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61 Grow the Planet
62 Listnerd is a social networking website devoted to interactive top lists.

63 PetMe

It's very useful, because if you have a pet and you have to go away for vacation or work, in PetMe. It you find the ideal pet sitter.
Good Italian idea!

64 SoundCloud
65 Orkut


66 Discord

That's a gamers social network. How its not on the top ten - Greatness_Forever

Lewd servers are the best I love this chat - Adventurur2

67 Care2

truly the best site to have a social BROADCAST - Redlar

69 Imeem

Music, Video, Photos, Blogs! the fastest growing item in year 2007 for garnering 16 million users! - hatcher234


Great site with a full staff to help you if you have problems.

71 Person
72 Viadeo
73 Fubles
74 MovieStarPlanet
75 Cubik Network

This is a thing of under-rated beauty. Set up by Joe Burridge, Alan Hardman, Jordan Tull, Adam Gunning and others.

76 Smaboy

The largest Indonesian Community.
Nicknamed "Green Social Network"

79 Diaspora

Freedom to the people.

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