Best Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Maps

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1 Nuketown 2025

Ah nuketown, this map brings out the worst in us. You'll see: quickscoping, camping, lmg target finders, tryhards, rushers, spawn campers, spawn trappers, and scorestreaks raining hell! Personally, I hate this map. Whenever I come here, I make sure to use my most annoying setup. I'll tac insert near your spawn, and pretty much never stop firing my LSAT. Hey, they voted for this

Honestly, it does get old from time to time, but I was "raised" playing that specific map. And for those of you who don't know, there are fun easter eggs in each nuketown map

Great map. Best by far. Its small, simple, lots of action, and not only is it the best map for bots, online, and zombies, it's a great one on one map.

I like thise map, it's a lot of fun, plus you don't get bored searching enemies, they just come to you in a split of a second. Sometimes you just respawn in their area, love it.

2 Hijacked

Hijacked, My second favorite. Its such a awesome map. I love playing this one because I would always jump off into the water because it was funny. I also love sitting in the hot tub and shooting people. Good times.

Hijacked is way better than nuketown; better for camping and running around, the tunnel and side ward platforms at the side of the ship are brilliant for outmaneuvering the enemy. Assault rifles and SMG's our the best weapons to use on this map. Shotguns and snipers are just bent.

It's a decent size map, and it isn't more building then open space and vice-versa. Any scorestreak is good on this map. The only bad one is the k9 unit, as they can be killed before they enter the ship. Any game I have played on this map was fun and challenging.

Everyone likes nuketown more for no reason. This map is good for all, all guns, and is small enough that there's enough action going on, but large enough that you're not constantly getting shot in the back. This is the best map

3 Raid

Amazing map had the classic three-lane design, in my opinion this is not only the best map in bo2, but in terms of 6v6, this is the best map on COD history.

Surely and safely one of the best maps in this game. Good for SMG's (like every map), PRO Shotgunners and tactical snipers. It is pretty cool, also.

Raid is a very good map, considering the large area and challenge to it. It also supports almost all weapons.

I personally love this map it has short to mid range combat which is perfect for smg players like me.

4 Standoff

Snipers have plenty of options to shoot from, there are good stretches for assault rifles, and there are several tight corners for close-combat sub machine gunners.

Very balanced map, you can use pretty much anything here. The spawns are also predictable, but fortunately spawn trapping isn't too easy.

Get in building with 2 windows shock charge on the crates, claymore on the stairs, get out your MK 48 LMG look down your target finder and own all the rushing and sniping teenagers.

This is my favourite map. Plenty of spots to snipe, and loads of cover when you go all out on the ground.

5 Studio

Love-hate relationship with this one. I get a few lode stars and my only relentless medal here, but for a small map I frequently have problems finding people and there are so many campers.

The reason why I like this map so much is because it reminds me of my favorite map from bo2. But it is now has better pixels and has a very cool movie theme to it.

This map is awesome.I always get their lots of kills. It has lots of good spots such as the castle area which is the center of the map. It is best suited for playing domination. It is really an amazing map.

Firing Range is was one of the top 5 maps BO1, including DLC maps, and unlike Nuketown there is no stupid-@$$ spawn trapping. I loved the remake, it looks cool and for any fan of Blops this was great

6 Slums

Not the most popular map, yet the most fun to play on. The flow on this map is smooth during a good game. Takes some skill and map knowledge to do good so most dislike this map. Eventual campers because of size. My favorite BO2 map ever, underrated.

Meh kinda crappy looking. Sometimes this map in amazing other times it sucks. Depends on the situation. Also be prepared for lmg target finders here.

Still the most fun map

Best map in game

7 Plaza

Awesome map. I'm a terrible player and even I can get good streaks on this map. Too bad the streaks don't do anything because of all the buildings. Not to mention that aesthetically it's a beautiful map.

Night maps are beautiful, this one is no exception. This map can play well, just be wary of rooftop campers!

