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I tried this for over 1.5 years and I believe they deserve their name here in this list.

163 TMD Hosting

Have been with them for 3 years. The perfect hosting provider! Support, uptime, price - 100%

164 Hostoople
165 My True Host

Cheapest and jam packed with features (24/7 Support)

166 ILoveFreeHosting is a free hosting provider for beginners and small business peoples with free best support service.

167 QuadraNET

One of the best hosting companies I've seen. - freefall

168 UK Secure Web Hosting

Our UK Hosting Services Include:

Instant account creation on UK cloud web servers.
FREE Minor upgrades & tweaks.
300+ PHP Scripts Included, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal & more. - UK-Secure

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169 GoSkyGo
170 Hostingwalk
171 Hostinger UK

Nice load times, they give you 2GB storage, 2 databases, 2 emails etc. For free! The premium plans are not that expensive - jdtech

172 MDD Hosting
173 BookMyIdentity
174 Rackhansa

The best Linux Hosting Company offering hosting in cheap rates and free hosting too - sumbali

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175 Gigenet

That's the hosting my company has been using for more than 4 years now. It is safe, trusted by big compliant companies, and I've got no complains - st-nicole

176 Strato
177 Proboards
178 Verbat
179 ComputeHost
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Beware hosts that sell "unlimited" everything
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