Top 10 Best Call of Duty: Nazi Zombies Maps

Presenting the top 10 best zombies maps from the entire Call of Duty series starting with the original Black Ops Zombies mode. Maps are ranked based on votes cast by gamers like you.
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1 Der Riese

Der Riese is the quintessential Zombies map. It brought us the joy of Monkey Bombs, the rush of a daring escape through the Teleporters, and the thrill of Pack-A-Punching for the first time. Even more so is the layout. Two distinctly equal paths to the power switch; a Pack-A-Punch that doesn't kick you out; the Mother-of-All-Train-Stations, the Catwalk... The Wunderwaffe DG-2 is still to this day my favorite Wonder Weapon, because of the raw POWER that even a 10-year watching his brother play could understand. There is not a single thing that could be made better on the World at War original.

This map had everyone on the edge of their seats when they saw its trailer. Going back to WaW when zombies just started developing a story to go along with it. It introduced teleporters and the Pack-a-Punch. It also carried on previous favorites like perks and 2 wonder weapons (Wunder Waffe DG2 and Ray Gun). Plus throw in all the new guns that can be obtained by using Pack-a-Punch. New strategies and map layout made Der Riese unique. It was so good it was brought back for Black Ops (Like the other great WaW maps). But it will also be brought back for BO3 as a bonus map, seen in a trailer released by Treyarch. That is why Der Riese is the best zombie map EVER.

Der riese is my favorite map, with the only Maps even coming close being kino dear Toten and maybe origins.

Der riese and kino are perfectly the right size, not tiny like nacht or verrukt but not ridiculous like origins, moon, or SOE. No annoying stupid crawlers, jumping jacks, or... Denizens.

The pack a punch system, like in kino, uses teleporters and is brilliant. The ppsh is... The greatest thing ever.

Town is AMAZING for learning zombies, but just can't match up to this. Origins is to hard to learn if you are new. But der riese is perfect. I guess you could say it's a GIANT(get it? )

This was my favorite map since I first started playing zombies back in 2009 and it still is today. Nothing can beat the legendary Der Riese! Long live Der Riese! Best map ever. It has all the core elements of a good zombies map: wonder weapon, dogs, pack a punch, perks, and traps. Who could ask for more?

2 Kino Der Toten

Kino is almost the perfect zombies map. There are lots of places for players to train zombies without going too far from one another and making it possible to always pick your friends back up after being downed. There are all the necessary perk machines to make it to late rounds plus there is Mule Kick to help players out even more. Pack-a-Punching weapons is not too hard on this map either because you are safe in a room overlooking the hordes after teleporting. The only downside to this map, in my opinion are the crawlers that explode; however, compared to other zombie maps the crawlers are really not that bad.

This is by far the best Zombies map in my opinion! Although the Easter egg is very simple and does not add much finesse to the story, it is a fun one to do. When you play the song, "115", it gets you and all the players in the lobby pumped up! I have played all zombie maps and this remains my favorite, way over Der Riese! It is also the best map to run trains on which is fun. This is a great starter map and it teaches you how to be a great zombies player overall! I was terrible at zombies until I constantly played this map. The best Easter eggs are always on the last DLC, Der Riese, Moon, and Origins. So, for a map that IS FREE, it beats all others, including DLC's too.

First map, best map! On a personal level, Ascension is my favorite since I got to 30, 50, 80, and 100 first on this map, but I believe Kino deserves it more than Ascension. Ascension made me a pro, but Kino was the best and most original of the two. Der Riese is my no. 3. You can do everything from camping to training or anything on this one map, but it's always the same spot for each strategy. Camp above Bowie knife, train by pack-a-punch, so for me I put Der Riese at no. 3

Kino der Toten is often the first map you'll play, and it is perfect. The song, 115 is awesome. Do not know what else to say. The layout is pretty damn good. The placements of weapons are good. They scale with the difficulty. The prices for opening doors are good. The only minor problem I have with it is Dogs, wich is something more personal opinion.

