Top Ten Biggest Problems With Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network

These 3 once legendary channels seemed to have a major drop in quality for several reasons, not just with the making of bad shows

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21 Bad shows

Remember ed edd n eddy or Danny Phantom? Or Hannah Montana? Good Shows with good plots and a fantastic sense of Humor, And now the Cartoons are dead with going on annoying Trends and Nickelodeon is still trying with bad actors.

Paw Patrol It's The Worst Show Ever

22 Cartoon Network doesn't air Regular Show anymore.

A show that has ended doesn't mean it no longer exists. I bet CN hates this good show.

23 The channels rarely makes a show with potential
24 Nickelodeon doesn't seem to want the new shows they create to have more than 1 season

They seem to put new shows on and last for 1 season. If it doesn't go so well then they will simply take the show down. - BadBoiDrummer

25 Nickelodeon having Adam Sandler guess star at the 2010 Kids' Choice Awards

Someone needs to check their grammar

"Is it... star? "

You win a hammer to the face! - mattstat716

26 Most of the new shows Nickelodeon makes look like they belong on Nick Jr

Seriously, it seems like the only kind of shows we get from Nickelodeon nowadays are baby shows, or shows that rely on humor that would only make a baby laugh like breadwinners or Sanjay and Craig

27 Nickelodeon Looking To YouTube For Talent

Fred The Show and Breadwinners were 2 of Nickelodeon's biggest mistakes ever, it's bad enough they crate bad shows on their own, now they're making show off of godawful YouTube videos

They tried, and that's how we got Breadwinners.

28 Some of the newer shows look like if the people who watch them are totally brainless
29 All Disney ever makes now are shows about pubescent girls

Yes, dude I feel your pain and this is from a pubescent girl.

30 They rarely have good morals
31 Cartoon Network is Not Child Friendly Anymore

No kidding. And the main reason for that is the Adult Swim, which I maybe old enough for. But that doesn't mean I like it. Whoever came up with the idea to put that lineup on that channel is sadly mistaken for ruining the network with outrageous content. And so, I wish to make that programming block go extinct.

32 Too many teenage stereotypes

It just pains me that Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel show those features that are capable of closing many people's minds about true teenagers. For everyone's information, true teens don't behave like those fictional characters do. Instead, they're respectful, intelligent, responsible, sensible, and mature.

33 Cartoon network refuses to bring back shows people want

Sym Bionic Titan, Teen Titans, a lot of other shows!

34 Babyish Looks
35 Nick took Mighty B over Modifyers

If you HAD to take Mighty B, at LEAST take Modifyers, too!

36 Nick never showed the two pilots of The Backyardigans called Me and My Friends and The Cartoon Pilot

I would love to see both of the pilots also bring the backyardigans back.

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