Top 10 Best Call of Duty: Black Ops II Multiplayer Weapons

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1 AN-94

As versatile as it gets, this rifle is a beast in multiplayer. Since the first two rounds fire faster, it is wise to "tap" the trigger instead of holding it down to gain maximum damage output. You can customize this weapon to your liking very easily and is useful in any situation. To full appreciate this weapon, you have to play it to believe it.

This gun is OVERPOWERED! The first two shots will trump anything in in it's path! If you burst fire it...GOD! I am leaving! The damage output is also pretty high, but if you're looking for more damage, get a Scar-H. The iron sights is also one of the best, so don't waste AN attachment on the sights.

This is I think one of the best guns in this game, definitely deserves it's spot. Grip and suppressor and this thing is a killer, I have gotten so many good streaks with this beast, easily my favorite. I like the Type-25 but this definitely is better no offense Type-25

How is this thing being out-voted by the type 25? By far the most balanced gun, almost no recoil, and range is a monster with this thing. The 2 bullets firing faster makes it so you can out-shoot SMGs, and the damage output is pretty above average.


Just saying, the fore grip has been proven to only change the accuracy of the gun by 2% (1% for assault rifles and LMGs). So, it is almost impossible for the recoil to be a less noticeable issue with a grip compared to without. That being said, I do agree that the MSMC is an incredibly versatile weapon that I love for its lack of necessary attachments. Several weapons can't even function without certain attachments (e.g., KSG with quickdraw), but this weapon is useful with or without any alterations, allowing for more room in customization (as long as an attachment point isn't wasted on the grip).

You can rush spray camp and pretty much do anything with this damn gun. The only downfall is the range... But that's change able with long barrel. Best smug by far and considering bo2 is pretty close quarters my favorite gun. Should be 1 then an then pdw

Ever since the PDW patch this weapon has become the best all around smh in the game. It's good at a short to mid range. It is recommended that you use it with toughness and long barrel. Fun and QuickDraw handle are nice as this gun I meant to win gunfights.

Put a long barrel on this gun and it is easily the best in the game. It has almost no recoil, and can easily destroy enemies from close and long range.

3 Remington 870 MCS

I agree that this is the best shotgun in the game! But useless at long range, so it's a good idea to get a Overkill wildcard and use a SMG or a Type 25 with ACOG sights. Tip: Don't replace the iron sights with anything! The best attachment for this Badass shotgun is the long barrel, releasing a hilarious storm of rage from noobs and even pros! This shotgun is great for campers or runners as it is a one shot kill, but if you are a runner and using this shotgun, jump and shoot if anyone runs into you. This things accuracy is beyond physics at close range, you don't even need to aim, great for beginners!

This is complete and utter god mode. you don't die if your even 80% accurate with it! This can't compare to the ksg, spas 12, hs10, or even stakeout! This thing beats all! Shotgun users are all over this thing and I can see why! If you go around areas and kinda lock down a certain area you won't die with it. get 10 feet next to a person he's done. 20 feet? Done! 30 feet with long barrel? Done! This is god mode this needs to be at the tippity top!

This gun was my baby. I was, and am, super good with it, and upon introducing its magic to my friends they do amazing with it too. Seriously man (or girl), you gotta try this thing. The 1-shot-kill is awesome, and with the right class you are gonna be getting nuclears. Gotta love it.

Best shotgun in the game. It's not the best gun, but just the best shotgun in the game. If you like shotguns, go with this one. No sense wasting unlock tokens on any other shotgun. First shotgun unlocked and the best one.

4 DSR 50

I've used the DSR 50 and it has the largest one hit kill area of any Sniper Rifle with a shot anywhere above the waist. Despite being out classed in a couple of areas the DSR is my go to Sniper Rifle and is the number 1 Sniper in my opinion.

This is a great bolt-action sniper rifle for beginner quickscopers, because the ADS is a tiny bit slower than the ballista allowing a little bit more time to aim, and easier to blackscope. Almost always a one hit kill on core, the DSR-50 doesn't need to be #1 but it definitely deserves its current spot on the list.

You got me there! I used the DSR 50 and even though I'm not a boring camper, I can still pick out targets easily! Although it's a great gun overall, its not a suitable choice for quick scopers as it is heavy and aiming through the sights is painfully slow.

One of the most fun guns to use in BO2. Great sniper and a man's best friend for quick-scoping.


This was my first gold gun, it was easy since of the damage and moderate recoil. It is pretty well balanced, and is easy to aim and kill people with. An amazing gun, it deserves a spot up in the top 5 I think, but that's just me

Let's see
High Damage: Check
Good Iron Sights: Check
Being able out gun any weapon in Medium-Long Range: Check
While the AN-94 deserves the number 1 spot for being for versatile than this, this should be higher on the list.