3 Ascension

Best map to rack up points and get soda perks, while working your way up to pack-a-punch. With four people using carbines you can get up to 5, 000 points without even unlocking the first door! Has big open paths that let you escape swarms or places to jump out of, and then whip around and empty clips into, or throw nades against walls as you go past. The launch pads destroy zombies in their radius and give you convenient transport or escape. Great guns on the walls like Ak-74 or m-16, so you won't run out of ammo on perked weapons past level 20. Decent places to camp where you'll only get attacked head on. Use machine guns to wrack up points and you'll go far. Monkeys are fun, just put down mines around your perks or each take one to guard. I hate Call of the Dead, George is annoying and everything is so spread out that even with the zip lines it's a huge pain to navigate. Plus you always have a joker who keeps angering him. The boat is a labyrinth full of dead ends too. My friend ...more

This map should be first because it brings back the "three teleporters" idea from Der Reise and makes it better. Ascension provides plenty of room for trains, a massive easter egg, and a new challenging foe; the space monkeys. Also, just like the pack-a-punch and monkeys for Der Reise, Ascension introduces staminup and girch devices (please excuse my spelling). I'm not saying Der Reise is awful, in-fact it's amazing! All I'm trying to point out is that Ascension takes what Der Reise had and ran with it.

The greatest and funnest map by far, can be as fun and hilarious with friends as hard and challenging with them as well, the addition of the prone bomb is awesome, the space you ge to roam is perfect, not too much like call of the dead. And most of all is memorable and a satisfying experience. The thrill of excaling a horde by the floating platforms never gets old.

Ascension is the best map following up from Kino and WAW. There was so many new things. The space monkies, the matrushka dolls, the Gersh device, PHD flopper, stamin up, landers to travel on to get out of trouble and also unlock Pack a Punch. It had a ton of training areas and traps to use to get to high rounds. Ascension also introduced getting more than 4 perks by not letting the monkeys touch your perks. It's by far better than Der Riese and Kino Der Toten. Should be number 1

4 Origins

Great way to finish off the zombies gamemode. Although it wasn't the best map, it was certainly satisfying enough. There are four great staffs, allowing each player to have a different wonder weapon for the first time. The giants are balanced, although there should be some very difficult way to take them down. The boss zombie is a great challenge, but not hard enough to be annoying. The tank is cool, I love how it allows you to quickly get around the map, yet isn't as much of a necessity as the bus in Tranzit. It brings back the two-paths layout that was abandoned after moon, thus allowing you to once again make choices about how you want to play the game, rather than following one big loop like the previous maps. What I believe is the feature of this map that makes it so much more successful than the others is the fact that they have added loads of new features without making it 100% essential to use them, allowing you to choose the game that you want to play and preventing the map ...more

To be honest, Origins was the map that saved black ops 2 zombies, and is in my opinion the greatest zombie map of all time. What makes this map brilliant is that it finally combined the crafting mechanics of Blops 2 with the tight design and attention to pacing of Blops 1/Der Riese. It manages to be both complex and simple at the same time without sacrificing either aspect. For example, you can pack a punch easily just by linking the generators, but building/upgrading your choice of staff adds replay ability and complexity to this map, and the diversity of play styles with winding tunnels leading to trenches and open fields ensures you never get bored, unlike other maps like Ascension/Kino. But the reason this map doesn't become tedious like Shadows of Evil is how well everything is implemented into the gameplay. The staffs are not panic buttons like the thunder gun or wunderwaffe, but they are super powerful when upgraded but using them still requires thought, so the map is always a ...more

At first, I was disappointed with Black Ops 2's zombie maps, but that all turned around once we got to Mob of the Dead. However the highpoint of BO2 had to be Origins. The gameplay was very entertaining and Treyarch obviously did their best to give us their best experience yet. The 4 elemental staffs ere amazing wonder weapons, the wonderfizz machine was an excellent addition to the map, and, most importantly, we got the original 4 characters back. The combination of weaponry, gameplay, buildables, and a fun Easter egg make Origins my favorite map of all. It would be nearly impossible for me to list all the things I love about this map on here.