This map is my favourite night, Bo2 and map in Call of Duty history, Especially the music playing Disco room. be wary of the rooftop campers though

Love this map. We always hide just in the nightclub area to get many kills!

8 Express

It's a boring map, but I usually do well here. Basically tac insert on the side that's not indoors and kill people running into their precious sniper perches.

Great map, there's no down side to a certain spawn cause there the same! Great for sniping and rushers too, only down side is airborne killstreaks arnt that effective sometimes

Not so boring at all,..

9 Yemen

It's boring because you're just running around shooting campers in buildings, but I still do great here. Tac mask and flak jackets are must haves!

Yemen is the best map on the game by far, it's so fast-paced you wouldn't believe it. there was never any campers and you never had to run 500 miles to the hardpoint

Best map for camping and rushing.

10 Rush

Avoid the paintball arena! But seriously every time I play this map, the enemies are all camping in there!

"Team lets go camp in the paintball area and throw concussions and shotgun"

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11 Overflow

I like all the maps (except aftermath and hydro), but this is my favorite.

12 Turbine

Awesome map for snipers like me. I just perch myself right next to the Death Machine and let my Ballista do the rest.

This is probably the worst map in the entire game. A typical game consists of DSR 50s being fired back and forth.

Only fun when there's a uav or when spawn trapping c side. Otherwise it's a hard scopers wet dream.

It's great for snipers like me.

13 Grind

Awesome map. Can use any gun here and be successful. Got my first quad here!

Not the best map, but a really cool map that my M27 dominates.

I don't know why this is so underrated it's amazing! Cqb and tons of action!

A cool map best map

14 Encore

Head glitchers wet dream. Boring map floppy (and crappy) spawns. I'm useless on this map.

15 Cargo

A pretty forgettable map.

Awesome for sniping

16 Takeoff
17 Uplink

Really it's one of the best maps in the game. Super easy to spawn trap but if you're a decent player, it's still easy to break a spawn trap. Overall when I go here I usually get a high kd.

Summit was very good back in bo1, and it's the same story with bo2.

How is this last. Summit was my favourite map in Black Ops and Uplink is one of my favourites in Black ops 2

What how's uplink last

18 Carrier

Carrier is a great map too. Almost all the players were visible to you.

Love it when you get killed from behind... And the front, above, below and the side

19 Meltdown

A pretty fun map. Lots of great areas for me to lock down easily! Too bad every time I go here they give me garbage teammates feeding the enemy team. Otherwise one of the best maps.

This is a real good map. Nice vantage points for snipers and awesome in hardpoint!

This map is really underrated, great gameplay.

20 Drone

Absolutely the best map ever, I can use any type of weapon and they all work. Just watch out if your a sniper because if that's your style then be sure to cover the entrances! again, good for all players.

If all the action is in the factory, best map ever, just camp the sliding doors, when the door opens pop 'em! If the action is on the other side then this map is garbage.

Most underestimated map. Best for snipers and Best for tactical gameplay.

Great map! I just love knifing all unsuspecting foes in the tall grass.

21 Hydro

Sometimes I dominate sometimes I struggle. I usually have to pull out the svu here.

Hydro is a great map for knifing.

22 Vertigo

Best map because there are no good camping spots. I am not being sarcastic because campers are the worst player. Also, it has pros and cons about both the edges of the map and the middle.

23 Magma

I really have absolutely no idea why everyone hates this map. I'm a TDM player with about a 1.5 k/d yet every time I go here, I basically slaughter the lobby and get vsats (rare for me). Let alone the fact it's actually a pretty good map visually.

I can understand the hate for this map, but this map just fits my mid-range playstyle. Also has some of the easiest spawns to predict in the game.

Why the hate? I love this unique map!

24 Cove

Hate it. Spawns are impossible to read, people literally spawn right behind you. I'm a 1.5 kd player but I go negative every time I play here. Definitely worst dlc map.

Love this map, in my top 5. Always got good here I don't know why people don't like it. Spawns are relatively easy to read as well

25 Buried

Great map for zombies

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