Best Ways to Have a Good Night Sleep

Okay! I wont mess with your stuff anymore. I'm actually trying to make another list so I can finally have one to view instead of my first one that I created myself! People really need to get to sleep though. I heard that people are sometimes up all night. The ideas may be a bit random but I just realized random things make you sleep the longest when I was trying to fall asleep.

The Top Ten

1 Spin in circles for 3-5 minutes right before you lie in bed

Makes you pretty dizzy so you can just sleep in bed for at least 8 hours straight. It doesn't give you nightmares/bad memories so you wont keep randomly waking up at night. Trust me. It works because I tried it a few times. The only bad part is that it may hurt a bit at first and it only works if you do it right before bed. - pupie4life

It's OK, but I think I would prefer sleeping without upchucking (LOL! :D)

2 Rest in your bathtub with warm bubble bath and water

This normally gives you a relaxing sleep and you will always have nice dreams. (although I don't believe in them). It can also erase bad memories that you got right before the bath. The negatives are that you must do it right before you fall asleep so you wont have time to dry off. Also, it kinda makes you hungry once you finish and going to sleep hungry is bad. There is one more negative but I will bother not to tell you. Other than that, it is actually a good way to fall asleep and I know since I tried doing it. - pupie4life

I don't know why but it always works

3 Play your favourite video game for at least 1 hour before bed

It doesn't put you to sleep but it makes your mind want you to sleep. It is best done with very light/bright videogames. Ex. Mario games. It may give you an emotion that may make it harder for you to fall asleep but you can listen to your mind so you can have some rest at night. Also works for T.V. - pupie4life

I tried this before and I end up leaving my game cube on for 12 hours. I had a awesome dream. I grew wings and was flying

4 Do something that takes you all day to do

You must start it when you get up and have basic meal breaks to. Your mind will be focused on the thing you are doing and when you finish before bed, you will most likely fall asleep. It can be anything that takes a long time so it can be less than all day. Doing this may be just a waste of a day so that's why it's at 5. - pupie4life

5 Play with your pet for awhile
6 Tell each family member a bedtime story
7 Sit in the bathroom for a while
8 Keep saying something until you're tired of it
9 Read a book until you fall asleep

Works like a charm - BreakFastBeast2005

Good, but what if no good book? - THEGreatLordOfAll

10 Have sex

There is a scientific explanation for this involving endorphins. - THEGreatLordOfAll

The Contenders

11 Count to 1,000
12 Good night pic
13 Punch your pillow until you get tired
14 Do yoga
15 Avoid blue light
16 Make your brain tired
17 Move your bed
18 Fake a yawn
19 Eat a banana
20 Avoid sleeping on your front or back
21 Try to actively stay awake
22 Wear socks
23 Cuddle a baby blanket

I used to hug/cuddle with a baby blanket to help me sleep. I had it since I was a newborn. I stopped shortly after my 21st bday. I now hug stuffed animals instead.

24 Think about good stuff
25 Look forward to the next day
26 Drink warm milk

When I was a toddler I would enjoy a bottle of milk before bed each night.

27 Ignore all distractions
28 Take deep breaths
29 Bury yourself
30 De-stress
31 Cuddle stuffed animals
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