Top 10 Best Sword Types

What is the best type of sword in our history? There are many great swords in this world. But if you were to take a rating depending on the best sword that could rely itself to be most effective in every situation, then what would you choose?
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1 Katana

I train in kung fu and tai chi, and I'm hoping to Iaijutsu and the Kenjutsu taught by the school Niten Ichi Ryu. The Katana is truly an amazing sword. It was made with hard steel on the outside and soft steel on the inside, this aloud to be strong and be able to absorb damage. Not only was it strong and absorbent, it was sharper than a razer. Plus the blade was at the right length so that it could be used at close range and also keep you opponent at a distance. All these reasons are what make the Katana a swift, precise, and efficient sword.

2 Rapier

I'm not an expert but I have done some research. The rapier is faster than any other sword and longer than most. Slashing is a very inefficient form of killing. The rapier specialises in thrusting. Its strength of being light is also its weakness. Not very good at blocking or delivering much of an impact.

Having a speed and reach advantage is what makes the rapier the best sword. You can't fault it on lethality either. Many people seem to favour the katana despite it being a slashing weapon which, again, is not very good at killing. It also isn't as light as you might think. The longsword would be a flat out upgrade. I'd say the rapier and longsword are on par. I only chose the rapier out of personal opinion. The longsword has the force, the rapier has the speed. Your call.

3 Scimitar

Possessing this saber is irresistible. The joy of having this saber.. It is beyond your realm of comprehension.
Whenever I imagine this saber as my bride.. It replies "It was just a reflex, Okay! We're not going to the prom together..
It's a beaut.

These Kind of Swords usually used nano silver in the make of them. Which make them have high durability and lightweight at the same time. Quite impressive for such and old sword

Although it is not the best at stabbing, for its weight and size you will not find a better sword for slashing.

4 Claymore

Let's face it, I'm a weeb. And while I absolutely adore Katanas, if I were to use a Japanese weapon, it'd be the Nodachi instead (basically the giant katana)

No, I prefer, without a doubt, the Claymore in a straight up war. Specifically the Zweihander. The weight and reach meant that the raw destructive power in battle was unmatched for anything short of a duel, and even then the armor and endurance of a claymore user would be hard pressed for any speed types to overcome.

Who needs the piercing power of a rapier or the slashing force of a saber/scimtar? The claymore is far greater for use in war or open combat, especially if your opponent is armored, I mean, what are they going to do once their head or chest is caved in?

5 Broadsword

Okay. The term "Broadsword" is vastly misused. A broadsword is a Scottish basket hilted one-handed sword. What most think of when they hear "broadsword" is a bastard sword or a particularly long arming sword. The word was used historically a little bit to describe the chinese dao and dadao, but that was rather uncommon.

this is my favorite sword, when I was younger l had my dad make me 2 wooden ones, one to look at, and one to play with, the one I played with is now broken because l loved it and played with it so much.

6 Falchion
7 Longsword

For me the Longsword would be the best sword. I don't know why would the Katana be the top one, when the Longsword is as light as the katana but longer, and has good guard protection, and the Longsword has reach advantage, and can thrust better, and with right materials can even surpass the katana. But the Katana do have a advantage and is that the sword can do like an auto correct edge alignment, so if you tested the katana put flat at both of your arm, it always stand straight, which probably the advantage with the Katana. But still the Longsword has a much better advantage. But still I think all swords was meant for something.

8 Khopesh

Scientifically, curved blades have more cutting power. Khopesh was prized for it's gruesome slashing ability in close quarters. It was used for cutting, slashing and chopping. The hook on the far end could also be used to rip away an opponent's shield. The khopesh influenced the Greeks to use a curved blades weapon called kopis or machaira in the 6th century B.C. The swords of the Hittites were also under the sphere of its influence. Khopesh made its way to Central Africa in Rwanda and Burundi as well as the Harappan civilization.

9 Saber

They can cut better than Katanas, and are excellent in the thrust, they are light, well balanced and have had 200 years worth of rigorous battle testing, they also, unlike most in the top ten, provide adequate protection for your wrist and due to angulation, the fore-arm, also they do not restrict wrist motion giving them some of the best rotational cuts.

