, early version of Guns N' Roses.) - zxm

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24 Led Zeppelin vs Deep Purple
25 Red Hot Chili Peppers vs Nirvana

Peppers win easily. Nirvana doesn't have enough music or diversity to win. I like both but the pepper bring way more to the table.

Red hot was bad for their first couple of albums, then got dope. Nirvana was always good. I say nirvana, but who knows who woulda really been better.

2 different tastes in music here... But nirvana has to win.

26 Avenged Sevenfold vs. Disturbed

Winner is Avenged Sevenfold

I find it really funny how my two favorite bands are on here, head to head.

They're tied, dammit. - thunder850

Both of these bands are pretty terrible.


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27 Marilyn Manson vs. Nine Inch Nails

NIN. Trent had more passion, and they just amazing


28 System of a Down vs Metallica

Metallica, they're just that good

29 Dream Theater vs. Rush

Dream Theater. - zxm


30 Pearl Jam vs Nirvana

personally I like NIRVANA better but o well -

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31 The Who vs Led Zeppelin

Their music is incredibly similar. Moon vs Bonham, Roger vs Robert. That'd be amazing. - shallowcal

32 Foo Fighters vs. Nirvana

That's not really fair because there both connected and if Nirvana didn't give Dave Grohl his fame then Foo Fighters might not have been big. In my opinion I like them both.

33 Muse vs. Smashing Pumpkins
34 Linkin Park vs. Shinedown

Linkin Park... Bigger name and more hits

35 Nine Inch Nails vs. Ministry
36 Korn vs. Slipknot

Korn sorry slip knot...

37 Pink Floyd vs Rush

rush - zxm

38 The Ramones vs the Clash
39 Papa Roach vs. Limp Bizkit
40 AC/DC vs. Nirvana

Ac/Dc - intensity. Nirvana - writing. And ac/dc had more members, and got weak, but we do what woulda happened with nirvana. I say nirvana though.

No Real Simalarities Here Totally Different Style AC/DC-Hard Rock Nirvana-Grunge/Alt - FettiMC

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