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81 Getting trapped under ice by Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield
82 Being a virgin

No way.. Unless your not a sex lover... - FerrariDude64

83 Cutting yourself another slice of pizza
84 Sink in quicksand with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

I wanna sink 2 the bottom with u

85 Choking on your favorite food
86 Playing World of Warcraft

This is how I will go. Finally... level... 100... THEN the light takes you away. There had better be WoW in heaven.

One more level.. Just... One... More. You hit 90 and a beam of light just takes you a way.

87 Getting owned by your favorite TV or video game character V 1 Comment
88 After having a massive party with all your closest friends
89 In the arm's of a loved one V 2 Comments
90 Run Over by a Portable Toilet V 1 Comment
91 Accidentally stabbing yourself with a hairbrush V 1 Comment
92 Falling into a pit and hitting cotton candy at the bottom

But I prefer 2 die in my sleep

93 Covering yourself in a flammable liquid light a match scream Flame on then jump off a building

What the heck... I would not want to burn to death - FerrariDude64

V 1 Comment
94 Getting out of the friendzone, kissing her and then dying because of excitement.
95 Die While Eating Life Savers

They call them life savers yeah right

A bitter end to a sweet situation.

V 2 Comments
96 Sticky bomb on your face

Death by big boom boom!

V 1 Comment
97 Fangirling

I would be so happy.

98 Sticking your finger in a gorilla's ass

I stick my fingers in many asses but this would be a new level thanks for the idea rip Jewish tyrone 1999 2015

Been feeling crappy for ages - but found this idea a gas! Now what is that gorilla! Thanks man!

If the gorilla tries to do the same it would die from the smell

I like gorilla's

V 2 Comments
99 Once you turn 150

Can I have some chocolate...

V 1 Comment
100 Watching your favorite movie

I want to go while watching Full Metal Jacket. Just wait until the end credits start playing, then kill me

V 3 Comments
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