Best Weapons to Have In a Zombie Apocalypse

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1 Shotgun

Best and most well known weapon ever. A katana would just chop off the zombie head and zombies must have a brain destroyed to be killed so the zombie head could flop around and bite you. Even so the katana requires you to chop 15 times to dice the brain into bits. Plus this is 2 weapons in 1. You have a shotgun and a club when you run out of ammo!

Fact is with weapons like a katana and bows, you still need training which most people don't have. Even with an assault rifle or pistol, you still need a certain amount of training to use it accurately. For a shotgun, the you just have to point it in the targets direction and pull the trigger.

Very powerful can go through multiple zombies increasing efficiancy. And will kill the living just as easy. Great for hunting as well. Without the complications or upkeep of a rifle or handgun.

Great. Load it with buckshot and nothing can stand in your way. If you are worried about noise, use a Salvo which can be silenced and still do a devastating amount of damage.

2 Katana

Katanas are NOT made for slicing they are made for cutting small cuts in the enemy’s body and letting him bleed out but since zombies don't have any blood its basically impossible to kill an zombie with an katana because an Katanas blade is not strong enough to go trough the bones of the zombies and will most likely shatter into pieces.

Shotgun ammo runs out. Do you know how to make gunpowder and cast the brass of a shotgun shell? Nope.
Do you have arms? Yeah? Well, then the Katana is a much better choice. No ammo, You can create a makeshift one with a grinding wheel and a plank of metal, it's fast, light, has a longer than arms reach, and can cut through a neck or skull (especially when decomposed). Someone wrote that you need to completely dice the brain into bits, which is foolish. If the head is removed, you could carry that head around by the ear for a decade and as long as you don't hold it against your flesh, you're fine.

Katana, Hands down, all day. Except for a Brush Axe, aka, ditch bank blade. That may be even better. Think a Naginata/ax made of tool grade material.

Katanas are generally the best, but require training, if you grab one and try to use it on a zombie group without training your a "mall ninja", most mall ninjas end up zombie food
Shotguns have stopping power, sure, but are noisy. chainsaws may make you look badass, but require fuel, are quite heavy and very noisy.

Guns can run out of ammo, can be slow, low ranged, or not do the job when you would expect it to. The Katana on the other hand, while it is short ranged, is powerful, everlasting, quick, and not to mention just plain awesome!

3 Chainsaw

This sucks because A. you would splatter zombie blood and guts all over you which will end up making you a zombie and B. you would be horrified to see what a chainsaw would actually do

Melee weapons could be useless if the infection is spread like in 28 Days/Weeks Later through contact with infected blood.

I watched myth busters. Axe vs. Gun vs. Chain saw. The chainsaw killed all the 190 out of 190 zombies. True story.

It's useful for killing zombies very quickly, but it makes a lot of noise.

4 Bow and Arrow

Its easier to use in my opinion than any type of gun. The bow and arrow can both be deadly weapon if combined and used properly. While guns have more power the bow and arrow can be upgraded. For example the arrows can be sharpened, longer, and or have poison on the arrow. If you did all those things there is no chance of a zombie living

You have close and long range covered. It is silent, it doesn't use bullets AND you can re-use the arrows and its perfect for most scenarios. Only useless in a hand-to-hand situation, unless you could stab the arrow. For me the perfect combination would be -Bow and Arrow and a Katana- just invincible

With a bow you can kill zombies and other survivors without giving away your hiding place and the ammo is reusable.

5 Spiked Baseball Bat

Spikes or no, this will do the job for you all day, every day. Durable, easy to wield, it'll break skulls and never run out of ammo. You could vote for Katana, but we need to vote with accessibility in mind. You will never find a real Katana in a zombie apocalypse.

Bat baseball with kill to going are Spikes

Durable and reliable

Absolutley! You don't even need spikes.

