Top 10 Most Common Disney Movie Clichés

Many Disney movies has featured many over used cliches.

The Top Ten

1 Death of Parents

Perhaps the oldest and over used cliche dating back to when Walt Disney's mother died resulting in almost every Disney movie having one or no parents or parents dying in the movie. - egnomac

The exception is Hercules. His parents are gods so they can't die and therefore don't die and is alive the entire movie

2 Musical Numbers

It wouldn't be a Disney movie without characters breaking out into song for no reason. - egnomac

3 Female Characters Having a Ridiculously Unrealistic Body

How? Their bodies seem realistic to me. My one is even similar to Rapunzel's. - GlassweighanCountess

Do you know how skinny Meg's waist is?

4 Trusting Strangers

So many characters in Disney movies are too trusting when it comes to strangers which why they end up in the trouble that they get into, for example Snow White biting into the poison apple from the Queen disguised as the old woman dispite warnings by The Dwarfs against strangers, Pinnochio trusting Honest John not once but twice, Tarzan foolishly trusting Clayton and getting his ape family captured. - egnomac

5 Love at First Sight
6 Brutal Death of Main Villain

Disney really loves killing off their villians in the most horrific and violent ways possible. - egnomac

7 Everyone Lives Happily Ever After
8 Animal Sidekick
9 Female Characters Needing to Be Rescued

A Lot of female mostly princess characters end up having to be saved by a guy for example: Ariel in The Little Mermain, Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella only on a few occasions do the girls save the men. - egnomac

10 Movies Being Based on Fairy Tales

Disney's Hercules is based on Greek mythology

The Newcomers

? References to other Disney stuff

For example, Hercules and Scar from the Lion King

Also, in the Hercules episode "Return of Typhon", Hermes said "Cloud 33" which is a reference to Disneyland's private club "Club 33"

The Contenders

11 Changes from the Original Source Material

They do this to make it family friendly. A lot of stuff in the original source material are really inappropriate for kids.

For example in Disney’s Hercules, Hera is his mom. In actual Greek mythology, she is his worst enemy. She wasn’t even his mom! She would try to kill him in every way possible and turn him into a mentally ill guy. If the actual myth was in the movie, it would scare kids.

12 Good Species, Bad Species
13 Girly Girl Princesses

Except for Mulan

I’m fine with Vanellope being a Disney princess in the new Ralph Breaks the Internet film, although she was annoying and whinny in the first film, but she’s okay from the trailers

14 Annoying Comic-Relief
15 Animal Stereotypes
16 Heroes Being Associated with "Light", Villains Being Associated with "Darkness"
17 Heterosexual Main Protagonists
18 Characters Always Sing Songs

With a few exceptions...

19 Hero is a Baby at the Beginning of the Movie
20 Disney Couples Kiss at the End
21 Good vs Evil
22 Something Happens to Baby in Movie
23 Baby is Adopted
24 Hero Almost Gives Up
25 Gender Stereotypes
26 Everything is Alive And/or Has a Face
27 Overused Plot Twists (Especially Surprise Villains)
28 Kissing at the End
29 Evil Uncle
30 Heroes Want Something
31 Movie Ends When Main Character Turns 18 Years Old
32 Predicting the Future
33 Flying Characters
34 Main Character Grows Up from Baby to Age 16 or 18 Years Old
35 Inanimate Objects Come to Life Inanimate Objects Come to Life
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