Ten Most Controversial Debate Topics

I am a Debate Student, and I feel that these topics are controversial.

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1 Child Performers Should Be Banned

Not really. It doesn't make sense to ban all child performers, maybe some especially those that aren't in overly pressuring industries, and that are doing it for fun. A young violinist is a child performer, yet he is never told he should stop performing? My guess is that people don't really understand what 'child performer' means and assume, erroneously, that it involves acting or singing, which is not true.

No they shouldn't - ElSherlock

Child Performers should not be banned because there can be some really talented children out there. If we just ban them SO much talent,shows, and movies will be lost. Think about it. (Also by the way I agree Full house was awesome! )

No. Full House was awesome.

2 Would Abortion/Euthanasia Count As Murder

It is more selfish to allow a baby being born into a world where it is not wanted and in a society that is already crumbling than letting it rest in peace where if the mother is eventually ready to have a child it can be welcomed. Meaning it would be placed into a bad environment where it would have lived a much tougher life. BUT not only that a life which already exists and is present on this world is going to suffer even more with mental and physical pain being brought on by being forced to have a baby in which this woman does not want.

It's the mothers choice at the end of the day and what she does is her decision alone

Euthanasia happens only when someone will only suffer and never recover. As for abortion, as a guy who can't get pregant I feel indifferent about it. - Kuro

Abortion is murder, but I'm pro choice, and that won't change - Luckys

3 Should Animal Testing Be Banned

Animal testing should be banned. If it is necessary, I understand how testing for medicine could be helpful to us, but testing cosmetics on animals is a definite no. Cosmetics aren't life-saving, so they shouldn't kill animals to formulate them. Also, humans are already killing off so many innocent animals through hunting, pollution, and in the meat industry-- is it necessary to kill even more?

I'm an animal love at heart as well as a vegetarian, but if a vaccine, medicine or new drug doesn't work and hurts or kills something, I'd rather it be an animal. Also if the roles were switched- people being tested and animals left alone, people would be saying that animals should be the ones being tested. - RustyNail

Yes, especially on cosmetic products.

It depends on what they're testing and how the subjects are treated. - RoseWeasley

4 Should Marijuana Be Legalised

Since it hasn't killed anyone and alcohol & cigarettes are allowed, then totally. - Kuro

Yes. It should. Especially for medical use. - DarkBoi-X

For medical pruporse only - ElSherlock


5 Should Same Sex Marriage Be Legalised

Of course. Honestly, that shouldn't even be a question. Love is love. All love should have equal rights.

Yes. It should stay legalized in the United States because some people are homosexual because of the nature of the human brain. - JoeBoi

No.What is the purpose of marriage if same sex marriage be legalized? Bible isn't the only basis.It is beautiful to look if a women to women and men to men what is the purpose of a sex and gender? what I'm pointing here is I disagree to legalized same sex marriage.

nah - Crizz

6 Should the Death Penalty Be Abolished

Well, the only people that should get the death penalty are rapists, serial killers, and terrorists. - JoeBoi

No. Mass murderers and pedos should get it. - DarkBoi-X

Depends - XxembermasterxX

No, it shouldn't. If it were up to me, murderers would be put to death, or put in jail for life. Same for rapists and other terrible people like that. - LordDovahkiin

7 Religion vs. Science

God created science. - I80

Science, since it actually has proof. - Kuro

They don't serve the same purpose and you don't have to choose between them - Alkadikce

Religion - Luckys

8 Should Same Sex Couples Be Allowed to Adopt

Yes and anyone who thinks otherwise is a jerk( this coming from a 12 year old)

Yes - yungstirjoey666

Yes. - DarkBoi-X

Ofc! It should not matter about the gender of the parents! As long as the child is in a safe home

9 Housewives Should Be Paid for Their Work

No.. that's like a kid being payed for going to school. That's not how it works lol - xEliHbkx

What if they have jobs but they are currently not in their home country where their job is for about 30 years now, my mother herself is in that position.

No they are housewives for a reason.