6 Axe

It's quiet (unlike guns), It's strong (if it's not made with anything from china) and it can be used to push zombies back if you need some room due to 2 handed grip. Katanas are only so effective and, realistically, impossible to find. If you've ever played project zomboid (the most realistic zombie game ever made) you would know all this.

The axe is like a kitana, but is easier balanced, more powerful, and simpler to use. It's a classic apocalyptic weapon used for more than killing zombies, in ways ranging from hacking down doors to amputation. The force and weight supplied by an axe swung onto a human head is enough to either mash it or split in right down the middle. Overall, it's not just a good weapon, it should be one of the best.

Very sharp and great for slaying or chopping, ect.

7 Assault Rifle

Guns are about the best weapons. Those of you who voted for a flamethrower have probably never used one. Feels like someone opened a damn oven in front of your face.

Accurate although there is an issue with reliability. If you are worried about reliability, us an M4 Carbine or an HK416

Good for long range shooting and can be used as an assault rifle as well

If there's a mob of zombies... well any automatic gun would help you really

8 Baseball Bat

Most homes will have these or something close. They're fast, they work, they're cheaper, easier to carry, and a basic knockout weapon.

Much more practical than a gun. Guns make a lot of noise, require ammunition, practice, maintenance, and can overheat. With a simple item such as a baseball bat, it requires no practice; just whack the zombie over the head. They make less noise and are more reliable. Bats are easier to find as well. Get one made of a strong light metal as wood will wear and crack, and may give you splinters.

This is easily the most practical weapon in a zombie apaocalypse. Guns require ammo, make a lot of noise and you need training to use them so not the best option. Plus where will you find weapons like guns and swords as most people don't own them. Baseball bats on the other hand are easy to access so if zombies suddenly appear you shouldn't find it that hard to get one.

Only downside is durability, wooden or plastic breaks easily over peoples skulls. Aluminum is the best way to go.

9 Crossbow

Better than bow and arrow because it is easier to use while the bow and arrow is very hard

Quiet, reusable ammo, and general big dick energy

Watch the show, duffus's

10 RPG
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11 Pistol

Although jt has less ammo and smaller bullets than the average gun, it's easy to carry, can be held in your pocket, and it more accurate when shooting, as it doesn't spray all over the place.

Quick to pull out and fairly easy to use and can be silenced easy.

. lightweight kills at good distance High capacity

12 A Nuke

But for real though how you gonna find it

13 Hammer
14 Throwing Knives

You don't have to buy ammo for them. You can learn to use them fairly quickly. If I had to choose, I'd say throwing knives and bow.

Throwing knives? You throw them and have to pick them back up.

Knives are left in stabbing victims for a reason, they are hard to pull out again, and may not be all that effective without training

15 Machete

A long blade, lighter in weight, easy to carry, more common. Many weapons are great but you can actually get this one and it can be extremely useful.

Think about it. A baseball bat, but with a blade instead of a aluminum bludgeon. Also, shotguns should be taken off the list, and a lot of other stuff, too. See Seven Zombie Weapons which would Get You Killed.

Head the down straight go to going It's

16 Drill

Ya so you can drill through the zombies flesh.

17 A Tank

Do I have to explain? It is really heavy duty and really protected.
Also it has huge tracks to run zombies over.

Over them run just can begin a you hit can't Zombies

Where are you going to get one?

18 Minigun

it is an insane gun

19 Frying Pan

Frying pans are everywhere; every house, shopping mall, etc. They are probably as useful as a baseball bat except for range. A pan is also strong and with enough force you can probably blow a zombies brain.
Plus, look at Rapunzel.

20 A Metal Baseball Bat

Because it more better that a wooden one and its with not break.

I have a soft metal bat

This should be WAY higher

Affective Really

21 Flamethrower

Death to m then burn just can You

Also effective on vampires.

22 Maxwell's Notebook

Yeah, just make a giant flaming shotgun help by a kraken with it

23 Cutlass
24 Molotov Cocktail
25 Crowbar
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