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21 Foundation
22 Pretty Sweet

Pretty sweet isn't a brand it's the girl logo

23 Toy Machine

These boards have the most pop out of the boards I skated so far but crack kinda easy

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24 Powell
25 Birdhouse

I pick bird house as my 3rd choice because its a good brand the pop is alright and is put together to last.

26 Zoo York
27 Santa Cruz

I LOVE Santa cruz! Very strong and lots of pop. They have the highest performance and best graphics. Their simpsons line is very cute, and their long boars/cruzer selection is superb

Santa Cruz has great pop very nice board

28 Revive

Great durability and a great team that run revive.

Best deck ever should be in number one place

Revive is an awesome deck! Not quite the quality of say plan b or girl, but still a good deck for less $$$.

Great team, great deck

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29 Real

Awesome deck, everything is good about them, they just chip fairly easily

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30 World Industries

They do the best clothing

31 Expedition
32 Chocolate

Girl/chocolate is run by the same guy so they are pretty much the same decks so chocolate shouldn't be 47 what!

I can not believe that chocolate is #46 their the same thing as girl and girl is #2 I recomend this deck

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34 Dumb
35 Kryptonics

What kryptonics? Really this is a walmart brand its practically not even a skateboard brand I have no idea why its #32 I did and ollie on one of these just an ollie nothing more and it snapped in half and I'm 92 pounds

Kryptonics decks are the best. I did a 1080 triple flip revert down el toro with a kryptonics deck. Its lasted me a whole 20 seconds.

What kryptonics is a walmart board! guys this has been rated way too high, revive is just above it!

36 Stereo
37 Krooked
38 Motion

The Best skateboard brand in Indonesia

39 Crimson
40 Pig
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