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21 Hyrule Castle (Breath of the Wild)

In every other zelda game with hyrule castle as the final level,the castle feels like just a chamber with a tower.Here it feels like an actual castle,with a dining hall,Libary,Docks,Gatehouses and a prison lockup to name a few.THE MUSIC IS ALSO HOLY! And the Bosses are great. - Lord28

22 Snowhead Temple (Majora's Mask)

While Snowhead may only be the second dungeons in the game, the puzzles are cleverly made, Stray Fairies are actually fun to find, and doing this all as a goron? AWESOME! The only letdown in the whole dungeon is that the boss is extremely easy.

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23 Temple of Time (Twilight Princess)

Hands down best dungeon ever, you can control stone statues with your rod and make them fight for you, there's a Spider boss (SPOILERS) over all best looking dungeon I've seen.

Cool concept and it is fun destroying everything. - M4j0r45

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24 Inside Jabu Jabu's Belly (Ocarina of Time)

This is one of the worst dungeons. It's disgusting (what do you expect, it's inside a fish), has gross enemies, and the boss and mini boss aren't memorable.

The mini boss is a devil worshipper, but everything else is fine. - M4j0r45

25 Temple of the Ocean King (Phantom Hourglass)

Um, how did this dungeon even get on the list?

What? Someone voted for this crap?

Why is this temple here

I'm suprised it got voted for but it was better than lots of other ones

26 Swamp Palace (A Link Between Worlds)
27 Palace of Winds (Minish Cap)

This was one of the first temples I had a legit struggle with playing it as a kid. It's mostly nostalgic now, but it's a really solid temple with a cool boss, item, and mini boss(s). Standout dungeon from the Minish Cap.

Pretty good final (non castle) dungeon
Rocs cape is fun too

28 Wind Temple (The Wind Waker)

I pretty much love and dungeon with a huge central chamber. - M4j0r45

Very creative, fun, and cool dungeon.

29 Snow Temple (Spirit Tracks)

Amazing temple really hard boss fight I'd give it a 10/10

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30 Thieves' Hideout (A Link Between Worlds and a Link to the Past)

I didn't really like this ine pissed me off

31 Parappa Palace (Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link)
32 Dodongo's Cavern (Ocarina Of Time) V 1 Comment
33 Face Shrine (The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening)

The best Zelda dungeon in links awakening along with really cool dungeon music. But I'm not a fan of the boss in this level.

34 Eagle's Tower (Link's Awakening)

I like the fact you battle the boss outside on top of the tower. But I felt they could have done more with this dungeon.

35 Dragon Roost Cavern (Wind Waker)

Great official first dungeon with a creative boss

It was not very good. - M4j0r45

36 Ganon's Tower (Wind Waker)

Very time consumer and contains eight bosses leading up to the final boss.

37 Forest Temple (Twilight Princess)

It's only the first dungeon, but in my opinion better than most other dungeons in Twilight Princess. - M4j0r45

38 Ice Palace (A Link Between Worlds)

Probably the biggest and hardest dungeon in the game. Had lots of fun going through the different floors and using the Fire Rod.

39 Goron Temple (Phantom Hourglass)
40 Divine Beast Vah Ruta (Breath Of The Wild)

This is the only one I have seen from breath of the wild but it is still amazing lol

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