Ten Most Controversial Debate Topics

I am a Debate Student, and I feel that these topics are controversial.

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1 Would Abortion/Euthanasia Count As Murder

Yes because surely you could put the child up for adoption if you weren't ready for that responsibility?


Abortion isn't murder, because an unborn baby isn't really a person (ie. doesn't have personality or feelings)
Euthanasia is a trickier matter, because it's a person, who may, at times, not be capable of making such a descision.
I don't think either really counts as murder- but this is just my opinion. - Flamesofsilver

First of a a baby is still a person I don't care who they are they do feel feelings why don't you go ahead and and die because you don't have feelings hey ( that was a example don't kill yourself) a baby is a person and a life is being taken away from that child so yeah...
But if you where raped I would see in abortion.

2 Should Animal Testing Be Banned

For cosmetics? Duh. For science? Remember they are a life, and respect them like so - keycha1n


3 Should Same Sex Marriage Be Legalised

Why should any religion, person, or organization attempt to dictate or belittle the way people choose to live their lives? It's about doing whatever makes you happy. - maarilynmaanson

A religion that preaches love, shouldn't hate people for loving. - keycha1n

It's not that Christianity is against the homosexuals themselves, it's that it is against the lifestyle they have chosen. - RiverClanRocks

4 Should Marijuana Be Legalised

I'm not a stoner, but I don't see how Nicotine is legal and this isn't. - IronSabbathPriest

5 Should Same Sex Couples Be Allowed to Adopt
6 Should the Death Penalty Be Abolished

Yeah, cause all we need is jails full of serial killers and murderers. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

7 Housewives Should Be Paid for Their Work
8 Child Performers Should Be Banned
9 Should Prostitution Be Made Illegal

Legalise it. If someone needs money and they are struggling to get a job... they decide to turn to this. Who are you to judge them? There is a stereotype of it being to feed a drug habit and pimps. But they are some who use this as a way of living until they get a job.

Should be made illegal

10 Religion vs. Science

I've been in this argument so many times, and my response is: take whichever side you please. - PositronWildhawk

Oh no. Good one whoever added this one. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

The Contenders

11 Should Beauty Contests Be Banned
12 Should Guns Be Banned from the Public
13 Should Abortion/Euthanasia Be Legal
14 Should Human Testing Be Made Legal

Uh yeah no

15 Nature vs. Nurture for Serial Killers and Murders
16 Goku vs Superman
17 Should In-N-Out Be Moved to Other Areas in the US
18 Should dogs be free to a good home?
19 Should Shakespeare Continue to Be Taught in Schools?
20 That it is Ethical to Genetically Engineer Babies
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1. Child Performers Should Be Banned
2. Housewives Should Be Paid for Their Work
3. Religion vs. Science
1. Would Abortion/Euthanasia Count As Murder
2. Should Marijuana Be Legalised
3. Should Animal Testing Be Banned
1. Should Same Sex Marriage Be Legalised
2. Should Marijuana Be Legalised
3. Would Abortion/Euthanasia Count As Murder

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