Oh yeah, and don't forget the Panzer Soldat. By far the greatest boss zombie to date!

This is the my personal favourite map in a tie with Mob of the Dead. what made me go for this though is the Easter Egg because oh my God. I'm not going to spoil it but go get it and work it out by yourself, this one here explains how to do it to you. The wonder weapons are awesome, the tank, the massive robot, the trenches and don't get me started on the boss zombie and the amount of challenges possible on this map.

5 Mob of the Dead

This map is very near and dear to my heart. The characters, the gameplay, the Blundergat all make this one of the most innovative zombies maps yet. The map looks amazing, and it actually sends a chill down my spine every time I come across the deserted cell blocks and corridors. The Easter egg wasn't overly difficult or complicated but was so much fun to do! Brutus was an amazing zombie boss, who was actually able to do more than just kill you. The Hell's Retriever and Blundergat are also 2 of my favorite weapons to date. There's so much fun to be had with this map and so many secrets to find in the zombie infested Alcatraz.

By the way, Ray Liotta as Billy Handsome. 'enough said.

This map deserves to be top 3. A lot of people look at the overall gameplay to determine if a map is good or not, but I feel that atmosphere, characters, and difficulty play a part as well. The atmosphere of this map is very dark. It kinda brings back the World at War feel. Dark colors, bodies hanging in chains, everything absolutely demolished. The characters also fit the map very well. 4 mobsters stuck in a cycle because of their sins is such a nice way to fit the map. Finally the difficulty. This map takes A LONG TIME to get everything. Even if you save up points wisely, you may not get Jugg until Round 7 if you're lucky. And you may not get to Pack a Punch until Round 12 if you're lucky. Overall, I think this map really set the pace for BO2 zombies. Die Rise being the train wreck it was made me think that BO2 zombies would be a joke. But after MOTD, everything was perfect. Buried brought us an easy map, but extremely fun gameplay along with the classic western theme. And Origins ...more

Easily one of the best maps in the Zombie franchise. Personally, I consider Mob of the Dead the shining Jewel of Black Ops 2 (and probably all Black Ops) Zombies. BO2 had some great and innovative maps like Tranzit and Origins, but BO2 seemed to lack the dark-mysterious theme that so heavily populated BO1 Zombies. Mob of the Dead restored that theme and more so. Somewhat disconnected from the main story, the atmosphere, characters, and visuals of Mob of the Dead are some of the most horrifying and frightening yet (Something that should not be overlooked when playing a game where the main goal is to survive unrelenting hoards of the undead). The guns on this map are great - Blundergat, Deathmachine, Tommy gun, just to name a few. The main story/Easter egg, though fairly short, is both fun and intriguing. The map layout itself is a fairly large one but this is actually a good thing. There are plenty of areas that feel unique to themselves and offer varying game-play. And then there's ...more

This map is great for the hardcore player and the casual zombies player. For the casual you can get the blundergat from the box and pack a punch it for the sweeper. The hardcore player can get the free blundergat using the hells retriever and convert it into the acid gat and then pack a punch it into the best wonder weapon ever, the Vitriolic Withering. You can geth the upgraded hells retriever ( the hells Redeemer ) and get the golden spork. It also has some great traps, wall weapons, easter egg, easter egg songs and the pack a punch is so unique and fun to get to. It also introduced the afterlife mode which also inspired beast mode in Shadows of evil. To sum it all up. Great map. The only problem I have with this map is that it can be a bit too easy. But you can make up for that by doing challenges like the two box.

6 Call of the Dead

This map was epic. I loved the iconic characters that you played as and how the zombies would zip-line when chasing after you. PhD flopper was extremely effective because there were so many places to dolphin dive from and running from an angry George Romero was always nerve wrecking. Best intro movie in my opinion as well

Everyone moans about George but handling him is easy. The layout and surroundings are incredibly fun when you get to know them and as you play more, it gets better and better. People just see george, dislike it, and don't give it a chance!