It's a katana that is longer and doesn't allow you to lose your hands. I've used both and the saber is much better

Sabers were the apitomy of swords perfect length and weight could be used for stabbing or slashing on foot or on horseback one handed used in the American Civil War and still used today with dress uniforms.

10 Machete

I own several machetes and can verify that they are fantastic for cutting the plants both in my backyard and the preserve behind it. Also effective against stray cats/dogs and neighborhood children

Heaviest sword there is. No good for fencing but even armored opponents get scared.

Good for getting through the jungle.

The Contenders
11 Cutlass

I don't understand why this sword didn't reach top 10, when this sword is a jack of all trades. I know this is not best in slashing or stabbing but this sword is an all rounder. If we are put in a Hunger Games(sword only edition) situation, this sword will really shine.

An all rounder, cuts well... And you can sort of stab with it. Its good for for confined spaces such as corridors, boats and in the thick of melee, good hand protection and pretty stylish to boot

12 Roman Gladius

For over 1000 years this was the main battle weapon that forged the greatest empire in history. Strong, fast and a devastating slasher and stabber this was certainly the founder of the bloodline of the cutlass, saber, scimitar and the list goes on and on. Maybe the most important sword type in history.

Historically, it was a beast. The short length provides a lot of power behind blows.

13 Ulfberht

The high grad Damascus steel and the heavy yet light design make this one of the best. It is also designed to be used in relations with a round shield and an axe. This sword paired with a tough enough viking can shatter almost any other blade on the list. On top of that it requires the least amount of training on this list so most warriors can pick it up and cleave you in two with minimal effort.

These swords were so far ahead of their time that we are only reached the ability to understand and recreate these magnificent swords recently. These swords had a incredibly high carbon content but not so high as to weaken the sword. This is quite possibly the highest quality swords ever produced.

14 English Longsword
15 Bastard Sword

How was this not on the list!? Move over katana there's a new sword in town, the bastard sword otherwise known as the hand and half is by far the best sowrd, you can use one hand to slash and use two for that little extra bit, when in one handed mode it has that extended grip below your hand that gives it the extra cool factor. It's blade is straight so it doesn't have a weird curve that prevents you from majestically stabbing your sword in the ground and it sticking straight up, or kneeling with your sword making you look like a noble knight, I could go on about how this sword is better then every other sword but for now I will let it climb the boards as it becomes number one sword.

16 Talwar

History has been the best argument for the talwar. Sikhs aren't considered elite swordsmen for nothing.

One of the finest Sabres in history. it is a lot faster than two-handed swords such as the katana.

Proper comfort for wrist and lighter and faster than a Katana.Its just that the Katanga happens to be more popular

17 Kilij

Kilij is a type of saber mainly used by Ottoman Turks. These blades were originated from the Turko-Mongol sabers which were also the progenitors of many other curved swords such as scimitar and yataghan.

18 Sable Sword
19 Shamshir

The curvature of this sword can let to attack from angles which your opponent does not expect. versatile one which allows you to use it both while you are on hoarse or standing. Sharp point and the angle of the tip allows the best penetrance. Partians stand against Roman invasion and stopped them in the east by means of that.

20 Kukri

The kukri or khukuri is a Nepalese knife with an inwardly curved blade, similar to a machete.

It is the main weapon of ghorkas, those dudes, take out a limb in one swoop with this thing, Honorable as well, check em out!

Still in use today that right there says to its effectiveness. An it does great in the woods

21 Zweihander

Obviously the best. All the other swords here were used for self defense or as side arms this was actually used as an alternative to spears.

22 Akrafena

Akrafena is a sword of true class. Attractive real Golden handles makes it so cool in your arms. Is neither light or heavy and suitable for both defense and offense.

Was a gruesome slashing, thrusting and killing machine. Despite the British and Dutch having guns, the sword was still effective against them.

Light and fast. Thrusting and slashing dual properties. Definitely deserves not to be in any ranking below 10

23 Greatsword
24 Flamberges
25 Estoc

Can break one's defense and poke through armor because of the rock solid blade.

Works amazingly for actual war, and provides the safety of a pole arm.

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