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61 Brightbox
62 Combell

The # 1 web hosting in Belgium and internationally, with 24/7 tech support. With a wide range of packages you can start your own website. - Joenatje


The most famous hosting company in Italy

64 WebHostFace

Reliable hosting services, friendly customer care and personal attitude.

I really love their customer service and the people who work there know what they are talking about

The friendliest and helpful customer service I have ever encountered! I am amazed how PRO they are. Love you guys!

Awesome and fast! Great team of people.

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66 Yreg

Scandinavias biggest web hosting company.. An outsider well worth to be on the list! Top design staff as well!

67 VodaHost

VodaHost is one of the most trusted & reputable web hosting providers on the internet. Our cPanel hosting service combines value, speed and reliability with a phenomenal customer service that is second to none!

Build your Own Website in 30 Minutes
Have it Online on the Internet by Tomorrow Morning

68 Hetzner
69 StartLogic

state of the art interface panel and 24/7 technical support

70 Site5
71 Hosting Raja

I always have a Great experience with their knowledgeable staff. They are always very helpful & willing to do research for me on the issue I have to deal with. I love that I can call, email, or live chat to speak with their support staff. It makes it easier to conduct business in the appropriate manner for the situation. I highly recommend HostingRaja to my friends.

72 SwallTech
73 Globat
74 x10Hosting

I am thoroughly satisfied with x10hosting. It has been hosting my website for almost two years now without much ado.

75 Site2host

We have multiple dedicated servers with them and they offer the best managed vps servers along with single point contact for support and billing. It's run by Ramkumar Srinivasan who has more than a decade experience in hosting management and really ensures the best for his customers.

Keep it up guys. has a decent range of VPS and Dedicated hosting Servers. Their hosting prices are reasonable and support is great. - site2host

76 YourServing
77 Vistaprint good for basic websites, and its cheap. However with cheap comes poorer quality. You can't really change much on the website, you have use their templates. But for starting at only $5/month, it's not bad at all

78 Thexyz Server

Thexyz offers professional web hosting services for both individuals and enterprises. Depending on the number of websites you need to host, you can choose between a variety of web hosting packages, each one carefully prepared according to your needs.

Excellent uptime and support, the control panel is easy to use and combines all features in one easy to navigate platform.

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79 URL Monster
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