Top Ten Things That Are Never Determined Accurately

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1 Deadlines

This resulted in me having to completely wing a thousand-word essay in two hours. It was probably the best thing I've ever written.

Sure, I can finish my research project tomorrow. Oh crap. It's due in an hour.

2 Download Time

This one really bothers me, and yes, they are never precise. My iPod tells me an estimated time, but it's always a full minute or more longer than it promised!

No problem, sir, your files will be available to you in 2 minutes. Sorry, I meant millennia.

I sat there for three minutes and the whole time it said, "10 seconds left."

3 Total Mass of the Content of One's Bag

I've put my back out because of this underestimate.

4 Public Transport Times

At least on the planes, you have a screen. But whatever you do, don't go and see Time to Destination.

Ridiculous. They never arrive at the stated time.

5 Hours of Sleep

I've gotten so good at knowing exactly how much sleep I'll get if I went to sleep at any given time. Unfortunately, the only thing I know for sure is that it's never enough.

It's pretty hard to know when or how long you're going to sleep. Sometimes, I feel like it is just enough, while other times, it just seems as if it isn't.

Completely unpredictable. You don't know which hours, which days, which nights are satisfactory.

6 The Energy Density of the Vacuum Energy of the Universe

The most inaccurate measurement in scientific history. The quantity has been measured to be 120 orders of magnitude away from its calculated value. This severely limits our feasible dark energy predictions, as the vacuum energy can't be computed directly.

Large deviation in measurements. The calculated value shows many orders of deviation from the measured value. This limits dark energy predictions. Surely.

7 Quality of a Movie Judging by the Trailer

This is why I like the YouTube series: Honest Trailers.

8 Risk

This could be idiots who cross the busy road diagonally, or people who are reluctant to buy irradiation treated products. There's always a probability distribution with its arbitrary parameters. In the philosophy of Laplace's demon, there is difficulty in predicting everything in the natural evolution of information.

9 Costs and Profits

I see it all as a result of chance whether you become wealthy or broke.

10 Popularity On TheTopTens

On the one hand, some of us made a huge impact. On the other hand, so many obscure users deserve more attention.

I really have no idea where I stand.

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11 Weather

Well, why don't you ask Mother Nature if you want a more precise answer.

Mother Nature determines the weather.

12 Movies On The Future
13 "Back in Ten Minutes" Notices

From when does the ten minutes actually start? No one knows what time they left!

Back in twenty. No, ninety. No, I just got the sack.

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