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41 Getting licked to death by your dog V 1 Comment
42 Die by Holding Your Own Heart

I don't know this is just accurate

Green Day reference - Neonco31

That would be so cool - AnonymousChick

rate it

43 While drinking Mountain Dew

Well I almost drowned from dew in my lungs.

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44 Dying of laughter

Duplicate - PokemonGOSucks


45 Kissing to death

This is what almost happened to Finn and Flame Princess in adventure time...

Well I don't want an octopus kissing me because it's kinda painful. - TheComputerIsAlways10

46 Too much listening to Queen V 1 Comment
47 Getting shot by Clint Eastwood while Morgan Freeman narrates it

My way is 'Playing a match with Pele, Getting food with MJ, Getting Shot by Clint Eastwood, Bill Murray speaks at my Funeral ALL while Mr. Freeman narrates.

Passing my guard, and Pele kicks in a Goal... Headshot by a Magnum. It will surely interest Bill to open my casket for everyone to see. & God would definitely listen to what Mr. freeman has to say. Dig it I'm in!

48 The Chair V 1 Comment
49 Drive your motorcycle into an explosion

I don't think that will kill you

50 Playing hockey
51 Accidentally causing a paradox

That would be really bad because not only would you die yourself but you would take the entire universe down with you. :(

The 12th Doctor would say no, 11 would say yes, 6 would say "As long as you die, I don't care."

At least history will repeat itself right?

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52 Being chased by a killer and killing yourself so they can't

HAHA, I'm hanging on a rope, Freddy Kruger you're too late!... - SmoothCriminal

Well, maybe you shouldn't have taken so long to catch me, I had enough time to go across the street, buy some pills, take a dozen, go to the garage, get some rope and a lighter, go back up stairs, hang myself and light myself on fire. What did you do? Oh, that's right, you barley got up the stairs taking your sweet ass time. - Gaymer

Takes away all the killer's hopes. Nice

Nah, kamikaze the killer. - Dman1972

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53 Firing squad
54 Overdose of high concentrate Pepsi

Pepsi sucks balls. Coca-Cola is preferable.

Pepsi waaaaay over Coca Cola - jofyx

55 Choke on boobies

Suffocation by boobies would be a great way to go out. Motorboating till you die.

Dying by choking stinks, but if I'd die by choking on something, it would be boobies, women's of course, because I love boobies, and I'd smile because of it.

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56 Nuclear explosion

You never see it coming, and your ashes get spread automatically

Better to die in one than to live in one

50 50% chance you will die if you don't die you will mutate

Yeah, if you're right underneath it.

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57 While playing Call of Duty

Yes... YES! Almost there! (reaches round 42 on black ops ) YEA I BEATED MY PERSONAL RECORD! ( a nuclear waste mutated the game and bring zombies to life) O... I don't know this was 3D!

58 On the Toilet

That would just be plain awkward

I wouldn't want to be shot on the crapper

I'll take a godamn big dump that I die because of the horrible smell - tent2

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59 Fatal Papercut

Combine that with lemonade

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60 After you win $5,000,000,000

I don't know actually. I think giving the 5 bil to my family doesent make me a waste. - FerrariDude64

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