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1 Gatorade

gatorade is the best in the universe and it makes propel so thats easy to tell

Gatorade is the epitome of sports drinks and the most popular. Most people are biased when it come to Gatorade though, because of the advertising seen in world wide sports, and the Olympics. I would also like to point out that Vitamin Water, is pretty much a sports drink diluted with a bunch of water. Coca Cola also admitted that the drink "violates FDA food fortification and product naming guidelines. "

Gatorade is actually not the best drink out there! Its actually one of the WORST! This drink only has Calories, Carbs, Potassium, Sodium, and Sugar! Definitely not a good choice to replenish your body at all! It doesn't even have VITAMINS or MINERALS! I bet you don't know that vitamins are no good without minerals to activate them and send them throughout the body. Shame on Gatorade!

Just God. Can't say anything else. If you are an athlete you MUST get this.

2 Powerade

Because it is way better then gatorade

Powerade is yum and hydrates you. Good on a cold day when your doing heaps of physical exercise or just out on the water.. Powerade is good and not to bad for you

powerade gives you more energy then anyother sports drinks..

I conducted a report, 15 test subjects were blind folded and drank 5 drinks, Powerade was the best followed by powered zero ten gatorade

3 Vitamin Water

I drank this when I was sick with the stomach flu and couldn't believe how much faster I was up on my feet!

Vitamin water keeps up your metabolism and makes you have more energy and run a lot faster.

This is the best! So many flavor and are very healthy and refreshing on top of that! My favorite is Kiwi Strawberry. I drink this all the time.

Love the taste. good for a hike or trip to the mountains

4 SoBe Life Water

It is so tasty and it makes me feel refreshed. It comes in so many different flavors unlike gatorade and doesn't taste artificial

So refreshing.

5 Mizone

Mizone has more taste and variety of flavours than any other sports drink, such as lime, blackcurrant, mandarin and raspberry. It also has 5 essential vitamins, electrolytes and antioxidants to make you perform better! Choose Mizone, it is much more unique!

Enough flavour - no sugars and no crap - probably the best of the breed from a nutritional point of view.

Wont give you a sugar hit though ( which is a blessing)

6 All Sport

Best stuff ever they should bring it back

Is it still around? Best taste and refreshed just as well.

just as good as gatorade but much cheaper price

�� good stuff. Wish I could find it.

7 Accelerade

Simply awesome... Rehydrate the body faster then any other sport drink. With protein to help recover one better

Where can you buy this drink

8 Staminade

This is by far the best drink for hydration although I miss the coconut flavour, I still love either Lime or Orange flavour.

Love that it's in the powder form so uses less plastic. And the tubs and recyclable too.

This a product that made very energized during my basketball game. I play high school varisty basketball and it helped play the entire state game where I lead our team to a championship.

I make staminade and it has improved my performance by a lot

9 Water

It is used in all sports drinks so it is better to drink this rather tan spending money on other sports drinks

Are you even kidding me?! Why is water number 16?!?!?! Just because it isn't filled with sugar

Water is life. Without water you cannot make the other sports drinks. It is the best.

Water is a good liquid

10 Lucozade

It is yummy in my tummy

Energy booster!

It's better in england

So well known and the flavours are amazing. Drink this and be revived!

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11 Propel

Propel was just sitting right there in front of me on the screen, so I clicked vote because I was bored.

Well, I guess it is good for you, but I think it tastes too much like aspartame:(

You can sneak it into school as water

I drink it at practice all the time

12 Body Armor

Body armor has a lot more electrolytes than Gatorade and it has less sugar and tastes way better plus it has the best ingredients

Body armor is the best that I have tasted so far. I work long hours and this drink really hydrates you

All my cancer doctors recommend this due to the ingredients. No artificial stuff in it. And it does taste good. Not real sugerer sweet like Gatorade.

Body Armor is mainly made of coconut water, which has so much potassium. It has tons of electrolytes, and vitamins. It's all natural. Tons of great athletes use it, including James Harden, Kobe Bryant, Andrew Luck, and Mike Trout.

13 Maxade

Max is my name

14 Pocari Sweat

Not as sweet tasting as some sports drinks - just very refreshing. Makes you feel hydrated without leaving an aftertaste.

This is the best sports drink on the planet. Very refreshing. Great balance of sweetness and flavor. Perfect in my opinion.