SCAR-H is one of the best assault rifles in the game. Damage is high, rate of fire is decent, and the recoil is good. I think it is underrated. I use it for medium to long range combat.

This gun is a beast. This thing is so much better better than the AN 94. Good Range and almost no recoil.
It may have a slow fire rate but high damage makes up for it. Put a silencer on this thing and your a Silenced Beast

6 M27

The M27 has been my favorite weapon since I unlocked it. This weapon has never let me down. I don't think I've ever lost in a gunfight with this weapon equipped. It I a fast, agile gun with great accuracy and pretty good damage and fire rate. The iron sights work well as a scope in itself so it'll free up another weapon perk.

This gun is the best, definitely deserves a higher spot. It's fire rate is like an smg with an amazing range. The grip, suppressor, and red dot sight are must haves. Screw the cheerleader, this is my prom date.

M27 has great accuracy. Plus, the m27 has no recoil at all and establishes long range sights.. The m27 has a faster pinpoint accuracy than the AN94.

The iron sights are good, it has absolutely no recoil, the AN-94 kicks like a mule even with Grip. The M27 has a decent fire rate, ok damage but overall, badass gun.

7 PDW-57

Awesome clip size, sweet damage at all ranges, and its recoil is more than manageable. It also has the upside of looking awesome and having a really cool reloading animation.

The PDW-57 has an amazing aim you don't need sights. Its has no recoil if you put a laser sight in it your aim and hip fire wont generally miss. The range is good for bo2 maps and putting the FMJ on it makes a difference especially on nuketown every loves nuketown so it will get voted for in the lobby and I find it extremely challenging to loss gun fights against any automatic gun and those are most used

A great short range to mid range gun, enemy will have no chance to withstand it's rapid fire. Also have a very good magazine, it is a true golden monster

This gun has a large mag size so you can get rapid kills, and it has low recoil with a good damage. So this gun is my favorite.

8 Type 25

Currently trying to get this gun gold. In my opinion it is a very good gun probably the 2nd best AR besides the MTAR. Great at close range due to high ROF and is still amazing at long range due to low recoil. My only complaint about this gun is it's inconsistent time to kill, sometimes it's really fast other times you gotta put a whole clip into the enemy!

Love the fire rate. Use this in a map like hijacked and you wont lose a single gunfight.

Beastly fire rate with consistent range. Kind of like having an AR range with SMG fire rate.

Perfect with Quickdraw & Stock

This thing... Is just so awesome. No words. Too awesome.

9 Ballista

DSR 50 by far. Deadly from the waist up, while the rest are deadly only from the chest up.

This is the worst gun in the game, wrong list buddy.

Oh come on, the only good thing about this weapon is the quickscoping ability. Bolt action time and damage are crap

Ballista is beast yolo

10 Vector K10

Best. Gun. In. The. Game. High fire rate, decent damage, good range and accuracy and a good reload speed. Consider it as the MPL from the original Black Ops.

This is the best gun in black ops 2. This gun has the complete package for a rusher and camper. Should be number 1. Good iron sights, which saves space for needed attachments like fmg and surpressors. Use these two attachments and you have the god weapon.

Use it with select fire and QuickDraw. It destroys everyone, also I just got an 11 kill streak with it even though I am not a brilliant player.

Awesome gun, basically no recoil, fast fire rate and just a all round good gum. Got my first quad with this gun as well

The Contenders
11 Peacekeeper

Ballista is better than the DSR, and the peacekeeper is the best gun in black ops 2. Also the LSAT, which is pretty underrated, should be somewhere in the top 5.

This kills the other team. Put Rapid Fire, Grip and Suppressor on it, and it's beast

This gun really does keep the peace by not being able to kill anything

Best gun ever 100 true

12 SMR

I want to open by saying, this gun isn't a 'top 5' gun. But it is a pretty well rounded gun. I don't like how the stats read this gun in bo2; it's not accurate. It actually can have a moderately high fire rate, the reload rate is slightly faster than other AR weapons, and kills in two-three hits at long range with a silencer. (Two hits without) It does have a slightly higher recoil than the FAL, but the kick has a pattern. It's hipfire is a very tight spread with is a plus, and shoots through walls with impressive damage. So, it doesn't dominate obviously. But it is a very good gun and I believe many fans of automatic could adjust well to this gun. Of course, it's all opinion so there will always be those who disagree with me.

Worst gun of the entire game. It's barely accurate, the bullets go everywhere except where you want them to go. Can't get a single kill with this gun. But, it's still better than the Springfield.

Had my best round ever with this gun, 37 kills. I think it's only this low because no one ever uses semi-auto guns.

