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1 Big Brother 7

This was an epic season, not gonna lie. A comp beast Janelle, a puppet master Will, a villain Mike Boogie, and though I hate her, I don't deny that Erika played a great game, so underrated. Everyone played an epic game. This season could have been perfect if Will and Janelle are final two, because both of them are deserving, but at least Boogie won, so that's actually pretty good. And yes, this season cemented Will's position as one of the greatest players ever!

iconic! it had true allstars- it would literally be the perfect season if both halves of chill town were there at the end because genuinely everyone was dumb early and didn't nominate them and then mike boogie won competitions to cement them into the end. Janelle also played amazing with a record number of comp wins in a season and her alliance did really good early on. honestly I think like kaysar is overrated tho but James was valid. I also loved Danielle this season, I wish she went further- her losing bb3 was literally why they invented the jury house.

2 Big Brother 10

A superior season, a perfect one to be honest. The best season with only Newbies. Dan Gheesling will always be one of my favorite players ever! He played too good. And the pre-jury was good to watch to be honest, and the jury was also epic to see. Loved this season. And yes, Renny is an icon this season!

Best player of all-time, best season of all-time.

3 Big Brother 6

The season featured two of the most iconic alliances in Big Brother history, The Friendship and the Sovereign Six. The two groups hated each other from week one all the way until The Friendship's Maggie Ausburn was declared the winner.

Who doesn't like to see a season-long struggle between two bitterly opposed sides?

I LOVED THIS SEASON. Divided people, factions, fights, chaos, the pre-jury is the original and better BB20. It features the pressure cooker, and that challenge was madness. Maggie did played the best game, and Janelle and James also played great as well.

4 Big Brother 8

Even with the odds stacked against them, the Denatos (father and daughter) win the whole show. They literally kicked everyone out and took the whole cash prize.

Worst. I actually stopped watching halfway

Dick and Daniele Donato. Enough said.

5 Big Brother 14

Every archetype in this season lived up to their expectations and were awesome. Also, there was a lot of great gameplay, especially with Dan, Britney, and Ian, and also one of the two best big brother moves in history with Dan's Funeral (Nakomis' Six Finger Plan is the other). This season should be the set example for seasons to come.

This cemented Dan on the all-time position. He played a much fantastic game here. This could have ranked higher if the jury WASN'T bitter. Yeah, I do admit that the newbies were weak (tbh, Ian was the only one I loved on those newbies.) The pre-jury was boring but the jury phase is where the season is becoming golden.

6 Big Brother 2

Will invented the game and the idea of a reality villain with this season. Say what you want about how he ranks as a player, but honestly seeing him survive week after week even though from day one people were targeting him made the season interesting and it was totally unpredictable. Also the way that the jury still voted him the victor even though they hated him really says something about his game.

The Survivor: Borneo of Big Brother. Will played a tremendous game, even though he played a much crazier game on BB7. The final 4 was one of the best ever, in fact, behind from BB3 or BB7, I mean everyone of them deserved to win. I love this season.

7 Big Brother 3

This season was the reason the jury house was invented. Danielle Reyes would have won if the evicted houseguests (jury) were not allowed to watch the DR's. The overly bitter jury handed Lisa Donahue the win instead, which is why they call Danielle "The Greatest Player Who Never Won"

Damn, one of the most finest casting ever in my opinion. This has the best final three I've ever seen. And there are many iconic moments. Had Danielle won, that could have cemented this season as one of the greats, but oh well.

8 Big Brother 11

The drama was off the charts and it was the most entertaining in my opinion.

DAN'S FUNERAL! all I've gotta say. would be the best season if the jury wasn't so goddamn bitter.

Honestly the most insufferably overrated couple in BB history. BB11 sucked.

9 Big Brother 4

This was really underrated because there are players that are hated like Jun, Alison and Dana, and this was the season where I actually liked Erika before I loathe her to death on All-Stars. And yes, Jun was one of the greatest floaters ever, she played a phenomenal game. And Jun/Alison was actually a solid final two considering that they played the game well.

