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1 Sonamy

Sonamy is endgame because when Amy dies in the comics Sonic cries but the emaralds bring her back to life from true love. Basically he was told true love saves all. Amy would be dead if Sonic did not love her. Also people, WHY DOES SONIC LET AMY CHASE HIM AND SMILES WHEN SHE DOES IT. He thinks she's cute to keep around and so he likes the chase. Not only that, but Sonic was crying when Amy did not recognize him as a werewolf. He said she was his whole life and cried of a broken heart. Also, when Egg man was torturing Amy Sonic said take your damn hands offa her and started crying because Egg man was going to throw Amy into lava. Also, in Sonic Riders he smashes into Egg man for kidnapping Amy. Also remember that time Sonic cried because she said she wasted her whole life chasing after him for nothing and he said it wasn't for nothing it was for the chase in life and he gets on his knees and cries and she runs away he comes after her. Also he cried when Amy fell from chasing him saying ...more

Some people says that sonic hates Amy but if he really hates her, why did he dive in the water (sonic who hates water! ) to save her in sonic X. There are many others examples in the series. Even if he doesn't return his love, it's because he is shy. Sega confirmed it. Also, sonamy is officially a couple in sonic boom! So, I think they really fit together and sonic doesn't see her as a friend, he so much cares about her! About sonally, even if this couple was serious, don't forget that sally is a squirrel and sonic a hedgehog. Don't you see that' something's wrong? Well, sonamy is the most popular and the most canon.

I would say stuff, but everything is already explained. Amy is so sweet. In the Archie Comics, Sonic and Sally were together, but Amy helped them out anyway because all she wants is for Sonic to be happy. In Sonic Boom, Sonic got all defensive when Knuckles suggested that Amy might be setting up for a date (Episode Fuzzy Puppy Buddies). How cute is that? And Amy's whole purpose for creation was to be Sonic's love interest. This isn't canon, but in 1992 Sonic the Hedgehog manga, Eimi (Amy) and Nikki/Sonic were a couple, thus the creation of Amy. Don't forget their color schemes! Blue and Pink... Male and Female... Totally work!

There have been many hints that sonic loves amy and amy loves sonic. Like for example, in sonic x, sonic unleashed, sonic riders, sonic boom, etc. They both have a very strong relationship and they are so perfect for each other. They are so cute together!

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2 Tails and Cosmos

He makes it obvious! Tails blushed and almost said she was beautiful! He was to shy and just stopped.. Before he even said it, he was thinking about how special she is and that he wished he could tell her how he felt! AWWWWWW! Furthermore, Cosmo felt the same! In the ep. Planet of Misfortune, Amy asked her if she had crush on Tails and she blushed and replied that she didn't know what Amy was talking about! I'm not even done yet, I know anti Tailsmo believers LOVE to say that the only reason they're in love was because of the spell... WRONG! Actually, Tails loved her before that! When Tails and Cosmo went to complete a mission underground, they feel and she put a bandage on his head. Doesn't it prove that she cares about him at least? Plus, Tails even blushed. Moreover, in ep. 77, (Japanese Version) before she died, HE SHOUTED I LOVE YOU! In the English Version he didn't. In both versions, HE WAS BALLING HIS EYES OUT FOR HER!
TAILSMO forever!

Bloody hell, I don't seem to understand why it was ranked so low. I mean Cosmo gave her life to let the others live, including Tails. Isn't that enough to express her love for him. And all the agony he had to go through once she died. Tails did not have enough strength to cope with such an occurrence. BY THE WAY; Tails made the promise that he would let nothing hurt her (which is a bloody tall order) and Cosmo made the promise that she would return and always be by his side. Rethink things and revisit and revisit. Trust, a promise for life and two hearts that were meant to be embroidered together. Is that not love?