It is the has the highest DPS in the game, is extremely accurate, especially when coupled with it ACOG. There is no need for select fire, in fact, it's better iff without it. By far the best asdault rifle in the game in my opinion

13 M8A1

This is the best weapon, 3 bullets burst, absolute madness, how is this #15, should #1!
Pure world class, one of the most decorated gun in the game,. I even consider it's better than All of the guns in the game. By the way how is Remington There! M8A1 is the best weapon, in the world

Definitely underrated on this list In my opinion the best assault rifle in bo2. With its 4 burst pretty high rate of fire and pretty good damage rating it is definitely a beast. If accurate 1 burst headshots and 2 burst body shots.

Fun fact, if you have it on burst and tap the fire button, it almost goes back to fully auto.

Number 15? This is by far the strongest gun in the game, and it works well in literally any gamemode.


MTAR sucks in zombies, because of the load of recoil. but guess what, they patched it and renewed it on black ops 2. this gun has minimum recoil and a good iron sight with a medium fire rate. I would rather go with M8A1, but... this gun is better for taking out loads of hackers, cheaters and even masters. I recommend this gun in order to be a Call of Duty black ops 2 expert. *Note: Use either fore grip or quick draw grip. this will let you look around easier while aiming*

Is it just me, or when you only equip a suppressor, you get really high kill streaks. I have a 589-0 streak with that gun with a suppressor, still unbroken.

It does decently in every situation. A very versatile weapon. One of my favorites

This is my favorite assault rifle on bo2 multiplayer!

15 S12

Pretty much the Remington but semi-auto. Beast at close range.

Basically a Shotgun boss.

It does no damage

16 Skorpion EVO

Damn this gun may have a fast fire rate but as we all know it is a bad ass gun as well as any other gun it has accuracy and reloading speed and it has decent damage and a hella good fire rate.

Extremely awesome with grip, fixes most of the super ultra recoil.

Crazy gun this is! Has awesome speed and accuracy

Basically a minigun with rapid fire.


I can't believe how underrated this is on here. Top 3 gun for sure. Thermal + quick scope destroys. I also use fmj or silencer as 3rd attachment depending on the game. I destroy with this and I am a mediocre player. Mtar and vector are my back ups they rock too.

In my opinion the best gun in the game. Clearly the best LMG it's so strong in every aspect. The one downside is how long reloading takes.

This gun has almost no recoil, great damage and range. I literaly use it as a sniper along with FMJ bullets and the infrared scope I totally wreck the other team and come on top in mine.

This is in my opinion the best Lmg in the game. Very underrated and definitely top 10

18 MP7

A solid weapon. Range, accuracy, fast handling, it has everything. Nothing elite about it but very good in every aspect.

One of the strongest smg's due to it's great damage and accuracy and range. Definitely Underrated.

So versatile, great range, amazing damage, and great speed.

Very amazing take the less popular places of maps and youll find that most gunfights are won. About level with the MSMC

19 Five-Seven

If you have a rapid trigger finger you can beast with this weapon. I actually got 107-0 with this weapon.

Its an all round beast


Not the greatest weapon. Either go for the LSAT or the QBB LSW. The 1 thing you can do is put a hybrid optic on it and it's a beauty. There are better options but it still is a very strong gun.

What a beast of an LMG, this bad boy got me my first real kill spree of 25 kills. Awesome damage, long distance shooting, good fire rate, minimal recoil with a stock.

Most underrated gun ever

21 Chicom CQB

The Chicom is a great gun. I put fast mags long barrel and quickdraw and I can dominate nuketown every time.

22 Mk 48

First LMG I unlocked, I decided to start with the HAMR solely because of zombies, but I sswitched around Prestige 2. Great weapon for maps like Standoff where there are snipers behind walls. I found it best to add EDTech, Fore Grip, and FMJ.

Best gun for long and short range, high damage, very stable, works best with target finder.
Use FMJ with it and you will never lose a match.

23 Tac-45

The best Pistol. Back to back World war champ, this is a tactical upgraded 1911. High damage, very accurate. No need for a 20 round mag.

I have a whole class dedicated to a tac... and I get kills enough said

The only handgun I use. I love it.


How is this not in the top 10?! This thing is an absolute MONSTER. It has super high damage and a great fire rate when full auto! It's better than the other assault rifles you get early in the game.

It has less recoil, and a slightly faster fire rate than the SMR; but not quite as lethal. So I consider the two to be a fairly even match.

People are stupid. By far the strongest gun as well as most difficult to use.

Nothing needs to be said when your dead.


This gun has to high of a fire rate and too heavy so you have to camp with it and I HATE camping it's so boring! I would never use this weapon!

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