You get rid of George and this is the best map, but I hated him because he would ruin my trains and was just annoying; I get what they were trying to do, but it wasn't effective. They should have offered a "No George" mode.

Offered the best area for "training" and widest variety of motion-altering environments for its time. Atmosphere was dynamic and engaging, plus George always kept ya on your toes. Perks were well placed and movement of map (zombie paths) were very well thought out to be customizable (e.G. bottom of lighthouse door). Finally, one of the best maps for PHD flopper and Stami' up, something missing in Shangri-La and Ascension.

7 Moon

Because It is the most detailed map with the mystery of the hardest Easter egg with Samantha and you can get all perks. It is not the best at round 1/6/7 but once you get far it is probbally the best map not the worst.

Now the newest biggest and badest map of all. The physics are great fun, thanks to area52 you can now ge jugga nog before round 1 and it has an awesome and lengthy easter egg in which you blow up earth. Oh and if that isn't enough you get the new wunder weapon the wave gun. Like a thunder gun that can change into 2 mini wunda waffes plus it looks around 20 times cooler. (also has, in my opinion, best loading screen and music). MOON for the win!

Yeah its by far the most annoying map but it has my vote for the vibe it brings. Plus it's the only map anyone can hack!

The biggest map on Blops, Moon was very unexpected. It is far, far from perfect, but it is still worth playing sometimes!

8 Zombie Verruct

The challenge was really fun. It required a massive amount of communication and teamwork, and was almost impossible to create a reproducible high-round strategy. The dual starting room was a fantastic creative twist that I really wanted to see return in a future map, and the Perk-a-Colas were a great unique addition to the gamemode and I never would have expected them to become as regular of a feature as they did, but I'm glad they did because they were brilliant.

Vurruckt is my favorite zombie map of all time! The tight spaces just make more challenging and the fact that it is set in an asylum just is a perfect place for a zombies map. Easily the creepiest zombie map out there and that is what makes Vurruckt so damn good!

Come on guys, this map introduced the perks and it's behind five. Besides, it's so fun with friends because you're separated in the beginning and try to find each other and has a great place for training.

Underrated zombies map, first to introduce many core staples of Call of Duty Zombies, such as perks-a-cola machines and power. Creepy setting. Solid layout. Gets better the more you play it

9 Shi No Numa

Classic map. Great setting with entertaining characters. Very simple, which is what I like. I dislike the complexity of later maps. Also had great spots to hold down with your friends, or you could run around and stay alive. This map is what sold me to Zombies. By far the best for me.

One of the first maps, this one introduces Hellhounds, the flogger, and pros that spawn randomly. A load of fun once you memorize each section of the map!

This map is amazing for those that don't remember it you need to go back to play its right up there with Der Riese. If it had Pack A Punch it would be in the top 3.

I love the huge open spaces which are perfect for training in. Also, the enclosed hallways really help and the zipwire, perks and box are the icing on the cake!

10 Nacht der Untoten

The smallest map and the most easiest to get around in. You can get to very high rounds especially with friends.

Just fight threw some zombie rounds, go to the mystery box by unlocking the door with "Help" written on it.

(Do not unlock the staircase, in the first room you spawn in. It backfires later on.) Then all of you grab power weapons (preferably machine guns.) and then you clear the staircase right next to the mystery box, and then just go to that are with the grenades, all of you just camp there. You should also have a player or two buy the grenades and throw them at the door where most of the zombies come from. Grenades are unlimited. (Some zombies will come through the barricaded window right next to the door.) But if you unlock the staircase in the room you first spawn in, it leads directly to the room with grenades. It will be much harder to survive if you unlocked that staircase. But if you did not then no zombies will come through there. Conserve your ammo ...more

This is the very first zombie map that came out and I find it the funnest. The atmosphere really proves that you are surviving from a zombie attack and since the map is the smallest one you have to be smart about where you are going to hold off.