Feels so refreshed with pocari sweat

Delicious and hydrates you very well

15 Monster

Its quenches your thirst after a hard run. Nothing beats the carbonation and stomach pain you get when chugging a monster during a marathon

It can literally give you a heart attack if you make your heart beat faster while its working hard enough on a marathon. NOT THE BEST CHOICE

16 Cytomax

This stuff works well while cycling and running!

It works the best, compare to others.

17 FRS

I don't notice an increase in energy, but I do notice a huge difference in endurance. I have tested this product over a few weeks on my same mountain biking loops. Short, long loops 5-12 miles with 1000vertical feet on the longest.30 min to 1 hour loops. I notice I don"t get fatigued in my "usual spots" when I ride without it.
great product.

18 G2

After starting drinking it I have won 8 out of 9 5k runs this year!

19 Rebound FX

Rebound FX is endorsed by former NBA Super Star Theo Ratliff! This drink provides you with natural sustained energy and will soon be the best on the market! With this drink, there is NO CRASH, only natural pure energy that provides your body with nutrients your body sweats out! What other drink out there will actually put back in your body what you lose...NOT GATORADE! Do your research people!

It has more nutrition than all others

Good drink

20 Energade

It is very nice and it gives you power to do sports

21 Oshee

Fantastic flavor, excellent value, blows competitors out the water and into the Oshee(n).

Best of the bests

Sorry, lots of sugar and colorants in the iso sport drinks.


22 Aquarius

Its very good

23 100PLUS

Discovered the drink in Malaysia. Perfect for hot humid condition.

Superb drink till date. Just try it once and feel the difference.

Still the best tasting sports drink

damn good

24 Biosteel

Why isn't it here?

the beauty

25 G Fuel


26 Innergize

Innergize has been a great help with my asthma. In addition to the foundation nutrition that provides optimal nutrition to the cells this is a great hydrator to open the cells to absorb nutrients. It's great tasting and tons of nutrients to hydrate the body and feel good! Wouldn't be without it!

27 32Gi

Sustains my Engergy on a 5 hour course and the other brands fade into the sunset

28 Mistic
29 Kirkland
30 Roar

Best sports drink period.

31 Hemp2o
32 MiO

Come on guys this drink is easy to make just squirt some in a water bottle, it also tastes amazing too.


33 Clif Quench

Useful on long intense workouts, also on hot days when temperatures are above 75 degrees. Or just to recover from hard games or races at any time of the day when you are feeling sluggish.

34 Hydr8
35 Smart C+
36 Coco5

THE BEST! It is much more healthier then Gatorade because it has at least 5 times LESS sugar then Gatorade

37 Sportsade

Best drink on the market

38 Aspire

With only 8 grams of sugar and 35 calories per 12-ounce serving, this low-osmolality beverage is the leader in a new generation of sports drinks that are designed to be consumed by all athletes, anywhere, anytime. This is the ultimate sports drink to help improve health and performance.

39 Maurten

Well, used of all the major marathon winners last two years. And seen with the worlds greatest runners without even spending anything on sponsoring. That's something!

40 Isotonic
41 Fuze
42 Isostar
43 Reliv Innergize

Patented to deliver nutrients to increase energy & muscle development, promote oxygen absorption & protect against free radicals. It's good for you and tastes fantastic!

Whether I'm working in my garden or my husband is playing golf, water WITH RELIV INNERGIZE hydrates so much better than anything else, we aren't wiped out when we finish!

When testing sports drinks Reliv Innergize came in on the top according to Bicycle magazine, I am 86 years old and I use it every day when I walk a mile in the hot Arizona weather. With the electrolites and all the good ingredients, as a former Biology professor and an avid nutritionist with a doctorate in Biology and another in naturopathy I recognized the science behind this product which rates it above all others.

It helps hydrate my children when they do any type of sport. So much healthier than anything else out on the market.

44 RevvNRG
45 blk.

It is literally black water. It is amazing! It is also incredibly hydrating.

46 4MOVE
47 Infuse

So underrated. find it at Aldi

48 REZ Bev

Delicious drink with 10 calories 1 carb and plenty of beneficial vitamins and minerals including glucosamine and turmeric which help with inflammation and joint pain.

49 Leppin

A classic

50 LSV
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