I find that Element is a better brand and I'm glad its number 1 because it is where it should be. So I assure you that this would be the best board for you. It is also the best for doing tricks like kickflips 360s its sweet as for grinding rails and all sorts of stuff. I have got an element boards and I reckon it is one of the best boards because I have road other boards and they just don't add up to element skate boards.

Element is simply the best! My first skateboard was zoo york, but then I switched to element and felt the big difference. I was suprised, because some of my skate friends were talking that it breaks easily, but it shown out just opposite. I highly recommend element!

I own an Element Section logo deck and it is amazing. Mellow concave is by far the best because it makes you so much more confident in learning tricks. Most of Element decks include mellow concave which is brilliant apart from a few of the pro skater decks. If struggling with tricks or if you're advanced but feel you just need a better deck to do tricks on, definitely buy one of these. SUPERB!

Always buy these they are so light and now I actually only buy Element boards cause they just own. Oh and for all the people out there that hate element, how could you say that when most of you haven't even bought one. So don't dis

To be completely honest I think people only like Element skateboards because of their apparel and their symbol. If they didn't have those nobody would like Element. Same thing for most brands. Reminder this is for younger boarders, because its probably all 10 year olds typing these comments

I had an element fiberlight as my first skateboard ever I couldn't ollie before I got it but the day I got it first time I tried to on that board I got it. whoever says they snap and break to easily is a liar I left mine out in the rain like 100 times and it was 3 years old before I finally chipped it.

Element hands down is the best. I mainly skated element my whole life. But the past ten years I've been trying everything I never tried. I have to say element lasted way longer than any other bored I've skated and rarely chips and breaks early in the decks life..

skate for life I know how to do a 1080 with my element so ha ha ha I am super bette than yall hahha naw juz playn I can't do a 1080 its impossible but I can do a 360 kick flip up the ir ialso made my new move considered dangerous but its the best its calld the end its a kick flip in the air while grabbing it with 1 hand and landing in an ollie form and then ding it with a bungee

I love element and their technology. I ride their featherlight helium and it's light and strong. The pop is awesome and it's very durable. I suggest you research on all of elements technology

Element rocks! I bought Element el muska astral helium and the pop was brilliant! I recommend this to everyone! The only bad thing about Element is the price.

element is the best I had my same deck for like 3 years and its still in good condition and I do a lot of tricks and grinds hands down the best skate
board brand

Yeah element my favorite it is awesome for grinding kickflips and three sixtys I love to skate and element really helps me to improve all you people who don't like them suck

Element is a brand to do with the Elements Wind, Water, Fire, and Earth. Element has pretty cool designs and make great decks but okay trucks and wheels. - XxSpitfire34109xX

ELEMENT is one of the best decks I have ever road. Too bad that Element didn't sponsor Danny Way or Tony Hawk back in the day. BUT WE STILL HAVE THE BEST SKATEBOARD IN THE WORLD!

Element is the best becauseit made out of the best and environmentally friendly material. I lasts a long time and you won't regret getting it - gunsnroses724

I find element to be an amazing deck to have yes it may chip a little but its worth the money I've never had one snap on ever and you can really see the money put in the decks so element all the way!

i like element but bam margera i s way to over rated he aint ev en that good nyjah huston 13 years old sponsored by element he is da best ever.

Element is the best. ELEMENT is my first skateboard and it has done real good for me I learned all my tricks on a element. I recommend elements above all

element's amazing. they last really long, they're alittle heavy but other than that, the pop, the disigns, the skaters. ELEMENT FTW! - xXsKaTExHaRdCoReXx

oh my goodness I love the brand element because I'm sponsored by it so haha can't wait to make my new board and the team is pretty sweet

ELEMENT ALL THE WAY! I pretty much buy only element because it works. I've learned as fare bit in skating so far and anything I have ever done well, kickflips, 360 shove it, heelflips etc. Has had element somewhere on the board.

These boards have the best graphics! I've had elements and they are hard as heck to break. They have amazing pop and everything! So go get one this should be the top 1!

Owning 1Element helium,1Uber,3Zeros p2,1Deathwish, I would have to say the Element responds the best, and is just super freakishly light. Although I do love the dead or alive Deathwish deck, cause it can take a good beating. If had to choose between all of dem it be the Element hands down.

I'm a rookie in boarding and my first board is an element. I think it's better because of the acceleration and control.. I haven't tried other brands but I think element is the coolest

its a very good brand good pop mine was pretty expensive I got it a little cheaper off of ebay because its got a chip in the front but its still a great board good for just riding and really good at tricks - lnvadergir