Top 10 Cartoon Episodes that Start with "Y"


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1 Yugi vs Pegasus Match of The Millennium - Yu-Gi-Oh!

The much anticipated duel in season one as Yugi faces off against the creator of duel monsters Pegasus and with his millennium eye that allows him to read peoples minds and know which monsters they'll play he doesn't make things any easier for
Yugi every time he finds a strategy Pegasus manages to throw a wrench in his strategy at one point Yugi trades places with the spirit of the Millennium puzzle to keep him from reading his mind until Pegasus decides to take the match to the shadow realm in which normal Yugi is unable to handle the Shadow realm and passes out leaving the spirit of the Millennium on his own the battle Pegasus, even with all his tricks Yugi manages to defeat Pegasus once and for all and freeing the souls of his grandfather and the Kaiba brothers. - egnomac

2 Yug Ylimaf - Family Guy Yug Ylimaf - Family Guy

A weird concept for a Family Guy which actually works really well as Stewie and Bryan find themselves in a situation where everything moves backwards one highlight is the reverse Chicken fight scene thankfully the characters didn't have to speak backwords. - egnomac

3 Yumi Saves Kaz - Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Yet another typical cliché cartoon episode where a character saves another then they end up doing all these favors for them driving them nuts and they hatch a plan to get them to save them and call it even, and that's pretty much the whole episode Yumi saves Kaz then Kaz ends up driving her crazy with by doing all these favors for her, she then gets him to save her well sort of but in a twist Kaz decides Yumi should now give him special treatment for him for saving her life. - egnomac

4 You Fail Kakashi's Final Destination - Naruto
5 Yarn Benders - Rocko's Modern Life
6 Your Getting Old - South Park Your Getting Old - South Park

By far one of the most depressing episodes of South Park which shows how much growing up sucks. - egnomac

7 Yankee Doodle Daffy - Looney Tunes Yankee Doodle Daffy - Looney Tunes
8 Yampions - Harvey Beaks Yampions - Harvey Beaks
9 Yankee Hanky - King of The Hill Yankee Hanky - King of The Hill
10 Yes Man - The Loud House Yes Man - The Loud House

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11 Yakstravaganza - Yakkity Yak
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