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1 Annabeth Chase Annabeth Chase is a daughter of Athena and one of the main characters of both the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series and the Heroes of Olympus series. She's also Percy Jackson's girlfriend and has no particular powers aside from her brains and tactics.

Annabeth Chase. She is one of the smartest people of all time, she is brave and never backs down, and she is strong enough to hold up the weight of the world. No wonder Percy likes her. She is a role model to all of the people in the world. She has the strength that not many characters have, and she is willing to go along to find the Mark of Athena, though she knows how dangerous it is. She is my second favorite character, next to Percy, but she is still the most amazing girl I have ever read about.

Thalia is nothing compared to Annabeth. Just because Thalia died doesn't make her better. Annabeth took a knife for Percy. Fought dozens of monsters. Saved the world twice. That's two more times than Thalia. And I don't think Thalia is Annabeth's best friend. I think Piper is. Percy is obviously her number one. I am saying her girl best friend. Annabeth has awesome skill and is a good hero. She also is really smart. Daedalus gave her his computer.

2 Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano

Reyna is so strong, she made a name for herself starting from scratch after so many traumatic things happening in her childhood, and she deals with heartbreak and disappointment so much throughout the books, but she puts new Rome first and forgives people who have only managed to hurt her and puts aside her own feelings for the good of new Rome and the world. All of that on one seventeen year old’s shoulders, and she still doesn’t break, all the other females who get more of a spotlight in the books can’t compete with her strength, bravery, unselfishness, and integrity

She is basically all the good parts of the other HOO girls combined into one. She has Annabeth's smarts, Piper's regal beauty, Hazel's bravery (plus more bravery of her own). She is also secretive about her dark past, giving her a little bit of Nico (who is not a girl, but meh). She's a better praetor than Jason, Percy (no offense to Percy) and Frank (and Octavian) combined. She deserves the title QUEEN

Reyna is so strong. She is one of the bravest people in the series, as well as a great leader. Not to mention she is one of the few people to get along with Nico, which just shows her character. She can lend her strength, which is good because she has so much strength and courage.

Ong I am so gay for Reyna she's a total badass fighter and after all that she's been threw she keeps pushing threw and I really wish she was my girlfriend

3 Thalia Grace

Thalia is by far the best. She's epic. Sacrificed herself for her friends. Lieutenant of Artemis. Great character development. Awesome fighting skills and elektrokinesis. Went head to head with Percy. Annabeth's REAL best friend(besides Percy and Grover. Seriously, who says Piper is Annabeth's best friend? Thalia has known her and fought next to her for years, saved her life waaay more than Piper ever did in HoO. Thalia is basically the Percy that Annabeth can talk to about girl stuff, how can Piper top that? ). Thalia is the bomb

A little selfish that she decided "I'm not gonna be part of the prophecy because like no" but she did "die" to save her friends so bonus points to her. Also, she respects Percy so respect to Thalia.

A powerful badass fighter with elektrokineses and an awesome attitude. And the lieutenant of Artemis, which proves that she doesn't need no man. Unlike Annabeth for the first half of MoA, you're only 17, get over it!

4 Hazel Levesque

She was the youngest of the 7, yet while I read the HoO, I could barely tell and age difference between her and the others. Her mist manipulating abilities are insane.-AngelicaHermione

The number 1 kind character. If you lined up all the female characters from PJO against a wall, everyone would be glaring at you, except Hazel, who would be beaming and waving and bouncing around. She is not only kind, but a powerful demigod and a good fighter as well. Annabeth, Reyna, and Thalia? Sure, I love them, but they are all scary as well as strong. Hazel is just our cinnamon bun who can kill.

You do realize that Hazel Levesque is the one character who is so nice she could befriend Nancy Bobofit? She isn't as scary as Annabeth or Piper, but she is stronger. She is the daughter of one of the big three, and she is a minor goddess's favourite. She proves that you don't have to be muscly or intimidating to be a badass.

Hazel is my favorite character in the HoO series. (Silena in PJO) She died, amd Nico brought her back. She's so sweet, and is from new orleans, which has THE BEST music, and was Leo's Great Grandfather's ex girlfriend. Okay, I'm gonna quit while I'm ahead, but, before I go, She is the best child of pluto.

5 Zoë Nightshade

I actaully went as her for halloween I love her so much! I've read the third book four times just to cherrish all the good times she had and I cry every time she dies but still love her with all my heart. I think she is a complete badass. Zoe is a total role model for all huntresses and if you have read this part of my comment you MUST vote for Zoe now!