Nah. They should just go find a job

10 Should Abortion/Euthanasia Be Legal

Yes - blackflower

No on abortion, yes on euthanasia, if with the patient's consent. - LordDovahkiin

Yes and yes

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11 Should Prostitution Be Made Illegal

Prostitution itself should be legal, but it should be independent work; no pimps involved - yungstirjoey666

It is already illegal - ElSherlock

Prostitution should not be made illegal. Rarely do women have complete power over their bodies and someone else's, especially when it comes to sex. Even if it is male prostitution this is a well paying and an economically beneficial job that if controlled and done in the right way, benefits everyone involved. I don't want to be a prostitute, but props to anyone who chooses to do so. We should not be putting people in jail for doing something to benefit themselves, especially if they chose to do it. It isn't our choice, it's theirs. - Pergipsy

It already is illegal, and no.

12 Should Beauty Contests Be Banned

I don't care


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder <3 respect all.
-peace, el wazir

If you put someone down that tried their best to look great and just because you're too lazy to take the steps they did means beauty contests should be banned, no, I don't think so. Why don't we stop showing professional athletes, some of us aren't as good and it makes us feel insecure. Why don't we stop letting people be rich, it makes the less fortunate feel bad. Get this joke of a controvery outta my face... ig@ayyye.josiah if u wanna talk about it.

13 Should Guns Be Banned from the Public

No, but it should be regulated - yungstirjoey666

No. It can be used for self defense. - DarkBoi-X

America's obsession with guns is ABHORRENT! In the countries where guns are illegal, there are N O SHOOTINGS!

Yes - blackflower

14 Is Suicide Weak?

Depends on the reason. - DarkBoi-X


No, every animal to ever exist has naturally feared death, so if someone kills themself they do not fear the very thing that all species are fearful of.


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15 Is the Earth Flat

No, it is round. - I80

No, unless your brain is flat. - MrCoolC

No, it's shaped like a dick - RoseWeasley

Actually, it's shaped like a banana

16 Israel vs Palestine

I only recognize Israel. Palestine is probably just an area controlled by terrorists with no real government. - JoeBoi

Israel - ElSherlock

Whom do you choose - homeland of Jews/a bunch of goons


17 Female Education is a Threat to the Society

No. Whoever thinks this is probably a member of the Taliban. - DarkBoi-X

Whom from what middle eastern country put this here - Kuro

No! - RoseWeasley

NO WAY! Whoever came up with this was probably a man intimidated by a woman's intelligence.

18 Should Human Testing Be Made Legal

On child and animal abusers - RoseWeasley

It should be legal on criminals. - DarkBoi-X

On rapists and pedos yes - yungstirjoey666

If the volunteers agree and get payed. - XxembermasterxX

19 Should White People Be Able to Say the N-Word?

You can't control what people say or think no matter what you do - Kuro

No one should say it with hard r but only black should say it with the a. - Luckys

No one should say it - ElSherlock

Nobody should be able to say it - RustyNail

20 Is Water Wet?

No it's not - ElSherlock

Water is wet, sure it makes other things wet, but that still doesn't mean it's not wet. I just don't understand why everyone believes water isn't wet.

No water is not wet. Water is what causes something to be wet. An object being wet is an effect. One thing or concept can not be both a cause and an effect. I REST MY CASE.

No it isn't! of course it isn't! is fire burn?

21 Nature vs. Nurture for Serial Killers and Murders

Well it depends on the mind of said serial killer. Psychopath? Nature. Sociopath? Nurture.

Kill serial killes



22 Feminism vs Meninism

Neither. Both might be too extremist. - JoeBoi

Meninism is for incels - Kuro

Depends on feminism - ElSherlock

As a male, we've never really been oppressed so Meninism seems stupid.
But for Feminism it depends. Not a huge fan of 3rd wave feminism but other than that it's fine. - DarkBoi-X

23 Goku vs Superman

These dragon ball fanboys - ElSherlock

Goku is omnipotent and superman is not... Superman's weakness lie in the Kryptonian stone but Goku has no weakness... As it was stated in Anime that Saiyan is a race which becomes more Powerful and Stronger as they fights more battles...

Super man will of course win

Goku. - LordDovahkiin

24 Fortnite vs Pubg

Fortnite. It's more intense and fun. I also like that you can build and mess around in it. PUBG is too serious and realistic.

No minecraft

No apex legends


25 Should Parents Vaccinate Their Children?

Of course. Imagine thinking no. - DarkBoi-X

Yes - ElSherlock

Of course. Parents have the responsibility of provide health attention to their children and vaccinate them, parents are protecting them from diseases that children are exposed to.

