The Best Cells at Work Characters

A list of the best characters from Cells at Work/Hataraku Saibou!
The Main Characters in case you don't remember:
Main Red Blood Cell/Erythrocyte
Main White Blood Cell/Neutrophil
Senpai Red Blood Cell
Kohai Red Blood Cell
Main/Boss Killer T Cell
Naive Killer T Cell
Main Macrophage/Monocyte
Helper T Cell (Boss T Cell)
Regulatory T Cell (Helper T's Secretary)
Eosinophil (Pink white blood cell that specializes in killing parasites)
Dendritic Cell (Tree Man)
Memory Cell (Panic Man with Book of Memories)
Mast Cell (Monitors and Releases Histamines)
B Cell
Basophil (Mysterious Guy who Appears with Eosinophil)
NK Cell (Black-haired Ninja Chick)

The Top Ten

1 Cancer Cell

OSMOSIS JONES bootlegs, anyone? 'Cause that's EXACTLY what this here comic is...

He's hot with a tragic back story T^T He also took death honorably...! - FireFaithe

2 Eosinophil

She's so precious and insecure...! - FireFaithe

3 Main White Blood Cell

He's so cool, isn't he? Selflessly killing the germs~! - FireFaithe

4 Leader Platelet

She works so hard! Plus, she's adorable - FireFaithe

5 Main Red Blood Cell

I mean, you gotta put the main character on this list, right? - FireFaithe

6 B Cell

He's cute, and the poor kid needs more support! - FireFaithe

7 Helper T Cell

He's cute; he works hard; he's an important leader--
What more could you ask for? - FireFaithe

8 Regulatory T Cell

She works hard, and to deal with Helper T and Killer T when she was younger, man... - FireFaithe

9 NK Cell

She's cool, and she was the only one to realize Cancer Cell's true identity...! - FireFaithe

10 Kohai Red Blood Cell

Dude, she must've studied a whole lot to remember all that stuff that our Main Red Blood Cell can't remember! Her calm demeanor is great~! - FireFaithe

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