Tails and Cosmo forever. Sonamy? Please. Sonic has barely shown any affection toward Amy! Tails and Cosmo love each other! And it's not just because of the spell either, Tails loved her BEFORE that! Who could forget his "You're so... Beau-AH! " line?! And when Amy asks Cosmo about her and Tails? She just blushed away! I mean, come on, SEGA, did you just seriously kill half of the best couple you ever created? I'll admit it makes it more memorable, but seriously! You destroyed Tails' heart! Like... Like what is wrong with you?! - Pikachulover1

Still a much better idea than the abomination known as TailsxCream.

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3 Silver and Blaze

People often say this couple doesn't work out because 1: Silver is from the future, and Blaze is from a different dimension (and since Sonic 06 was removed from the timeline, they don't know each other) and 2: Their personality contrast wouldn't work out. The distance and difference between the two is actually what I like about that pairing. Silver is the emotional one, Blaze is the rational one. Even in Sonic 06, that's what keeps them together. Given that they both kinda freely go between worlds/timelines respectively, they can probably work something out to still be together. Keeping a distance relationship is a pretty good show of love (and I doubt Blaze really gets to date anyone in her own world. She's royalty, her parents are probably saving her for an arranged marriage to gain political power. Monarchy sucks).

Also, in the DS version of Sonic Colors, it shows that they both seem somewhat familiar with each other, and they're seen talking to each other at the end of ...more

Silver and Blaze work so well together how could they not get together. There colors look great next to each other and they both have yellow eyes and there personalities are perfect for each other. They are like a match made in haven. Not to mention how cute they are together, you don't get any cuter then
Silver x Blaze

There so cute together they have known each other so many years and blaze was always on silvers side and not matter how naive he is she is still with him

Silver is an idiot with blaze

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4 Shadow and Rouge

This couple is amazing! They side, fight, and help each other together! A lot of people may think they are only work partners and nothing more. But they don't consider the scenes SEGA left for us.

One, Shadow always protects Rouge. He loves her as much as he did with Maria, as shown in Sonic Adventure 2, where Rouge was captured and he rescued her - He thought of Maria's death while at it, and realized he couldn't let that happen to the bat either.

Two, Shadow is one of the only few people Rouge cares about. When the ebony hedgehog was in an unconscious state in Sonic X, Rouge was deeply concerned for him, as Eggman even concluded, "I don't believe it! You're worried about Shadow, aren't you?! "

Three, in Sonic 06, after Omega warned Shadow he was to hunt him in the future, Rouge promised the poor hedgehog she would remain by his side, even if the whole world was against him.

Four, once Rouge released Shadow from the stasis pod, she had accidentally awoken ...more

They're my favorite! Best pairing for me. Shadow and Rouge are even named as a pun of shades of colors. It's like they are intentionally made to be a duo. I love their interactions, dynamic and team work. It's also fun to think that Sonic is Shadow's rival and Rouge is Amy's rival. It's like they are the opposite of each other.

While Sonic and Amy is viewed as a cute romantic approach, Shadow and Rouge's relationship is much viewed in a more mature context since they are older compared to the two. I think ShadowXRouge are created like that to appeal to a much mature audience while SonicXAmy is made to appeal to younger audiences. I really adore how these two were teamed up. Romantic or platonic, they make the best team along with Omega.

In addition, Rouge pretty much demonstrates a different feeling whenever she's around Shadow. She's much more reserved and more caring towards him and Shadow reciprocates that feeling when he's trying to protect her in his most subtle way ...more - jaganshing

Wow, that's pretty awesome that this couple is way above Knuxouge. As a Shadow fan, I watched every detail of every scene in the Modern universe games(those I think are truly canon - from Sonic Adventure to Sonic the Hedgehog 2006) and gotta say that both Shadow and Rouge have affection for each other. Even to say more, Shadow x Rouge is(sudden? ) the top couple by the quantity of hints given by SEGA(I don't include Sonic X, 'cause it's sure as hell uncanon). Both Shadow and Rouge care for each other and surely would risk their lives if the other needed it. Rouge is the only person that heard some kind of humor from Shadow(Team Dark ending in Sonic Heroes) and at all they are best friends in the best meaning of it. And you know, the deepest and long-lasting love comes from a good friendship.

This couple is so overrated. Where's the chemistry besides the sibling-like relationship? It's so boring and I see no appeal to it, there's not even any evidence.