Yes - blackflower

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26 Is It Gay to Fall for a Trap

Happens to everyone - Kuro

Not gay if your socks are on

Yes, it is.

Hell yea it is

27 Straight vs Gay

How is this even a thing? - RoseWeasley

The big gay - Kuro

Straight...how it this controversial.

They gave us existence lol. - Crizz

28 Should In-N-Out Be Moved to Other Areas in the US




29 Does praying display a lack of faith in God?

No. You pray to someone you have never seen because you have faith in Him.

No. Praying is having a conversation with God, even though he knows everything you think. Prayer is an action to show faith.

If I ask you do unicorns exist, you will probably say no, no one had ever seen one. So why believe andere pray to something no one had ever seen?

I don't see how... - LordDovahkiin

30 Eminem vs Lady Gaga

Eminem - Luckys

Eminem - ElSherlock

Eminem. - DarkBoi-X

Eminem - XxembermasterxX

31 DC vs. Marvel DC vs. Marvel

Marvel - ElSherlock

Marvel. - DarkBoi-X



32 Should Shakespeare Continue to Be Taught in Schools?

Some people just claim that he was never alive and that his plays were all written by somebody else. - JoeBoi

Yes - ElSherlock

Of course - DarkBoi-X

Yes, it shows young people how the English language evolved.

33 Should Gays Be Allowed to Marry in a Church?

Duh of course - Luckys

Its up to the Churches. - Kuro

Bad place lol - Crizz

Yes - RoseWeasley

34 Is Global Warming Fake

It's real. Imagine thinking it's fake. - DarkBoi-X

It's real - ElSherlock

Its fake


35 Should P-Zar Be Free?

Only bad quality ones

P-Zar workers should be earning wages so no.

Obviously it should be because I said so

What is "P-Zar"?

36 Should Jeremiah Get a Boyfriend

Who tf is Jeremiah? - RoseWeasley

Hell yea - Kuro

Who is this guy!?

Should Jeremiah get a boyfriend?

37 That it is Ethical to Genetically Engineer Babies

We need this to create catgirls, so I support 100% - Kuro

If it were to remove hereditary diseases, then yes. If it were so parents can change how their kid looks and acts, then no.

38 Should Dogs Be Free to a Good Home?

Yes - blackflower

Yes, they should. To properly care for and feed dogs, it costs hundreds of dollars every year and we should not have to pay to give love to a well deserving animal. - Pergipsy

Yes, only makes sense.

39 Should Japan Make a Bigger Army
40 Should Playing Ps4 Be a Lesson in School?

In certain tech classes maybe - Kuro


41 Is It Ok to Be Attracted to the Same Sex as You If You’re Not Gay?

Then you're bi/pan - Kuro

Its called being bisexual, that when you're attracted to both sexes. And its okay.

Dude... you okay man?

42 Pokemon vs Digimon

Pokemon - ElSherlock


Oh, yes

43 How Good is Black Panther

Decent, not the best. - MrCoolC

Cool - DarkBoi-X

It's great - ElSherlock

Great movie

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44 Batman vs Superman

Kirby will suck them up

That movie sucked. Also Batman. - LordDovahkiin

45 Should Europe Let in Millions of Refugees

I honestly believe that the priorities should be geared towards nearby countries such as Turkey, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia. However, Europe should not deny refugees either, considering the fact that refugees have been going through hell escaping from wars; accepting refugees is a basic human decency. I don't know what these alt-right people are thinking, but there are more important things to worry about than "preserving" culture. - yungstirjoey666

The only thing I’m worried about this is overpopulation. I understand that these people have risked their lives fleeing their unsafe home countries, but how about we let them in. - JoeBoi

Yes - blackflower

46 Should We Have English in School?


47 PC vs Console
48 Is wearing double denim a sin?

I'm not religious, but I still agree with this. - Kuro

Who cares? Gods sins outweigh our own

Yes but I love to wear it all the time.

Yes it is a disgrace to the fashion society

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49 Trump vs Clinton

They both suck - yungstirjoey666

My girl Clinton - Luckys

Clinton - blackflower

Clinton, she sucks, but she's god compared to Trump!

What delusion do you live in? It's not an opinion. Trump is much better than Clinton. - LordDovahkiin

50 Mac vs PC
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