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121 Landyachtz Landyachtz
122 10 Tony Hawk

He's the best of the best.

123 Palace

Palace skateboards are literally indestructible. I've had them for a bit over a year and no cracks or anything! Definitely buy this deck!

Sick have one and brilliant style

Super durable and has sick pop!

Style and great build!

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124 Blackhawk V 2 Comments
125 Goodwell
126 Popwar

Best pop ever I can ollie a foot higher on popwar vs almost or darkstar amazing boards insanely light better than anything its a shame the went out of business
Popwars RULE!

127 Royal
128 Roger
129 Given
130 Voltage

its better than channel one should be rated about 40ish... - mrpringle97

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131 Oxelo

I've used oxelo skateboard it is good better skateboard company its product is less but till then it is good or best

132 Tricks

They have loads these at my local skateshop. I don't have one, but they have good pop and don't break half as easily as Elements

133 Penny Boards

Awesome! Doesn't snap. Deck is really strong and flexible. Cool colors too.

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134 Holiday
135 Walmart

Walmart is my local skateshop. They hook me up every 2 minutes, because that's how often they snap. They are amazing though. I love walmart and I hope to ride pro for them some day. There clothes are so trendy its just a dream come true. I ride flow for them right now. They have decks with lots of concave and pop. Also, they never razor tail. The trucks grind amazing. The trucks are made of the most durable of plastics. The bearing roll so well. They are abec 1. The wheels you just can't beat. The come with flatspots so you don't have to flat spot them yourself. Great boards for only 15 bucks.

They suck, the trucks are plastic, the wheels barely roll, and a flat out just terrible. Help support your local skate shop and get a real board, like Revive or somethin'.

Please do not get a Walmart board it's the worst thing you could get. It's way better to save up to get a quality board than spend $30 for a shirt one

Really they suck they don't even have pop

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136 Pitcrew
137 Night Cruiser
138 411
139 Dominion

They make the best boards period. they are all equal on pop and weight. they are the best around and I use their stuff more than any other company. - Kablamfoo134

140 Converse

Converse are better for skating than target

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