I enjoy the old school weapons especially the flamethrower and I think it has a great atmosphere. I also enjoy how challenging it is. Nacht der untoten is my favorite map by far.

Nacht is easy till round 30 with 4 people camping. The best is getting a growing and a ray gun and have nothing else to do with your points but constantly buying grenades sometimes it gets boring. I give this map a

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11 Bus Depot

Transit is awesome you get 4 different locations and also get to visit Nacht Der Untoten, the bus was an awesome feature which let you get about the map easier, the idea of teleportation was great and the bus was also a good feature, even running around in the fog was good fun because there were always lots of funny moments that happened. The Easter egg is also pretty fun to try and do, I've been close to completing it a couple of times now and have still never been bored of it once!

This one is very underrated. I love making strategies with friends and all, but the denzens are very annoying. Also, it seems like there's a lot of space, but most of it is taken up completely. There's also not many options and the jet gun takes forever to build. The denizens are just a minor annoyance, they're never gonna actually kill you.

I love this map; I love how they took off from the simple zombies to such an interactive atmosphere! This map will probably define all future maps of zombies and I love all the maps derived from this, giving players the option to play on smaller " old-fasioned" maps.

Very fun and addictive. There are so many areas to train in and so many Easter eggs to be found. I just love the tower of babel. Other than the denizens, this is the perfect zombie map.

12 Buried

Buried is the perfect map because you can obtain seven perks without having to do anything super hard. It's easy for beginners but presents a good challenge when played the right way. When people mention the ghost stealing your money and the Pack-a-Punch being far away, some may find it too annoying, but it actually adds more challenge as you have to set up before going in. This setup can be really easy and quick or quite difficult, taking you until round 20. Additionally, the Remington New Model Army is the perfect handgun, superior to the Ray Gun and the Ray Gun Mark II (also introduced in this map). All in all, it is the ideal map for any experienced player seeking a challenge or any newcomer looking for an easy map to boast about reaching a high round on.

Buried is such an easy map. There are so many camping spots that people just sit in then whenever zombies actually do overrun them they just jump through a hole in the wall or something.

Still a good map and I was able to get the Galvaknuckles on round 1. I was just lucky to get double points straight away.

Almost worse than tranzit. Its way too easy. Pretty much have all perks and packapunch by round 1, incredibly easy training spots, and even easier camping spots. That and it just doesn't make sense in general. Just boring overall.

My absolute favourite map, it's so much fun and the idea of 'Leroy' is just pure genius! I have spend many hours of time having fun on this map. It is undoubtedly the best zombie map ever! A must play.

13 Revelations

The map is a little bit sloppy on the movement and how to get around. They could have brought back more maps and done a little bit better of a job on it. The Easter egg was pretty weak as well. They could have done a lot worse though.They included fun wonder weapons and made it not too difficult to get set up on the map. All in all, great map.

14 Nuketown Zombies

The map is awesome, and suit for the average survivor looking for a challenge. The cars and trash scattered around make it hard to move, but simple once you get the hang of it.
No lava!
The map can be surprising, considering that you never know when-or what perk will fall from the sky!
You can jump out of windows and into the sky! (But also the ground. )
Creepy and surprising clock that makes a creepy sound every 100 kills! (We need some horror, guys! )
The shed that has a free power up!
No major Easter eggs...
Maybe if you could remove the War Machine grenade launcher, it would be better.
More game modes!
One last con, the perks take too long to fall, like one time it took 7 rounds to wait until the quick revive perk fell.
A major Easter egg, yo!
Perk-A-Colas should have a certain, and not random, round to land on the ground.
How about more game modes?
Over all, the map is awesome!

If you don't have black ops 1 then if you have black ops 2 if you play nuketown zombies you can see a significant similarity of the map to when it was the regular none nuked nuketown when it was the multiplayer version of the map.

