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221 Metal Mulisha
222 Makaha

The brand that started it all... With Chicago wheels sidewalk surfing was born.
Should be in the top 10. Don't forget your history people

223 Duffs
224 Dekline

I have a pair of these shoes they are very good

225 Trika
226 Wesc
227 Sims
228 Killer
229 Eina Skateboards

Best European skateboard brand, good quality decks made by/for skateboarders since 2003.

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230 Airspeed

This board suck the grip wears of fast and you don't get enough pop to grind on a rail down five

Great durable skating shoes I had some they lasted 2 years and I only got a hole now in the ollie spot that I eventually going to rip but I really reccomend air speed they are great tgey are cheap and you can get them at ross and other stores.

231 Dizzy
232 Skateboarding Foundation
233 Doble Skateboards
234 Shuvit

Great blank boards better than most of the other boards I've had

235 Funisu
236 Bustin Boards
237 Obey V 1 Comment
238 Simple

Great board has wicked pop and good grip

239 Monument

An up and coming skate brand with 4 decks and 4 shirts all ready. With more support they might be a more well known company. Also they might be sponsoring me in the summer :D

240 Bad Boy

Best and less sell that brand they suck

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