Top 10 Best Batman Graphic Novels

If Frank Miller could make movies as well as he writes books, he'd be the best director on Earth.
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1 Batman: The Killing Joke

I've read this so many times I could repeat all of it from memory. I love reading the different editions, whether it be the original, the re-coloured deluxe edition, or the Noir version. Each one gives the story a different feel, and no matter which one you choose, you end up with the best graphic novel ever made. Alan Moore was at the top of his game (although he said otherwise) and Brian Bolland's art has never been better. The Joker commits terrible, vile acts of violence which could never be forgiven, and yet you feel sorry for him. You see how he was broken, how life kept on pushing him until he went over the edge. It's a side of Joker we had never seen, and haven't seen since. When you add up all these things together, you get what is, and always will be, the best Batman story ever created.

People who bash this book seem to miss the point. I first read the Killing Joke around 3rd or 4th grade, and I enjoyed it immensely. I didn't understand all the themes, but I knew it was good. Now, reading it, I understand what Alan Moore was trying to convey. Alan Moore himself said that he didn't think that this book was very good. Frankly, I think it was just another artist criticizing his own work. It is, of course, a great piece of literature. Some claim it's just shock value and nothing else. Absolutely wrong. I don't see how anyone could miss the crystal clear message here. What the book is trying to say, is that one tragic event can push someone over the edge. And that's what happened with the Joker. He's a depraved lunatic, one of the worst examples of humanity, but he's just that. Human. They weave this concept into the familiar world of Batman and create a timeless classic with stunning artwork from Brian Bolland.

For some reason, people seem to disregard this book just because it is a Batman story, while other graphic novels such as Watchmen receive endless praise because it's more mature or whatever. My point is, this is not a children's story. It's not cheesy or over the top, it's the best graphic novel ever written.

2 Batman: The Long Halloween

The perfect origin story for Harvey Dent / Two-Face and its sequel Dark Victory is just as good. Love this story!

Best detective story ever!

3 Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

I love this novel but I think it is overrated.

Simply the best

4 Batman: Year One
5 Batman: Hush

This was the first Batman comic I read as an adult, and it got me right back into the legend of Batman. This has the best DC writer and DC artist. The story is amazing, and the art is truly stunning. To be able to introduce an entirely new villain to a superhero that has been around for over 70 years and be successful is impressive. I hope Hush has more video game/graphic novel appearances to come.

Spoiler Alert! So I liked this book. It was a great Batman mystery similar to Long Halloween. But I would have liked it more if Robin ( Jason Todd ) was Hush instead of Thomas Elliot

I thought it was great. A great Bat man mystery similar to Long Halloween. But I would have actually liked it more if Jason Todd Robin was Hush.

6 Batman - Arkham Asylum: A Serious House On Serious Earth

The art of this book is mysterious and disturbing. It has less to do with comic art and more looks like something you would expect to see at a museum.
Grant Morrison's take on the Batman universe here is edgy (e.g. the Mad Hatter is a pedophile) and at times creative (therapists trying to cure Two-Face by exchanging his coin with a die is a brilliant idea). There isn't much of an overall story, but every page is filled with pretentious, intellectual, esoteric references, but the overall mood Morrison creates mashes well with McKean's art.

7 Batman: Knightfall

Without this. Bane wouldn't exist! I mean come on! Bane breaks the bat. It's iconic!

8 Batman: A Death in the Family
9 Batman: Dark Victory
10 Batman: Death of the Family

Need to move up further.

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11 Batman: Heart of Hush
12 Batman: Black & White
13 Batman: Black Mirror
14 Batman R.I.P.
15 Batman: Haunted Knight
16 All Star Batman and Robin: The Boy Wonder
17 New 52 Batman: The Court of Owls

This showcases everything awesome about Batman!

18 Batman: The Man Who Laughs

This is the perfect comic of the joker and how batman and joker met

19 Batman: Mad Love
20 Batman: No Mans Land
21 Batman: Scarecrow Tales
22 Batman: The Cult

Gritty and underrated.

23 Batman: Going Sane
24 Batman: A Lonely Place of Dying
25 Batman & Son
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