Best map ever. Love the perk drops. Small, to the point. Only one goal... Survive! No power or annoying parts just plain old zombie slaying the way it shuld be

Love training on the high rounds on this map. 1 player gets yellow backyard, 1 middle, and 2 green

15 The Giant

What makes it better than der riese is that the perks randomize, the box randomizes, the wunderwaffe DG-2 isn't overpowered, and the stamin-up/deadshot Easter egg is one of my favorites. Also, the fly trap Easter egg changed a bit and gives you a reward in the end, the perfect zombies map. They made der riese harder which is their greatest accomplishments

Just got The Giant and I haven't played shadows of evil since. This could be one of my favorite maps and in my opinion better than the original.

Like the same as der riese with bo3 guns with Easter eggs.

Great remake of Der Riese and the Annihilator is cool.

16 Town

There is 1 thing wrong with this1. It has the worst PaP place ever in lava with a horde of zombies after you and you just have m1911 and ray gun and you PaP your ray gun on solo and you get downed without quick revive. Rage Mode! Treyarch likes to troll us with PhD and all but with PaP treyarch has gone nuts

Best map for the newbies, and also very fun for the experienced players if you want a straight forward game of zombie slaying. Nothing to build or power to turn on etc..

Great map, with pack a punch, six perks and a good size, this map should at least be in the top 10.

So easy love it, by the way so much better than origins. You need reasons, okay lets go. people like it because of the players weapons, Eastereggs, or caharacters. Take awy all of that and, it sucks. Town is so fun. Who cares about back story. I am just here to kill zombies

17 Die Rise

Apart from the possibility of falling to your death quite regularly, this is probably the easiest map to set yourself up on. The AN94 on the wall just makes things so much easier straight away, and you simply don't need to hit the box until the higher rounds as a result. There are sooo many camping spots, made even easier with the trampolsteam to block zombies coming out of windows behind you. Waiting for perks to arrive is just part of the challenge of the map for me, and it isn't an issue at all. You can get to the bank and gun locker right at the start of the map if you wanted to, giving you an even easier head start. The only downside is the fact you can die quite quite often from falling. If you're paying attention it's not bad, but when you're on the run from a hoarde of zombies, or simply want to get around quickly, sometimes to don't hit the run/jump button quite hard enough, and you simply just fall off the edge, completely undoing all of your hard work in the most ...more

With Narrow corridors and a sense of verticality, Die Rise adds a whole new sense to the zombie community. It punishes players for not watching their step when they fall down elevator shaft or of the building itself. It provides unique buildables as well as as well as making you wait for your perks. It introduces new zombies that provide a challenge but reward you well.

So much different than all the others, introduces the trample steam and had a good wonder weapon. Never got board of it and I was much better than tranzit. There were so many places that offered the choices of camping or training. Unlike tranzit which really didn't offer a lot of choice spots

It's a fun map, but the characters suck, and you must train. Plus if you die or skip something on accident, you have to walk around the whole map, and land some jumps and stuff. It was a good idea, but these problems were just extremely annoying.

18 Gorod Krovi

Gorod krovi uses principles of mob of the dead and weapons from older elements and combines them in a way that just makes it the greatest map. It's a simple map with chores to do in order to get pack a punch just like in MOTD and you get to ride a dragon! Just like in MOTD there are challenges to that rewards you with a weapon such as the gauntlet of siegfierd, we also have the fan favourite PPSH-41 brung back after 7 years! The brand new mark 3 which is super fun to use and the new awesome shield in which you can use as a weapon, as well as the time challenges which reward you with swords. Let's not forget the interesting mysteries that have been solved such as Peter Mccain and also Sophie in the computer, as well as the best boss fight yet, Nikolai 1.0 in a deadly robot machine! The content and simplicity as well as climate that Gorod Krovi brings is so perfect for CO-OP and that's why gorod krovi will be one of the most played maps in zombies, therefore making it one of the ...more

There is just so much to do and so many weapons! The map is challenging yet not a chore like Zetsubou. Amazing map.

