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41 Xanga

Blogs and "metro" areas, gained an enormous 40 million subscribers worldwide! - hatcher234


Latvian social network bastion that has managed to keep the leading position in the national social network market, beating global social network websites such as Facebook and MySpace.

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43 yfrog
44 Quotev

This website is the best. Everyone gets to be themselves. You don't need to be a writer. You don't even have to be a geek. You can upload drawings, make quizzes etc. While making real friends that care about you.

GREAT! I have a lot of friends on here they help me through tough times and give me good laughs. I also like the stories and it's so easy to make stories too!

Best social website ever! I'v got an account and I made friends their who have the same interests as me, I feel like I could express myself 2wards the other people on their, I'm on this website every single day!

45 myYearbook
46 Blogspot
47 20lines
48 aNobii
49 Second Life

Social networking in full 3d AND you can actually make money...


The one and only Polish site. Already have over 10 of the entire country's population subscribed!

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51 FotoLog

Photo blogging with 13 million users! - hatcher234

53 Facepopular

No words to explain
It's Amazing! You must join it

54 Kik Messenger
55 Miiverse

Something interesting with this cool & easy upcoming intellectual site.

I liked this website very much.

57 FriendsReunited

The ORIGINAL one, and still one of the best for finding grown ups in the UK.

59 StumbleUpon
60 Formspring
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