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1 Bangarada Manushya

This is the movie that inspired me the most! Since then I have watched hundreds of English movies in the United States (and Hindi movies), but none have changed my mind!

Definitely top Kannada movie of great Dr. Rajkumar, this movie inspired thousands of urban people to take up agriculture at that period and even today many villagers worship Rajkumar for this movie.

This is only movie shows to me that there is nothing is permanent in out life. There is one Guru who teaches me that how to react when something is not belongs to us. DR Raj kumar is simply Legend.

Golden performance from golden man (Dr. Raj) in golden film... one of all time best... Every song tella us something meaningful about life... I think aapthamithra deserves a place in top ten... Paramathma is most rubbish movie ever...

2 Naagarahaauvu (1972)

Superb movie. Brilliant acting by vishnuvardhan in his debut movie. No one had such a roaring debut in Indian Cinema. Hats off to Puttanna.

Superb movie of all time. Angry young man series started from vishnu dadha in sandalwood. This movie should be in number 1 position.

All time hit and best direction in Kannada film industry...

Top film which gave birth to 2 Kannada film stars and best friends Vishnu and Am I.

3 Milana

I like this movie appu acting is wonderful best in top Kannada movie I like this film so much...

Best and best movie I like so so... Too much

It is great movie for nam boss puneeth rajkumar...

It is ultimate movie for kannada film industry.

4 Sangolli Rayanna

Number 1 history created movie in sandalwood Darshan sir plays very well acting in this movie the film climax is ultimate every one love this movie all time record movie one & only Sangolli Rayanna...!

This movie was well researched & very well made with the biggest budget of Rs 50 Crores, during the time when movies were made at average of Rs 5 Crores. Our own very first freedom fighter. I liked the movie as it gave a revolutionary experience to entire family.

The film is very good Darshan has also acted in the same way... But I like the real rayanna I those days...

GOD created a drop of rain and made it fell safely in Karnataka and DARSHAN; he acted very well and also it is a inspiring, epic, fanstatic movie I have ever seen.

5 Mata

A very good movie. A must watch. The movie has all the elements present in a life with a meaning.

It is awesome movie, director has brought very valuable things in a comic manner. It is amazing

Uppendra is the grate director in kannada industry without creativity film can't exist.

See it.. Its compared in a high level

6 Mungaru Male

This move brought back Kannada movie fame and glory once again mainly of music industry gained lot after this movie and many melody songs came later.. I have watched 5times... every department of this movie is perfect

A beautiful love story takes you through the roller coaster of emotions. It is surprisingly fresh and fun filled. All the departments in the movie gave their best results.

Has one of the most deepest elements to love that is superficial to the viewers at first sight...
Delight to re witness Ganesh's emotional acting once again!

It's best movie in kannada language. My favourite movie is mungaru male. All songs is very nice. Particularly Anisutidu song is my favouite.

7 Om

Spectacular movie with a Rowdism as a tenure subject in 90's. Real rowdies of Bangalore when they are ruling at their peak, shot in this movie. Proudly to say that this is the one and only movie of the world which has re-released for 550 times with box office collections.

Now also movie run with house full theatre... That's what uppi tallent... He is a God gift for Kannada movie
Old moment there was no competitors any one can click like raj kumar but uppi he is the real hero who came up by own tallent..

First time I am watching a Kannada movie, that is Om. Story, Acting, Songs, Music, Making...all of this movie is perfect.

What! OM A UPENDRA should be in top 5 list list is total crap... these movies made kannada movie world famous

8 Kempe Gowda

Kiccha sudeep is a leader in this movie. And the villain are good in fighting. And it is a good movie and songs are super. And I like it movie and songs are good.

Sudeep is a talent in this picture and movie is a super and songs are all nice.

It was remake film but it wonderful hit and sudeep acting extraordinary...

Nice movie must watch

9 Arasu

Whenever it broadcast on T.V. I sit before T.V. to see this movie. Very entertaining.

Puneeth and Meera acting was super mainly music is the plus point. its one of the best kannada movie ever and story is good and komal acting also good...

Super duper movie, super actor appu acted super.. Class picture...

Classic movie in kannada

10 Eddelu Manjunatha
The Contenders
11 Jogi

Awesome movie I will not forget this movie because mother sentiment

Not bad, average movie

12 Yajamana

Natural acting by everyone, vishnu sir acted simply superb with his simplicity and honesty.

One of the great movie...ever seen

Superb movie...boss acting superior

Ever best family film

13 Duniya

Its Raw life story of innocent boy..

It is a good love story

14 Paramathma

Natural acting.. Climax makes me cry.. Wonderful feel to watch this movie..

I like this movie because just one sentence changes the life "jothegirada jeeva endigintha jeevantha" I most like this sentense this credit goes yograj bat.

Super film by power star

Such a wonderful film

15 Gaja

Number 1 actor in sandalwood.

Darshan is a big actor

It's a superhit movie in kannada film industry I really liked movie and it's so really superb

Superb!, fantastic, marvelous, ossom, movie sakkatt from all angle.

16 Muttina Haara

Must watch Kannada Movie and National award winning movie.

The location of the movie was superb... And vishnu's acting was also super

Good movie muttina haara

Super duper movie

17 Amruthavarshini

Very good movie

18 Galipata

I would call this is the best movie ever made.. Ganesh, Rajesh and Diganth seems to have put all their effort that max they can. And amazing locations too...

Awesome direction and superb casting... Perfect movie..

Best movie of all time...

Yogananda K : Amazing movie that every youth should watch. Its been shooted at cool places of coorg and other malnad.

19 Manasa Sarovara

Manasa Sarovara is one of the greatest movie by Puttanna Kangal. Songs, location, acting, story everthying is amazing. This movie has to be in the top ten list of best movies of all time.

This movie is based on the tragedy of the own life of Puttanna Kangal. The songs are beautiful and the storyline is tocuhing.

One of the notable movie of kannada cinema..

20 Lucia

The best Kannada movie ever and hats off to the director for such an innovative thinking.
It is so innovative of all Indian movies

Lucia's non-linear script is one of the best I have watched. It's a breakthrough in Sandalwood.

Mind blowing... A movie that can bring Kannada movie to international standards... (not kidding! )

Out of the Box and simply WOW! Takes the std of kannada movies to another level

21 Googly

Rise of YASH! ! Today's superstar
Expected it to be in the top ten
Great entertainer..;
Kannada movies regained most of its essence back due to YASH and an era that's following

Googly is nice picture I am seen in the year of 2013 picture and I like it very much and songs are nice of googly.

Very entertained movei. Yash sir acting super. This film take number 1 position. And yash number 1 actor in sandalwood.

Nice movie, really the story was good, it is an appreciable movie because of pawan odeyar sir.

22 Ugramm

Solid entertaining movie simply awesome...

Awesome action movie in sandalwood history..,

Tight screenplay and impressive background score makes this movie to stand among all time great

This movie must be in the top!

23 My Autograph

My favorite movie

Its remember our olden days. Thanks to Kiccha Sudeep for remembering our old days

24 Vishnuvardhana

Awesome twists and entertaining.

Strong title nice film

It is film which remembers a name of vishnuvardhana super film

KICCHA is very good acting and tallented hero singer, directer, painter, captian, batsman, stylishman.

25 Pancharangi

I like this move because I like the place & hero speaking kannada words.

Most of the peoople dint get wt's there in this movie.. But this is extremely good.. Yograj's best movie.. Best movie in the world.. Small concept.. Great fil.M.. Dint get bored even 1 second.. Vote if you like it.. Ee movie na nodi artha madkolakku ond talent beku!

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