Top 10 Best Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombie Maps

Best zombie maps in Call of Duty Black Ops, which now include the zombie maps from Call of Duty World at War.
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1 Kino der Toten

Kino is original and easier to play. With an easy access way to create the helpful "train" to defeat zombies and crawlers that surround you. I just about every room to open in Kino there is some kind of obstacle in the center of the room that is useful in creating a train. Along with its pure originality in the enemies like the "Stnkies" or "Crawlers" that explode like a stink bomb that stun the players vision for a while. Along with how the zombies, not only come out of windows, but also come out from multiple holes in the ceilings of the dressing room, stage, alley, and just about everywhere, showing the areas of where the "Crawlers" come from as well. And especially how in a range of some random 3 levels every few waves the hellhounds come out as if a giant pack of wolves and their intricate design adds to the great effects of the map as well. Kino is an excellent choice to play for an easy game if you are not able to buy the other maps.

2 Der Reise

It's a true classic. Made for both zombie players who like to sit in a certain area and fight off endless waves with other players supporting and for players who like to run repetitive circles around zombies. The maps not to big, but not to small making it easier for players to reach each other for help. Pretty disappointed kino beat this map in first place, but it just goes to show what makes up most of the ones who claim Kino is the best, either started playing zombies when black ops came out or people who never got to play better maps because they didn't buy dlc, which makes sense why.

3 Mob of the Dead

It's easily the best. It provides a challenge for the player and is very fun at the same time. I mean melee weapon till round 31 or something like that. Weapon that acts almost exactly like monkeys. The gondola, the plane, afterlife, and many more things provide great amounts of fun. The easter eggs really made me interested. Plus it actually gives a little more historical point of view in some ways. It shows details of Alcatraz, the emotions and troubles that prisoners have in their life. I got to say, the developers did very well on this map.

4 Ascension

I miss regular simple maps especially ascension. I hope they bring it back for bo2. Treyarch needs to bring back simple maps that people have fun on and have the ability to make it high. I'm also sick of waiting. Tranzit, the bus. Die Rise, the elevators. Mob of the Dead, purgatory power. Its also the only map that you can all split up and train at different places. The only thing that could make this map better is double tap so guns like the HK21 could be usable.

I love the fact the you start off in black and white until you turn on the power. The map is awesome because its open and allows you to make "rape trains" in several places.

5 Call of the Dead

I have reached my highest round on this map - Round 46. It's so freaking hard to get a good team of players that work well in communicating, know what they're doing, and most of all, have at least 10-18 hours of free time to be able to play some hardcore waves of zombies. It seems that most Call of Duty Zombie game players don't really have any dedication or devotion to putting in 110% teamwork into the zombie maps, including the many long hours of survival and never-ending waves of zombies.

The longest time I've put into a good game of zombies was almost 13 hours long. It's insane that you see people's gamertags up on the leaderboards in the 100+ rounds. That's just too much! Round 46 in Call of the Dead took me 13 hours to accomplish. Now, how in the hell did those players get up to high rounds of 100+? That must have taken them so many hours and days to get that far up in those insane rounds. So, anyways, good luck to all you zombie-killing game players out there.

6 Origins

This is the only map I can enjoy because in this map you can do lots of things like Easter eggs, build and upgrade staves, try out new strategies with different perks and so on! People like to ask why is this map so big wouldn't the mud be bad? The answer to that question is no because it requires more strategy then just shooting. I suggest that if you were a starter to start of with kino and then when you get advanced move on to this map. This map actually puts your skills to the test unlike most of the other maps like buried they give you so many cheap strategies that will actually get you to a higher round. But on Origins it gives you a challenge. Also other maps like mob of the dead get very repetitive and eventually gets boring after a couple of months.

7 Five

Everyone is always complainig about the pentagon thief, but the concept if this boss is just great. The map is designed in a very satisfying way with perfect characters and a decent way to unlock pack a punch. And even the winter's howl is quiet useful, at least to round 30 after which it totally drops off and becomes just a piece of garbage. But again, just a nice map.

A lot of people hate this map and I don't know why. It is challenging, Pack-A-Punch is difficult if you don't know what you are doing, boss level is challenging, there is a pig for some reason, and elevators! This map is awesome with randoms!

8 Moon

Moon has got to be the best zombie map yet, it crushes origins and kino, the gersh device and hacker are awesome and the zap guns and wave gun are really cool. Moon is a huge map with cool Easter eggs and really innovative zero gravity enviroment. The Astronaut zombie is annoying but poses a challenge to players.

I love moon there is lots of Easter eggs. The hacker is nice. Area 51 is a good place to start out at.

Best map with the most perks, as well as being the largest and having the best wonder weapons.

9 Shangri La

Shangri-la is unique to the rest of the zombi maps with challenging obstacles but not too challenging like BO2 maps I do enjoy the humour to the map and never forget the monkeys. Another thing is that the maps isent too big or too small like moon or Kino der totem

Shangri la is great because of just how different it is! This map is just so much more special and more challenging then all the other maps and all of the puzzles and Easter eggs in shangri la are all really boss

Most people don't like this map but its #1 to me by being the right difficulty for me, always on my toes and the variety of zombies. I don't see it doing great in polls but holds up with its colors
#2 Origins
#3 Call of the Dead
#4 Moon
#5 Mob of the Dead

10 Great Leap Forward

This map is very origional. I like the perk system and the fact that this map has many narrow pathways. I also like the fact that this map has a bank and a weapon locker. Honestly, This map should be higher up on the list.