This is the season were the basic formula of the game was cemented

10 Big Brother 5

Underrated season, great cast of characters where everyone brought something to the table, good gameplay, twin twist (done way better than s17 twin twist), first ever backdoor in the history of the show, Karen blindside at f5, Diane blindside at f3, god I wish this season got more credit.

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11 Big Brother 17

Best prejury phase out of any season. Decent midgame that kept me engaged because of Vanessa and Johnny Mac. Awesome endgame. All in all, an unpredictable season with a likable cast. Definitely the best of the recent seasons, and probably top five of all time overall.

One of my favorite casts; everyone was here to play, a lot more people than usual were likable, and there were so many different types of gameplay. A few brutal blindsides, close votes, intriguing plotline.

Probably the best modern season of BB alongside BB14, BB20, or BBCAN5. The pre-jury was INTENSE, and this season is so unpredictable, and has a great player in Vanessa Rousso. I thought she played the best game here. What ruins this season is a generic final two. Steve is an okay winner, but Vanessa winning would be more epic.

12 Big Brother 16

This season had the most entertaining cast. Zankie, hitmen, donny, beast mode cowboy. And the strategy from derrick was so flawless- at least stop 3 most dominating in the history. Even tho it was clear he would win I didn't care. only negative is the dictionary definition of floater holding hands with Jenn city.

Derrick is a legend Hitman and bomb squad. Started watching season 19 but it's so boring and stupid. Decided to go back and watch some old bb seasons and this one is one to watch!

You are all tripping. everyone were such characters and it was entertaining from top to bottom. Should be much higher

13 Big Brother 12

I like this season a lot. The cast is really likeable and the season is something to enjoy. Sure it's a little predictable but the dominance of the Brigade is something special. Overall a great season with a great cast.

This season is so underrated. Great cast and incredible gameplay from the greatest alliance of all time. Super entertaining.

14 Big Brother 20

By far one of the best seasons on big brother America. Tyler is probably one of the best players to ever play in the game, with a lot of highly intelligent and competitive players.

So overrated because there were a lot of minorities and good looking people. Like pre jury was great and jury phase was predictable and sucked after Faysal nominated scottie. To the person who said "tHeRe'S bEeN sO mAnY bLiNdSiDeS" the only blindsides were Steve, Winston, Kaitlyn, Rachel, and Brett lol

Why is this 16th? This seasons was amazing and deserves to be in the top 5!

15 Big Brother 13

This was an amazing season, you have a blindside with Kieth week one, then Rachel crying in a bush. Lawon asks to be evicted, and Brendon gets back in only to get right back out. Danielle is sent packing, and Shelly betrays Jeff which results in a fight with Jordan. Then the duo twist comes back, a bad part about the season, and Rachel wins the season. Also, 3 successful showmances were in the season.

Rachel is the greatest of all time and made this the best season ever.

16 Big Brother 18
17 Big Brother 15

This season is extremely underrated in my book. If you want a dramatic and strong cast that does not like each other, this is a good one for you. The cast, although very strong (a case could be made that the female cast was the strongest one ever), was not likable in the slightest (the person I was rooting for was just because I didn't NOT like them) and a few cast members were racist, so if you heavily value cast, this season's not for you. I personally LOVED this season because there was a major blowup every other episode and a few stranger ones too (a veto competition blowup, an eviction speech blowup, a blowup started by someone ranting about botox in a bathrobe and party hat) that really gave this season a kick to it.

18 Big Brother 24
19 Big Brother 23
20 Big Brother 19

Paul literally controlled everything from day one. Everyone else just followed him. Hate the winner tho... so annoying and stupid

21 Celebrity Big Brother 2
22 Big Brother 21

PHENOMINAL jury phase, one of the best jury phases in the show's history; definitely a top 5 jury phase. Prejury is slow, which drags this season down.

23 Big Brother Over The Top
24 Celebrity Big Brother
25 Big Brother 22
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