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5 Shadamy

This is a disgusting couple cause Amy loves sonic people so get this through your THICK SKULLS YOU IDIOT

I hate Shadamy Shadow doesn't even like Amy so why do so many people love them? I'd rather have Tails and Amy and I'm not even a supporter. Just because she hugged Shadow one ( she thought it was Sonic! ) you think they are a couple all you Shadamy Fans have issues.

Guys, Shadamy is unrealistic, and I understand that. It shouldn't be a reason to be mean to the supporters. Just like sonadow is unrealistic, it's still nice to make them a couple, because in the world of fandoms there is no facts and logic as to why a couple can't be a couple. I understand the way you think, and even though I support shadamy, I know it's never going to happen, but it's nice to picture them together.

I love this ship

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6 Knuckles and Rouge

They're rivals, not a couple. Plus this ship makes Knuckles look stupid when he is supposed to be smart, not stupid. It is one sided and the whole "crush" thing is just Rouge being flirty.

She's a bat. He's an echidna. BUT THEY'RE SO CUTE.

Its like they have a connection somehow

In my opinion Knuckles and Rouge looks better than Shadow with Rouge. And by the way is funny how Rouge pist off Knuckles - Sonamy

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7 Tails and Cream

I think Tails and Cream are ADORABLE together. Their colors work well, their both young, and their personalities kind of reflect each other. And I Personally have never seen any sonic siries except Sonic Underground. But I looked up pictures of them and they ARE SO CUTE! If you don't believe me look it up right now. And Cosmo? Well... she really just doesn't look like she should be with Tails. (and please all you haters out there don't bother me about this. ) But she just seems like Tails and her would just not go very well together. (And right now I'm talking about VISUALS. ) So don't bring up "BUT THEY LOVE EACH OTHER" and I belive it when people talk about it. BUT SHES DEAD. He probably still misses her but he had to move on didn't he?


Tails and Cream never shown any romantic feelings towards each other in any of the games, comics or shows, so this "ship" never existed nor even happened. Screw the fact that Tails and Cream complemented on their gear in Sonic Free Riders, it was only general interaction, not a romantic moment, people. I'm sure Sonic and Tails would say the same to each other if they liked each other's gear.

They're not a couple, people. Besides, there was no hint of this ship anywhere in the series.Thus, it is not canon or even official.

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8 Shadaze

I think this is such a great couple... Blaze and Shadow would be perfect! It's a shame they've never gotten to really interact in the games. In the Archie comics, however, they have to work together and it's great! This is my favorite sonic couple!

This should be higher on the list! Shadaze is great! Blaze and Shadow go perfect together!

For all those people not liking Shadaze because they don't know each other very well in the Archie comics they actually fight together to take down Metal Sonic (and also fought over the Sol Emeralds) but they make a really great team! - Mus1calRaven

I actually like this couple because it may be a fine line between hate and love but in my opinion, they are both quiet and, well...they should just be matched

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9 Sonic and Blaze

No. I think Sonic and Blaze are just friends I wouldn't pair than up. I see why though, as both can turn super. - DCfnaf

It is very true that Sonic the Hedgehog is like a big brother to Amy Rose. But Sonic & Blaze? I prefer Sonic & Daisy. Daisy is Blaze's Olympic rival.

They are sonic and blaze both have the power of emeralds and in the games sonic and blaze are always together its called black kight and sonic rush sonic rush adventure and other games you see them in

I love this ship, sonamy isn't good because sonic likes amy as a friend and runs away from her, and silvaze isn't that good either because blaze likes silver as a friend and kinda treats him like a brother (according to sonic wiki or watever its called) also, literally 3 games (or even more, but I can't rlly find evidence...), sega just had to put things that made the sonaze ship reasonable: sonic rush, sonic rush adventure, sonic and the black knight. I ship these two so hard it's my favorite ship :3

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10 Sonic and Amy

This is already on the list

This is already on the list at number one!

