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41 Turban Cowboy from Family Guy

Don't Forget The Scene Where Peter Runs Over Boston Marathon Runners. - kcianciulli

I Think Seth Himself realized he went too far on this one. - kcianciulli

It Makes Fun of Terrorism. - kcianciulli

42 It's Always Courtney, Courtney, Courtney! From 6teen

They play so many inappropriate cartoons for kids. Regular Show, Adventure Time, sym-bionic titan, total drama, stoked, They'll ruin their minds!

This is one of many episodes never to air here in the US. Just watch it and you will see why!

I think "Enter the Dragon" is worse than this. Read my atrocious animation on it and you will see why. - Turkeyasylum

More like adult swim

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43 X-treme Torture from Total Drama Island

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Heather's naked breasts. Sure, they were censored, but... ugh! I'm revolted. And for being a spoiled brat, Heather deserved that, but why was this on Cartoon Network? Total Drama the show itself revolted me ever since I watched it. This was worst. - redhawk766

Little kids shouldn't even be watching teenager shows. Get this show off of Cartoon Network.

In my opinion, this one needs to be much higher. Especially knowing we saw Heather's NAKED breasts... - Turkeyasylum

Anyone who has seen this episode knows exactly why it is inappropriate.

1- Heather's "incident"
2- Trent saying the word "hell", which younger kids should not use
3- The secret admirerer was a little inappropriate.
4- Countless Mentions of #1.

People even argue TDI needs to be on Adult Swim because of this and That's Off the Chain!

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44 Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips Looney Tunes

Makes fun of Japanese stereotypes, especially during WWII when vitriol towards them was topical then.

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45 Up in Smoke from Braceface
46 Meet Minerva from Animaniacs

It was banned due to sex references

47 Comedians from Beavis and Butthead

It was banned because it showed a scene of Beavis and Butthead burning a comedy club which caused the incident of a boy burning his bed and his 2 year old sister dying MTV was so concerned that they aired it on late nights instead of airing early.

48 Boys of Bummer from The Simpsons

Again, like one coarse meal, it tries to make suicide funny

49 The Legend of Dratini From Pokemon

This one is SO inappropriate. James swears, 12 guns, and Meowth dresses up like Hitler! - Goatworlds

50 Wizards Only Fools! from Adventure Time
51 All This and Rabbit Stew from Looney Tunes

This cartoon was banned from television and put in the censored eleven due to the negative stereotypes twards African Americans. It had premiered in 1941 and hasn't been shown since 1968

52 Peterotica from Family Guy
53 420 from Family Guy
54 The Two Mouseketeers from Tom and Jerry V 1 Comment
55 The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire from Family Guy
56 Homer's Phobia from The Simpsons V 1 Comment
57 Squid Baby from SpongeBob SquarePants

Thinking about it now, it does appear to make fun of head trauma.

There is Nothing Funny About Head Trauma.

What's so funny about head trauma? - redhawk766

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58 Enter The Dragon From 6teen

The episode is about periods. It should be banned everywhere. - Turkeyasylum

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59 Alice's Mysterious Mystery from The Alice Comedies
60 Summer Of Love from Hey Arnold

I guess this episode was a little weird...

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