Top 10 Smartest VGHW Characters

The Top Ten
1 Owl

Owl takes our top spot, and easily so. Owl was watching Wexler since before Max's very first robbery.

He practically invented the war between Wexler and his foes through his knowledge. He built the keyboard, plasma blaster, and orbital strike, all within a few years. His intelligence revolves around his remarkable engineering skills.

2 Leo Perlstein

Leo takes the number two spot for a few reasons. He is a fantastic engineer and a smart man. While he may not be as great an engineer as Wexler, Leo is far more clever.

He has a keen eye for the smallest detail. He started working on his own time machine as a kid, showcasing his engineering abilities. He blossomed as the Commander of TLS, outsmarting Chris, Wexler, Remy, and Ben.

3 Jason Wexler

It may seem surprising that Wexler isn't higher on this list. Truth be told, he is the greatest engineer here, having invented time machines, power machines, and cloning machines. However, he lacks some mental stability.

He began to lose himself after he and MiP were separated. This definitely affected his mind and intelligence.

4 Remy Erdman

Remy is a perfect example of an understudy, highlighting the intelligence behind Wexler. He is also a genius engineer.

His crowning achievement was the cloning machine, which he constructed before Wexler. His time around Wexler has shaped Remy into a very smart young man.

5 Sabrina Levy

While she may not have been showcased as much, it's safe to infer how smart Sabrina is. If you're trusted to run research operations at an underground shadow organization by someone as commanding as Leo, you must be up for the task.

Sabrina was trusted with developing a super serum that allowed MiP's power to be safely transported into Leo's blood. That certainly takes intelligence.

No one really knows Sabrina's backstory or why she is there. However, there's no denying that she is far more advanced than the typical girl her age.

6 Max (The Brother)

While not showcased in the Original Saga but later confirmed on the VGHW wiki, Max was a hacker. That's how he found Wexler's address in the first place. He is a digital programming genius, more so than an engineer.

Max is pure evil, and that was on display during his time in the series. However, as we learned more about his backstory, it became evident that Max was a force to be reckoned with. He even built the bullet cannon for himself.

7 Andrea Zanchetta

Andrea is studying computer science at the University of Pennsylvania. Safe to say, you need to be pretty smart to do that.

Although generally shown for comedic relief, Andrea was important because he cracked the code behind the mysterious coordinates displayed after Ben activated MiP, propelling the rising action of VGHW (2022).

8 Ben Samahon

Ben is smart in different areas. He is a clever individual who devised the plan to send Leo back to the past in the Battle of Spleef.

He obviously knows a lot about geology as well.

9 Ava Kelly

To work for TLS, you need to be pretty smart. Although Ava's role was minimal, she is a well-spoken, highly motivated young woman who seems fully on board with the TLS plan.

10 Jason Dichter

Dichter may not have the strong intellect of Wexler or Remy when it comes to engineering, but he has made some well-thought-out actions within the series.

First, Dichter helped Wexler restore his powers in 2015. Most notably, Dichter orchestrated the timer on Wexler's watch that was used to eliminate Leo.

Is that more of a nod to past-Wexler for his assistance? Maybe. But we think Dichter is clever for knowing the ins and outs of time travel mechanics.

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