Zoë is a brave and wonderful hunter. She kicks ass and knows what is the right thing to fight for and will hold her place if its right. She had a hard time growing up but pushed through and fought bravely till the end.

And bob said hello to her. As she became the stars and bob said hi.

She is so cool like I only look up to book characters who needs real life when u have them right? I HATE RACHEL DARE

Kicked from her own FAMILY

Father is ATLAS

6 Rachel Elizabeth Dare

"I HATE RACHEL DARE" why? what did she do? Sure, she loved Percy, but so did literally everyone. She didn't know about Annabeth's crush on him, and personally, it was Annabeth's problem. She got jealous that Percy had a friend who liked him.

Without Rachel, everyone would be doomed. If she hadn't led Annabeth and Percy through the Labyrinth, they would all be dead.

Also without Rachel, Percy would be killed by Kronos. (Blue hairbrush)

She hit Kronos in the eye with a blue plastic hairbrush. You have to admit that's pretty awesome. Also love her attitude and sense of humor

Just really chill and cool. Someone I wanna be friends with (clearly Annabeth is No. 1 girl but I reckon Rachel is 2)

She hit Kronos in the eye with a hairbrush and generally a good person (still mostly for hit Kronos).

7 Piper McLean Piper McLean is a fictional character created by Rick Riordan in The Heroes of Olympus series. She is one of the Seven of the prophecy and is the daughter of Aphrodite.

I personally like Silena better, but come on people Piper isn't that bad. Sure she possesses Sue-ish qualities but most of them are because she's a daughter of Aphrodite, you know her good looks and persuasiveness and stuff. Plus, at first Piper was shown as a girl who loathed being girly and wanted to be strong and independent. But as the book progresses, you can see how she becomes more comfortable with being girly and yet could still be strong and brave, which is some great development for an Aphrodite kid I dare say. So yeah, perhaps not as great as Reyna or Annabeth, but definitely still great.

I really don't understand the Piper hate. Yes, she did spent A LOT of time thinking about Jason, but she's got crazy powers, is strong and independent even though she's a child of Aphrodite. Like seriously, she didn't even seem like a child of Aphrodite most of the time! She's so different from, say, Drew! She's not as great as Annabeth or Hazel, but she's still pretty awesome.-AngelicaHermione

I am so happy. For once in my life, I see Pipes on a list on this site where everybody's like, "She's the best! Go Piper! " Everywhere else people are like, "She's so poorly written! She doesn't need to be here! " Simply, Thank you, everyone who voted for Piper, because she's finally in the top ten of a list that's not worst characters.

I love Piper I think she should be second hazel third and annabeth can stay where she is but in the words of rick riordan himself she is so underestimated and deserves better! she loves jason and be real she is not a brat she infact hates her dads work because he treats her like one!

8 Clarisse La Rue

She should be at the top she deserves it more than annie I HATE RACHEL DARE

9 Bianca di Angelo

She's really over thought. Just because Nico misses her doesn't mean she was the best character ever. Her memory is greater than the real thing. I don't mean any offense, but that's my opinion. Her own foolishness got herself killed. She basically abandoned Nico after five minutes with the Hunters. I liked her ghost a lot better. She was more caring and thought about things before doing them. Her and Silena should swap spots.

That's just my opinion...

You can't hate her. Bianca is our white angel. I don't even know what to write. She is just perfect.

Sacrificed herself
Only found out she was demigod few days before she died

I'm really sad that she retired from the story so soon. She is amazing.

10 Silena Beauregard

She is soooooooo amazing. She was manipulated to spy on her friends. Then when she wanted to stop she continued so that her friends would be safe. Apologised and was ACTUALLY regretful of her choices. Tried to rally the Ares kids; failed and though Stuff it, imma just go do it myself. Was a real hero and deserves endless love (also proof that Aphrodite's kids are not useless... I mean all of them are useful except Piper (maybe not all but I just really don't like Piper))

She only became the spy for her friends. They just manipulated her, she is a hero. RIP Silena, may you have a great (after) life with Beckendorf. And by the way Annabeth is actually my favourite but Silena and Piper are a close second.

Selena is an amazing character and has a lot of love in her heart for everyone.

If anybody calls her a traitor, I would happily strangle them.

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11 Sally Jackson

Sally Jackson is the most awesome mum in the world! How much did she do for Percy? This totally proves she is the most caring, kind and awesome lady in PJO series. I prefer Annabeth, Piper, Reyna and Hazel but they appear in HOO.

Best. Mom. Ever. Out of all the mortal parents, I think Sally takes the prize. Sweet, Understanding, Protective, and not dead, which is a plus. I'm really happy that she found a great mortal husband.

