Top 10 Best WWE Fighting Styles

A list of fighting styles that WWE usually promotes. Choose your favorite.
The Top Ten
1 Technical Technical wrestling, a style that emphasizes chain wrestling and mat-based techniques, showcases the intellectual aspects of the sport. Wrestlers using this style often demonstrate quick thinking and adaptability.

E.G. Kurt Angle, Bret Hart, Chris Benoit, Shawn Michaels

Technical wrestling is a form of art that mixes itself with all kinds of fighting, Technicians use every form of move they are familiar with and also ones that if achievable can be taken advantage of to use for a win, Technical Wrestlers are Pro at this.

Most my favorites are categorized under Technician. Guerrero, Rollins, Michaels, Bryan, Styles, and Angle. I've always loved technicians because they are capable of doing many incredible things.

2 Brawling Brawling refers to a rough, aggressive style that often includes the use of punches, kicks, and other strikes. It's not about finesse or flair, but the raw intensity that comes with a slugfest.

E.G. Steve Austin, Undertaker, Triple H, Dean Ambrose

Masters of making all the fighting look intense and raise carnage to the roofs, Brawlers are best at this.

3 Highflying Highflying style is a visual spectacle, with wrestlers taking to the skies to perform gravity-defying moves. This style requires agility, speed, and a fearless approach to risk-taking.

These Superstars take far more risks in the ring, and are underrated, and people focus on big people throwing around big people.

E.G. Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, Rob Van Dam, Even Bourne

Highflyers take more risks than anyone within the ring as they us there bodies to attempt unbelievable moves that one would most likely never see from an average wrestler and also create bizarre moments, Highflyer's are the best at this.

4 Showman Showman style is all about theatrics and showmanship. Wrestlers employing this style focus on engaging the crowd with their charisma and larger-than-life personas, making every match a memorable performance.
5 Powerhouse Powerhouse style is characterized by a wrestler's impressive physical strength, often demonstrated through powerful slams and throws. It's a style that emphasizes brute force and sheer power.

E.G. John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Batista, Goldberg

Strength is a feat in it's own not to just look the part but to bring out the most hard hitting moves to make people scream 'Oww', Powerhouse's are the best at this.

6 Submission Artist Submission Artist refers to a wrestler who excels in submission holds, aiming to make their opponent tap out. This style requires a deep knowledge of grappling techniques and a keen understanding of human anatomy.

E.G. Chris Benoit, Daniel Bryan, Kurt Angle, Ric Flair

Targeting parts of the body and keeps on focusing on it and eventually win with a submission, Submission Artist's are best at this.

7 Hardcore Specialist Hardcore Specialist style refers to those wrestlers who thrive in matches with relaxed rules, often incorporating weapons or the environment around the ring into their offensive strategy. These competitors are known for their resilience and toughness.

E.G. Mick Foley, Edge, Jeff Hardy, Christian

Hardcore Moves increases the value of terror and excitement, whether taking or giving the hits Hardcore Specialists are brilliant at making extreme moments.

8 Dirty Dirty style is all about rule-breaking and underhanded tactics. Wrestlers who prefer this style aren't afraid to bend or even break the rules to gain an advantage, often employing sneaky maneuvers to get the upper hand.

E.G. Chris Jericho, Ric Flair, JBL, Randy Orton

Dirty fighting does not limit any form of talent but simply one who use underhanded tactics to pic up a win, such as using objects when Ref is not looking or holding the ropes or getting into the mind of the opponent to make him make a mistake, It's fun to be Dirty.

9 Size Advantage Size Advantage is a style often used by larger wrestlers who use their size and reach to dominate their opponents. These behemoths of the ring can overpower opponents with their sheer size and strength.

E.G. big Show, Andre the Giant, Kane, Undertaker

Size Advantage superstars do not limit themselves to using moves when they can simply use there height to flatten opponent.

10 Build Up Fighting Build Up Fighting style is characterized by a slow and strategic approach to combat. These wrestlers gradually wear down their opponents, building momentum until they unleash a devastating finishing move.

E.G. Randy Orton, John Cena, Hulk Hogan, Triple H

Fighting that starts of slow but progresses into a much more intense and reversal play and eventually wearing down the person before the ultimate Strike, Build Up Fighters are pretty much this.

The Contenders
11 Street Fighter Street Fighter style is gritty and rough, with a focus on strikes and maneuvers that resemble a real-life street brawl. This style is all about aggression and raw physicality.

Someone who would be better in a street fight and mostly using punches and kicks,

12 Bruiser Bruiser style is defined by an unyielding toughness and a love for punishment. Wrestlers using this style thrive in physical, hard-hitting contests where durability and strength are key.
13 Reversal Reversal style emphasizes defensive maneuvers and counter-attacks. Wrestlers who use this style focus on turning their opponents' attacks to their own advantage, showcasing agility and quick thinking.

These are the sort of wrestlers that now exactly how to reverse the pressure of submission holds, counter strikes and reverse moves in general. In other words these types of wrestlers are reversal/counter specialists.

14 Strong Style Strong Style is known for its stiff, hard-hitting strikes and martial arts-inspired moves. This style, popularized in Japan, is a fusion of pro wrestling and combat sports that brings a sense of realism to the ring.
15 Aerialist Aerialist style refers to a highflying style that emphasizes spectacular aerial maneuvers. These wrestlers are known for their incredible agility and daredevil tendencies, often defying gravity with their moves.
16 Grappling Grappling style is a wrestling style focused on takedowns, throws, and submission holds. Wrestlers who excel in this style often have a background in amateur wrestling or other mat-based sports.

You forgot grapplers like Seth Rollins and Daniel Bryan.

17 Strikers Strikers style is characterized by the use of hard-hitting punches, kicks, elbows, and knees. Wrestlers using this style often have a background in striking martial arts, and they bring that knowledge to the squared circle.

They are wrestlers who strikes better than all fighting slyles.

18 UK Strong Style UK Strong Style is a hybrid wrestling style that combines hard-hitting strikes, technical wrestling, and submission maneuvers. It's a blend of various styles that reflects the rich history of wrestling in the United Kingdom.

People is like strong style but more better. And they can do high flying move sometimes. They. They are British

19 Tricksters Tricksters style is characterized by cunning and deception. Wrestlers using this style often use misdirection, quick maneuvers, and a good dose of humor to confuse and frustrate their opponents.
20 All Rounder All Rounder style refers to wrestlers who are well-versed in various wrestling styles. They can brawl, fly, grapple, and strike with equal proficiency, making them unpredictable and adaptable competitors.
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