Top 10 Best ChalkZone Characters

This list we will including ChalkZone TV Show Characters. Not including Fan Character (Like Spinic White), or any characters that are not from the TV Show.

The Top Ten

1 Snap White Snap White

I heart him!

Hey annie, I'm right here!

See his cute wittle face?!

I love snap and he is my imaginary friend/brother

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2 Rudy Tabootie Rudy Tabootie

Also know as The Great Creator, this character should be in number 1. He used his magic chalk to protect ChalkZone. Fighting against Skrawl and Craniac, Fighting against Robot Rudy, and first discover the temple of King Mumbo Jumbo, this character is a big success. - ChalkZone777

3 Penny Sanchez Penny Sanchez

The little genuine girl, who interesting in science. She helps Rudy with her scientific intelligence. She was the newest student in school, who come from Spain (Watch Rudy's Story and BullSnap). - ChalkZone777

4 Skrawl Skrawl

Skrawl is evil villain who want to distory Rudy. Skrawl was an ugly drawing who was made by Rudy, Reggie, Michael, Tayler (Watch Snap out of Water to hear his name), and the rest of the kids. Skrawl made up a song with an evil toung. He join force with Craniac and made Robot Rudy. - ChalkZone777

5 Queen Rapsheeba Queen Rapsheeba

The hip pop, and singing girl, Queen Rapsheeba is the target. Snap have a huge crush on her and he said "I do anything for you". - ChalkZone777

6 Blocky Blocky

Sense* since

A very funny character who is Rudy's first Chalk Drawing sense the first grade. He fighting against Bush Bycepis with his muscle that he work out. Blocky is Snap's best friend in ChalkZone. - ChalkZone777

7 Biclops Biclops

A Bi-Clops who guards the Magic Chalk Mine. He was a Cy-Clops at first until Rudy drew him a second eye. - ChalkZone777

8 Robot Rudy Robot Rudy

Made by Rudy and Penny during an argument, modded by Skrawl, and Craniac to distory, this character is completely insane. Remember this one quote "Game Over". - ChalkZone777

9 Reggie Bullnerd Reggie Bullnerd

Being a bully in class, this guy was mean as much as he is. Mostly he bully the Ceft Club, but a lot of times he bully Rudy. - ChalkZone777

10 Spinic White (Fan Character) Spinic White (Fan Character)

Spinic Tarantula is from Bug World, not ChalkZone. Spinic White was a different character.

The photo is wrong. This is Spinic Tarantula from Bug World (A whole deferent series), not Spinic White. - ChalkZone777

The Contenders

11 Granny in the Bathtub Granny in the Bathtub

An old lady who in the bathtub, this character isn't that good. She get so mean a lot, and she always grumpy. - ChalkZone777

12 Craniac 4 Craniac 4
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