Sonamy is awesome

Sonamy is the best sega already made this couple clear.
Sonamy 4 ever❤❤❤❤

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11 Shadow and Maria

Yeah, no. They definitely love each other but NOT romantically. That would be bestiality, sickos! Besides, it SPECIFICALLY states in the Shadow the Hedgehog game manual that, "Maria is like a sister to Shadow."

Wait I thought maria was like a mother figure to shadow?

You morons they are brother and sister! How can a brother be in love with his sister?

This is better than shadamy!

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12 Tikal and Shadow

If Tikal ever returns as a main character with a major role in anything sonic related I hope to god that she interacts with Shadow to a degree in which both of them will be very curious of one another with how similar they are to someone they loved who passed away, such as Tikal realizing how Shadow is has almost the same world view as her father Pachamac and depending what kind of scenario or conflict in which they are involved she might see Shadow as her second chance of successfully convincing someone who is willing to resort to violent solutions for every problem that such actions will bring more harm than good and there is always another way to resolve conflict without spilling blood or for Eggman's case, sparks or oil. Tikal can also help Shadow cope with his bottled up emotion by helping him find peace with himself and the world around him especially if Shadow becomes concerned over how naive she is due to her strict pacifism since he sees that has weakness that will get her ...more

I think Knuckles is better with Tikal but its ok

I honestly prefer Knuxikal. They are more similar, and Shadow's got other business.

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13 Sonic and Shadow

Guys, Maria and shadow have a sibling relationship. Also they are brother and sister, so INCEST! I like to see them as a close sibling bond

Personally I don't see what you guys are so weirded out by, this is probably my favorite ship. So what if they are both males? Love is love no matter who is with who! Judging people by their actions is so saddening...

They are rivals and all, but we like to think there's a secret connection between them! And! So much chills and feels when you read their sexy stories

I think this couple is actually good cause shadow isn't as grumpy when he's with sonic

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14 Tails and Fiona

Such a shame that Fiona left Tails for Scourge. Poor Tails was so sad...

TailsxFiona. This is my 2nd favourite couple (personally) they look awesome together and I think that Tails can love Fiona with all his heart and he can get her to be good again.

I am a big supporter of this couple. TailsxFiona. Tails is the only person who can get Fiona to be good again and they look awesome together.(personally)

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15 Vector and Vanilla

It's a great couple. Why is it down here

I really love this couple, a lot. I like how Vector acts like a second father to Cream. Vector is the perfect father for Cream, I also loved seeing Vector and Vanilla together in Sonic X.

I love these two together (with Cream and Cheese). The only sad thing about this relationship is Vanilla's voice actor in the English Dub of Sonic X, I would've liked it better if Emily Mortimer (voice of Sophie Hatter from Howl's Moving Castle) voiced Vanilla.

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16 Tails and Zooey

This is very canon, but I think it would be best if Tails paired up with another fox. - Mcgillacuddy

I rather see Tails with Zooey than with Cream.

Zooey only gives him a hug after tails saves her. Before that she thinks he is loopy because he acts weird through his friends advice, not only that, their is no over case of their friendship after that episode. I think tails + Cosmo was better

Tails with Cream is better. They are both sidekicks.

That just doesn't make sense. They are sidekicks, but that doesn't mean they're a couple - TinyCupcake

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17 Silver and Amy

I don't know I like this couple but it just my big brother like this couple. So I follow him..

This is my favorite couple they are so cute!

Adorable! Amy was Silver's first friend they are both jolly, friendly, helpful, and cheerful - Does that not sound good?!

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18 Tails Doll and Marine

My favorite weird couple! Marine seems to be the only thing that can tame the evil
Of Tails Doll and they nice couple. I got this couple from watching Sonic Paradox on
YouTube where Tails Doll and Marine came from on. - TripleT

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19 Jet and Wave

It's a nice couple, really. But I just found out they are brothers and sisters! Siblings, people! If you guys don't believe me, search it up.

This should be higher on this list

People don't forget about the others!

20 Ray and Marine

Not a good couple. They never even met. Tails on the other hand, Marine met him, but she never met Ray anywhere.

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