Just love the trample steam, verticality and trains are great.

The Contenders
11 Nacht der Untoten

This is a great map. It's the one that started it all! In World at war, all you know was that you were trapped and needed to kill zombies. I was so happy when they added it to black ops!

I think naucht der untoten should be on the top 5 because it is an awesome map. Ther are a lot of perks and the mystery box is so easy to find! Nacht der untoten was my favorite!

Classic, the first zombies map.

12 Der Eisendrache

This map is really cool and fun. There are a lot of good training spots and tight spots to keep it even. I also like how they added all the crossbows and the ragnarok dg4 which were great. Plus the Easter eggs were cool too.

This map is very fun. The upgradable the bows and Easter egg keep you entertained. This map is also very good for training. It's also fun to see how high of a round you can get.

Der Eisendrache is a great map, can sometimes get boring but there is always something to do, I love the bows and the Easter Egg is a lot like Moon!

13 Verruckt

First zombies map with perks and traps. This is what started it all for Call of Duty. The running zombies and location is super creepy as well. This should be at least number 4 on the list.

Best atmosphere of all the maps, and you never get far enough for it to be boring (unlike Kino). Challenging but not over-complicated like five.

Easily a top 5 map. This is what progressed zombies, and revolutionised it with perks and traps etc..

14 Buried

This map is great! You can do so much stuff in round one it's not funny and using Leroy is the smartest thing trey arch did since the pack a punch machine. I had a great time playing it and could be my favorite. I still enjoy mob of the dead thought was a bit of a toss up. Anyway if you can only get one DLC get this map because there is so much to do and the witches are so fun with some friends because everyone starts panicking!
Thanks for reading my opinion.

My favorite zombies map by far. I like how you can use the paralizer to fly over obstacles and I like Leroy a lot because I use him to build different things. Also the new perk vulture aid is amazing in the later rounds its helpful to use the zombies stink to by you some time. I also like how there are many things to do from the mansion to the maze and going through crumpled old west buildingsis awesome. Ialso think that the remington new model army pistol is one of the best guns ever its amazing. This map should be #1.

15 Nuketown 2025

It has perfect map design and perks randomly spawn like mini-nukes... How creative!

Nuketown 2025 is the multiplayer one the zombies one is just nuketown

16 Shadows of Evil

My favourite map. I love everything about it

17 Shi no Numa

Shi No Numa was even though they didn't try to was a creepy map. It was a great idea of the traps and always had a great place to train.

These comments are just based upon opinions and need more help to be mongolitus. The author is very oblivious towards his audience and what the want.

18 Gorod Krovi

A very fun map and the ending cutscene is my favorite of all of them!

19 Dead Ops Arcade

This map doesn't get enough love. It was something different to work with and it was lots of fun. The only downside was the system of donating your lives to nooby players who kept dying leaving you with 0 lives despite yourself not being downed once. All in all, if you've got a good enough team you can have a lot of fun on this map.

20 Green Run

Tranzit BONER, this is such an epic map with only a few glitches like the one in town where you get on the bus and jump on the thing on the building where Pack-a-Punch is in. You also get Town and Farm and a few other maps like Power Station, Diner, Bus Depot, and they brought back Nacht der Untoten with Bowie Knife. This introduces building stuff and some new stuff like the new perk Tombstone and the new thing called Galvaknuckles. I love the tactic by Syndicate, it's called Skullcrusher. If you see it on YouTube, then you'll do it because I can't go a game without that. Oh yeah, and the bank system which is good too.

21 Town

Town is the map I play most of the time on Black Ops 2. It has everything you need, up to 6 perks and a pack a punch that's ready when you are. Any really good player that I've met online primarily plays this map.

I like this Zombies map because there is actually a pack a punch instead of just perks, wall weapons and the mystery box. It is a very good place to train this should be one of the top 10

I love this map. First Map I played

22 Bus Depot
23 Tranzit

TranZit was, in the eyes of the developers, a new way to challenge the zombie fans. They knew how devout their fans were in the early predecessors (World at War & Black Ops), so they decided to take it to a different direction. With the same basics applied to the map, they also added new material as well. That is, being the bus, the buildables, new environment, and the new characters we see in the game. However, while the fans were excited to hear that Treyarch has once again added ZOMBIES into the game, they didn't know what it would be like once they played it. Ultimately, without TranZit, the story wouldn't have continued without a new beginning--TranZit was the map that continued the story that the fans know today. Like Nacht Der Untoten, Kino Der Toten, also Shadows of Evil, every story has a Beginning... And an End. That is why this map is so intriguing because of how different it is compared to most maps. Because it was the Beginning of a new story. The map has mixed reviews nonetheless. It still serves a purpose to the fans and to the story.

24 Farm
25 The Giant

Revamped der riese with better graphics and weapon attachments. Makes it way easier with attachments on the guns, and being able to pack a punch weapons twice for fireworks and blast furnace.

Awesome map remake of Der riese but with Blackops 3 features like gobblegum and a couple new Easter eggs that have actual rewards. You can get an extra perk sometimes when you teleport which is very helpful and useful and is a great addition overall. And SNOW.

This is the best remake of Der Reise by far, so much fun and a huge step up from a legendary classic.

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