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61 Logan and Chris

Who keeps on putting terrible people on this?

62 Tanner and Josh

Nice Christian boys from Texas. What's not to love?

I wish that Joey and Kelsey didn't do the u turn but it was a game move.

Should've won, but Irespect their way of losing in the non elimination. But Joey and Kelsey shouldn't have done the u turn

63 Nary and Jamie
64 Tyler and James

They were brilliant. How come they're not much higher?

They are THE best team ever on TAR

65 Kym and Alli
66 Tara and Joey

Yes yes yes

67 T.K. and Rachel V 2 Comments
68 Josh and Brent
69 Ken and Gerard

Snarky, effective and happy team

They were hilarious

Awesome, funny, and never fought
A dynamic duo.

70 Peggy and Claire (The "Gutsy Grannies")

Although they're not the best team overall, they still beat two teams despite old age, and that's an accomplishment. Also, they were nice and funny. - Turkeyasylum

71 Dan and Jordan V 2 Comments
72 Jim and Misti
73 Matt and Anna

First Team to ever be eliminated. They are the bomb

74 Tim and Te Jay

Coolest gay dudes ever! Plus Tim is super cute!

They did good and they were positive.

75 Zach and Rachel
76 Lisa and Michelle
77 Maria and Tiffany
78 Joe and Bill

Great ideas, they just got too stingy at the final five in Thailand and lost. The game because of that

79 Nicolas and Donald

Grandpa that is 68 years old and Grandson make it into the final three in season 12

80 Ronald and Christina
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