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41 It'll be a date to DIE for
42 Yo Eggman thanks for that little sky diving adventure the other day!
43 My face itches... V 2 Comments
44 Let's Get Em'
45 AAH! Stop it Knuckles!

This is when you get to hang castle as team Sonic in sonic heroes.

Can VERY easily be taken the wrong way!

I'm not gonna say what I'm thinking

Can VERY VERY VERY easily taken the wrong way!

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46 All systems full power

This gets so after hearing it 20 TIMES!

47 Pathetic! Even with ALL this help, you still couldn't defeat Sonic!

Sonic Boom episode 52 season finale. Shadow was FINALLY in the show! Shadow's quote and directed at Egg-Breath!

This had to be the 2nd greatest Shadow line ever said. Even the way he says it is great!

48 It's like the boss is calling Sonic Nothing.
49 Let's show this creep the real superpower of TEAMWORK!

This fits sonic heroes because the whole game,no character is left out

50 You know what they say! The more, the merrier!

In the mad matrix boss fight the egg breaker is the most difficult stage to defeat it.Whenever you fall that's when he says you know what they say the more the merrier

It is a good quote but it can be annoying at times after listening to it 5 times in a row in shadow the hedgehog

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51 Stop it we can't let Eggman know we're here

Espio says that whenever you shot a black alien or one of eggman's mechs it although it can be annoying at times Espio says that in shadow the hedgehog

52 We have a date with Eggman too

This can easily be taken the wrong way. VERY easily.

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53 All living things kneel before your master!
54 Well then, It'll be a date to die for!

In sonic heroes when team dark sees team sonic running that when shadow says that

55 That bat V 2 Comments
56 Worthless consumer models
57 I think your itching because you need a bath V 1 Comment
58 Oh Ho Ho Ho!
59 I've finally found him. The Iblis Trigger

I still think this was creative. The "Iblis Trigger". I should start saying this more often. Just to get a "What are you doing? " Look from people!

I saw Silver standing there as he said it.. He looked so cute!

When he appeared on the screen my Dad said
Who's that.
I said
It's Silver, and for the future of the world, he will destroy you.

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60 Come on, step it up!

It's a great quote because sonic is impatient

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