Top 10 Best Maps for Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer

The Top Ten
1 Crossfire

Amazing map with a unique design. You could use a sniper and get into some hectic sniping battles along the long road, flank around the sides through the buildings that run across each side, or post up looking outside a window along the road with an assault rifle. By far the best and most unique design in Call of Duty history, and my personal favorite ever.

One of the best maps, easy to familiarize yourself with it. Its long-range and short-range combination of sections appeals to all crowds of Call of Duty lovers.

2 Crash

This map defined Modern Warfare Multiplayer. Who could forget spawn sniping, hiding on the car in the garage, and of course, the words no player wanted to hear: "They're in the 3-story."

3 Shipment

This should be top. How can this be so low down? Shipment is the smallest map on any Call of Duty to date. It's like slightly over just half the size of Rust, and Rust is really small. Shipment has fast-paced, intense action, which no other map can offer.

When you get killstreaks on here for the attack helicopter, that's awesome too because it means you get tons of points because the enemy can't really hide from the helicopter. Shipment is pretty much the most awesome thing you can play on.

4 Bloc

I want to start off by saying I think Call of Duty 4 is the best out of them all! First of all, I just love the atmosphere of the game. It's so eerie and mysterious, especially on dark, gloomy maps like Pipeline, Bloc, Vacant, and Overgrown. It had a certain feel to it, and no other game in the series has been able to match its atmospheric feel.

The music in the game is so captivating, moving, and eerie. It almost has a sad, heart-touching feel to it as well. I also love the places the maps are set in, for example, Ukraine (Chernobyl, Pripyat), Russia, and the Middle East. It gave the game its own unique feel and nothing will ever match it.

I love Call of Duty 4. I wish Infinity Ward would just re-release the game. MW2 and MW3 just didn't do it for me. Both of them never had that eerie feel that Call of Duty 4 had. Favorite Maps are Vacant, Bloc, Overgrown, Pipeline, and Downpour! Best Mission in game: All Ghillied Up/One Shot One Kill! Call of Duty 4, you'll forever be in my heart! I still play this incredible game even today!

5 Vacant
6 Downpour
7 Countdown
8 Strike

This is the best map for Call of Duty 4 multiplayer.

Love the fight from one side to the other. It is a very good working map and makes a lot of fun to play.

9 Showdown

Overall, this is my favorite map by far! If you lock down spawns, you will dominate. Lots of good spots. Overall, very cool looking map and great for every gun!

Fantastic Map with lots of strategic spots and good cover. Once you've learned the spawns, you can absolutely dominate on this map.

10 Overgrown

One of the very few maps in the series that I use sniper. Legend!

The Contenders
11 Pipeline
12 Backlot
13 Broadcast
14 Ambush

Very good map! I don't understand how it's so low.

This one should not be this far down.

15 Bog
16 District
17 Wet Work

Had some of my best games on this map, absolutely a blast to play.

18 Killhouse
19 Creek

Creek is a great DLC map! Probably one of the best if I do say so myself. Great for close and long-range. There's plenty of cover for snipers, but also plenty of open areas for combat. Overall a great map.

20 Chinatown

Yes, it's Carentan with a lipstick job. Still the best run and gun map on COD4.

21 Winter Crash
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