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1 Fennekin Fennekin Fennekin is a fictional creature in the Pokemon Franchise. Introduced in the 6th gen, Fennekin is a Fire type Pokemon, and one of the starter Pokemons in the Kalos Region. It is classified as the Fox Pokemon. Instead of eating snacks, Fennekin chew on twigs. It can be temperamental, but does it best more.

Look at it! You can't say it ain't cute, the eyes are so adorable, the tail everything about it is!

Fennekin is not even cute compared to cyndaquil fennekin is not even cute and think about what the male gender of fennekin has to deal with stupid moves and a girls body for the rest of his life but as I was saying I would pick any starter over fennekin I remember when we have good fire types strong ones but now all we have are dummed down pokemon ideas. I though when I was like 5 we would get better starters every generation but I was wrong ever pokemon game got not fun after pokemon ruby and sapphire. every pokemon idea was getting more stupid but when 3-D comes out I give pokemon another chance and geuss what x y was okay not better than the old games I really liked the animations but I still liked the old animations better right when I'm about to pick a starter pokemon I see the most stupid fire type in years fennekin then I gave up on giving pokemon another chance. Selled the game just because of that's stupid starter.

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2 Cyndaquil Cyndaquil

The cutest little fire mouse you would ever imagine

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3 Torchic Torchic

I really like Torchic it was my first ever pokemon and I still found it cute when it evolved into to Combusken

Torchic is adorable in my humble opinion - ShuhBanggg

Torchic is cute and in my opinion it and Cyndaquill should be above Fennekin!

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4 Tepig Tepig

I definitely will vote for tepig!

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5 Charmander Charmander Charmander, known as Hitokage in Japan, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.
6 Chimchar Chimchar V 2 Comments
7 Litten Litten

He might not be cute but he is strong and curious

Just because Litten is unreleased doesn't mean it's not absolutely adorable! :3

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8 Incineroar Incineroar V 1 Comment
9 Heatmor Heatmor
10 Growlithe V 1 Comment
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