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41 Sheri and Cole

Such positive attitudes, they were so great.

Biggest underdogs ever!

So postitive

42 Frank and Margarita

Probably my favorite TAR 1 team. Kinda wish they won over Rob and Brennan. - Turkeyasylum

True competitors.

43 Eric and Jeremy

HUH?!? Eric and Jeremy were constantly making horrible remarks about Danielle and Dani! Why are they on here

44 Trey and Lexi
45 Nicky and Kim
46 Tyler and Korey

Love them so much! Such funny guys, their comments never fail to make me laugh. Best friendship and teamwork so far this season I reckon. Hope they win!

Tyler and Korey are adorable and I love these funny guys. Their friendship is phenomenal, and their kind to everyone.

47 Brodie and Kurt

They are awful. Yeah, they won four legs, but when Brodie had to do that puzzle Roadblock, he got stuck and used the Express Pass. And even then, they BARELY won the leg. Brodie sucked at everything.

Brodie was the most annoying person in the whole race, always shouting, and never able to do a challenge correctly.

48 Kym and Alli
49 Ken and Gerard

Snarky, effective and happy team

They were hilarious

Awesome, funny, and never fought
A dynamic duo.

50 Justin and Diana

Horrid personalities, yet still strong game-wise

This team has dominated this season of the race.6 first place wins out of 9'legs.

51 Matt and Redmond

Matt Ladley and Redmond Ramos are in my top 5 favorite teams of all time. They were kind and strong. They got a long way better than a lot of teams have. I knew that I wanted them to win the amazing race after reading Matt's interview. Redmond Ramos is the true definition of someone who doesn't let anything stop him. All around very positive team. And I hope they come back for an all stars season and win.

The ultimate boys team. So much teamwork and determination, along with crazy moves. Great team. - naFrovivuS

52 Caroline and Jennifer
53 Gary and Dave
54 Ally and Ashley
55 Amy and Maya

Although they never won a previous leg Amy and Maya showed where total love and dedication can get you. CONGRATS

Best winners, so hardworking!

They are candy gurls

56 Teri and Ian

Sure they would push each other a lot,but they would stay positive and still keep racing and never gave up,the highlight of the season underrated team

57 The Linz Family
58 Tiffany & Krista

Not only were the complete underdogs, but they had everyone wanting them to be crowned the winner. They had the spirit, but were sadly eliminated at 4th place.

59 Scott and Blair
60 Nary and Jamie
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