Yes! Sally is the best mom EVER. She can kill a monster, take care of her baby, write a novel, and bake blue cookies. Perfection.

Coolest fictional mother ever!

12 Hylla Ramirez- Arellano
13 Calypso

She stayed on an island, marooned for helping her own father. Sure he was evil, but the books are all from the perspective of the hero. All Calypso saw was her father's cousins trying to kill him.

Her heart was broken so many times, more than all the heroes' combined, yet she still stays strong.

She is a main character, especially in ToA. She's actually really funny and brave and nice and everything with in ToA. (At first I didn't really her)

Not as art as annabeth but definitely smart doesn't fit any styreotype Thalia:punk annabeth :nerd is like layered chocolate almonds Carmel mmm...

She is a very old badass

14 Ella the Harpy
15 Artemis

She is legit the only female of the Olympians who I can respect. Had no malice against any of the heroes. Only downside is that she sort of seemed to hate men - and that's a bit cold (even if she didn't hate men all her hunters still had a deep hatred for them [ie. Zoe against Percy in the beginning] and I have nothing against swearing off boys but that doesn't mean that all men are evil just because some are)

Artemis is amazing. She understands that there is more to life then boys and beauty. I would totally worship her. Oh and, I'm A SINGLE LADY, I'm A SINGLELADY

I'm a single lady, I'm a single lady.

I'm a single lady, I'm a single lady.

Sing it with me if you love the Hunters!

I'm a single lady, I'm a single lady! I'm a single lady, I'm a single lady!

16 Nico Di Angelo Nico di Angelo is a fictional character created by Rick Riordan. He appears in Percy Jackson & The Olympians, Hero of Olympus, and parts of Trials of Apollo. As a son of Hades, the boy is a demigod. He befriended Percy and had many roles in his long time appearance including stopping Minos, fighting more.

I absolutely adore Nico. But canon he's a guy? I don't know if this is someone's head canon that he's secretly trans or something but it's never mentioned in the books. Just because he's gay doesn't mean he's a girl.

Okay Nico went through so much and has been treated badly and I just want him to be happy. Best girl in my opinion, needs more appreciation than just "edgy boi uwu I love him"

Nico is a good character but he is a boy not a girl

He is the best female there is!
Go Pride!

17 Hestia

That one goddess who said "I think we should make peace" during the wars when everyone died.

She literally kicked herself out of Olympus for the god of friggin WINE.

She keeps the gods ALIVE.

She was the oldest, she basically gave EVERYTHING to her younger sibling.

How the Hades can you not love Hestia?

While other Olympians brutally kill people because they don't make proper sacrifices she actually keeps care of their feelings and she always tries to be nice to everyone although she probably had it the worst since she was the first child eaten by Kronos, she was alone there for months or years

I really feel like Hestia is the most unappreciated character ever. Seriously, was the firstborn of the gods and was also the one who suffered most as a young god. It's surprising she can even still support family, after all she's been through.

She's peaceful, loving, and sweet. Also, she is the only god who didn't really mess up anyone's life.

18 Meg

Meg is well--completely and utterly what an ideal female character should be. Her father was brutally murdered when she was six, and she was made to believe that it was her fault, making her a prey to Nero's constant manipulation. She is loud, outspoken and frank, providing both comedic interest, and an overall awe-inspiring persona. Arguably, she was revealed to be a spy, however, she was seen to be heavily reluctant and turned back when she realised the truth of her actions. All in all, GO MEG!

Well, the is from the Trials of Apollo series. But I really do like her!

She is the best. And she is really powerful!

I can't believe you guys forgot meg.

19 Sadie Kane

Sadie Kane is like the reason Percy thinks about kids with annabeth she is the best! I HATE RACHE DARE

Such an iconic character of his from The Kane Chronicles!

20 Athena

She is the most clearheaded goddess compared to others. Also she is the best goddess in Olympus.

21 Aphrodite

She is the legit goddess of love why don't u love my mom(aphrodite) to? I HATE RACHEL DARE

22 Juniper

Juniper is amazing. sure she isn't a main chracter but that girl is amazing! juniper is super nice and loyal

She's just lovely.

23 Alex Fierro

Not in HoO, but awesome. Also not always a girl, but is sometimes

HOW COULD U FORGET HER I mean come on guys she's the main female in Magnus Chase!

24 Samirah Al Abbas

She's a flying valkyrie with an energy spear. Why isn't she higher?

25 Percy Jackson Perseus "Percy" Jackson is a fictional character, the title character and narrator of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.

Okay I love Percy but this list is for the best female characters not the males

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