This is amazing nothing to hard but not to easy just perfect. Also The PPSH

19 Ancient Evil
20 Farm

No one has bothered saying anything so I'll mention why this map can be good. If you want a challenge that limits you then this can be really fun. I personally don't consider this an actual map but if you are bored of the same old stuff this can be a fun twist.

Yo know what they say. Yolo

21 Shangri-La

I don't know why people hate this map. It has a shrink ray gun (sorry I forgot its name. I like to call it the midget maker )it has a mine cart for quick and fun escapes and a WATERFALL SLIDE for the same idea. BUT TWICE THE FUN. It has boss zombies, the napalm and screamer zombies. Not too hard to deal with, and those darn monkeys, always stealing your power-ups, if your like me, you will be handling them with no problem. It brings back the monkey bombs YAY and has those geysers are a savior to me. It has tight corridors for extreme fun and spike mores, an upgradion to the clay mores. But the couple things that annoy me are the mud pit, how to pack-a-punch and how hard it is, personalty I think it's the hardest map other than five and verruckt. But those reasons aren't bad from keeping it in the way from being bad. Does it? I think shangri la is one of the best maps for killing zombies. WHO AGREES? Please don't diss this map for unknown reasons, it's a colorful, fun maps with lots of ...more

Fun map. Amazing loading screen. Good easter egg song. Good atmosphere. Cool bosses. Amazing wonderweapon. Interesting storyline. Most mysterious zombie map. Good size. Waterside. Minecart...
Definitely my favourite zombie map!

Pretty difficult to play and the Easter egg is pretty difficult. This is map is not for the casual zombie player.

Come on! A mine cart, awesome weapons including a shrink ray. A water slide! Napalm zombies. It's a temple. Pretty hard map to play though

22 Voyage of Despair

I really like this map so far.

23 Shadows of Evil

This is a very interesting map. It has some very good wall guns and unlike the other maps the mystery box isn't completely filled with bull guns. This map is also one of the more difficult maps so it takes more skill to survive. The theme of the map is very cool and the song matches perfectly with the theme.

I thought this map sucked but then I learned all the stuff you can do and it is awesome. Its not the best map in my opinion, the best map is Origins, but Shadows is a great map with a lot of cool new things and it is really fun and interesting. This map also introduced Widow's Wine which is a great new perk.

This map is probably so low because people haven't seen this on the front voting page and nobody really votes anymore so nobody see's this, but if people were to vote then this would be at least in the top 10 if not top 5. This map takes zombies to a whole different level, and I mean A WHOLE DIFFERENT LEVEL. It has the biggest/longest Easter egg ever and it's one of the most challenging maps ever made. It takes skill and strategy to succeed on this map.

I like Shadows however I feel as if opening Pack-a-Punch isn't exactly tedious, but very boring. Other than that this is pretty much Mob of The Dead 2.0.

24 Rave in the Redwoods

Great characters and scenery, love the crossbows, charms, perks and rave mode, very innovative with the challenge stations and love the pack a punch island!

25 TranZit

TranZit isn't necessarily a bad map.

it was literally my first map.

which is why I kind of like it deep inside.

I would say its more fun in multiplayer because playing with people means you can cover the ground.

the things that ruin this map for me are the denizons and the jet gun.

the jet gun also has infinite damage unlike the paralyzer which is basically jet gun 2.0,

also you can fly with the jet gun too,

but what kills the jet gun is its 15 second duration,

and its 24 hour cool down time...

if the jet gun did actually have no breakdown it would have been decent.

TranZit is pretty decent when you have more than 1 player and I say this mostly because I have nostalgia for this being my first zombies map ever.

Totally underrated and most definitely in my top 5. One of the first in depth spanned out Easter eggs that perhaps players didn't want to put the time into learning everything.

Personally I find TranZit easy and in a fun way, Die Rise was probably my least favorite zombies dlc map in blops 2, but my least favorite map ever would be ascension, I just found it boring.

Jeeze this map is so low. It was a good idea with originality and potential but this flopped badly. Easter Egg was fun completing but this was a swing and a miss for treyarch.

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