Almost is the best skateboard deck brand because of its quality. Especially if you get a deck with impact or double impact support. It will last very, very long and pop high. Almost is the BEST brand, in my opinion. Besides, they have a lot of good skaters on their team like Haslam and Mullen.

Almost Skateboards is NO 1 Because it's got the 2 Best Flat land skaters (Mullen,Deawon)of all time chris haslam was was voted the winner of the Vs 411VM competition also in Tony Hawks proving ground sponsor video Almost test a amlost board with the No 1 leading brand and almost was better

It's a no brainer. Almost is far superior to other deck brands. The construction and durability of their boards are far beyond other brands. The concaveS are perfect. I've tried numerous brands and nothing stands up to Almost. You have to seriously try to break their Impact boards. Vote for almost and do everyone a favor who's buying boards for the first time or looking for a better board to get. They have to be up at number one. Trust me, don't buy a Plan B or Element. They may have the cool graphics and cool riders but Almost is a real skateboard brand. Watch some Rodney Mullen montages and buy an Almost. Enough said.

Almost all the way for me! And I've only tried out speed demon, element and so almost is my favorite brand. And as for shoes chuck Taylor high top monochrome leather all stars.. Give me excellent board feel and durability.

If it wasn't for Rodney Mullen Their would be know flip tricks he inveted the majority of them. He also Started Almost Skateboards with daewon so you know its number 1# - dfalc1

I have an almost board now ad before I had an element and the element cracked and chipped in less that 2 months
My new almost has great pop and is so easy to kick flip

Almost skateBoards are the besst because they have the 2 best Flat Land Skaters of all time (Mullen,Daewon)also chris haslam was voted the winner of the Vs 411VM competition and the only Reason element is No 1 Is because Bam in the team - dfalc1

what can I say Element is too overrated and Almost is better than Element! so what Bam Margera is on Element! Rodney Mullen is a whole lot better than Bam.

Almost should be 1 cuz there boards r so much better then any other and on their team they got rodney ryan chris dewon wilt almost should be rated #1

I have an Almost Double Impact board. It hasn't chipped at all, it's definitely the most durable board I have ever purchased, it has the best pop ever on the board and I would recommend the board to anyone, whether you'e a beginner or a pro this board is definitely the way to go.

Almost are the best. I have had them since I started and have not found a single fault with them. They are light, strong and have sick graphics every thing you need in a board.

It doesn't cheap and very comfortable like almost fruits decks. It's some best skateboard when you do Ollie. It hard broken and it graphics and painted look was very well.

Get an almost skateboard! The designs are awesome, it delivers a great pop and rodney mullen, the best skater in the world, skates on these boards!

Almost is ok. I've had mine for about 2 years and then the board chipped, the wheels wore out, and the grip tape wore out. Don't try to spray paint a board it will ruin it for sure.

Almost boards so so sick. I had a baker but then when I got an almost, everything changed. Even if you're not that good, you can still have a blast on these guys. ALMOST RULES!

It's the best because it has awesome pop. It also has good grip tape, you stay on the board so much. How could you not like this skateboard! - almostDaewon22

I love almost, my fist board was an almost resin 8, and I loved it, it never broke, in fact, it still sitting in my room hanging on my wall cause how awesome they are!

Amazing Deck! Has a awesome yet simple graphic, a lot of strength, more pop, and has "impact support" technology with 2 carbon discs and bolts area.. So nice...

Almost is the best skateboarding brand ever I have a very old one and within 2 days I landed a pop shuvit two foot flat

ALMOST is #1 because it is an excellent light board with amazing pop and we can't forgot about my boy Rodney Mullen!

Almost decks are insane! Crazy pop, strong board, nice graphics. I learned most of my flip tricks with almost boards. Highly recommend Almost!

Almost is a great brand has pop and the deck is light and long lasting! My favorite board yet

ALmost rocks so damn hard! The pop is sick! The minimum content quality is not reached yet so I have to keep typing!

I have mine almost deck 8 months, and it's great. No chips and things like that. By this time pop is little smaller, but still it's a great board.

You guys are all on crack ALMOST rules way better then on the other hand can stick were they are.