Top Ten Best Skateboard Bearings

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41 Hubba

My friend has them and they are actually really good and fast

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42 Rush

Rush should be number 1 because I still have two pair and I had them for more than 4 months and they look like they are brand new rush forever. It should be at least top three

Rush Hybrid Bearings best for price... US $15

43 Independent

Good for the price. They are quick out of the box I can not tell much difference between them and my bones swiss. It used to be bones are what everything was compared to but now lots of good bearings for a lot cheaper that are just as fast. Independent 7's, bronson speed bearings are just as good as the bones swiss and I can save money to replace decks and wheels instead of a new set of bearings.

I love these bearings. The retainer is made from a different material so it lasts so much longer. They are easy to clean, they feel the same as bones reds, takes impact, and feels so crispy. I highly recommend these bearings for everyone.

Faster than the abec 7 black dragon, I recommend it for every cruiser

Best in price and quality!

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45 Toy Machine Abec 7

Mate they are madd alright. They are smooth and fast I recommend them a lot to skaters

These are priced like redz, but much quieter, smoother, and faster. Plus they come in a best pez dispenser type thing that is awesome.

Why are Toy Machines at 35?
They are cheap and good bearings and they break in fast
Mine spin for 4 minutes and 27 second after a couple hours of skateboarding!
Plus they come in a pez dispencer so that's sick
Get Toy Machines!

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46 Greaseballs
47 ABEC 9

Stepped inner race and rubber seals on both sides keep the dirt out. Extra deep ball grooves prevent sideways blow outs. Fast, smooth, strong!

48 Andale Bearings

Why are these last I had them for 2 years now and they still run fast. Have you ever seen Chris chann skate and he rides these.

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50 FKD Sawblade

These are great bearings owned by silver trucks, so they are great quality. Fast and quiet and steezy.

51 ABEC-3

Good for beginners low speed very durable and if your just now learning to do your tricks then in my opinion they are a good to use for skating

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52 Blind

Blind Is great

53 Yellow
54 Bear Space Balls

They are very smooth and you ride more on one pump than normal bearings also there is a built in spacer so you have less parts

55 Hard Luck Great Times Ceramic

These are the best bearings that I have ever ridden and they are cheaper than the bones ceramics

Best bearings on the market and cheap compared to the other brands ceramics

Top notch, high speed great price

Best bearings by far, super fast

56 Bronson

They are the worlds fastest bearing in the world look it up you will be shocked

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57 Skate Warehouse ABEC 9

Nice and chap but still roll real fast recommend these a lot

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58 Harmony

These bearings work! You should buy them and then that's what you will do.

59 Labeda Cross ABEC 7

The Labeda Cross ABEC 7 bearings are smooth, silent, and fast particularly under load. Pretty good deal too at $30 for a set of 16 bearings that come with a small bottle of Labeda special synthetic speed lube.

60 Kryptonics

Dude these are so good kryptonics are the best company they roll for 2 inches

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