Best Cutscenes In Sonic the Hedgehog Games

This is all about the most memorable moments in Sonic Cutscenes, there are a lot more, but I couldn't fit them on, so feel free to add any of your favourite moments.

The Top Ten

Unleashed Opening

I think we all know this was going to be #1.
Sonic Unleashed's opening cutscene was gorgeous and shamed previous AND future games' alike. Unlike Sonic 06, Sonic Unleashed had beautiful graphics in its opening that WORKED with a story to boot, while Sonic 06... I don't even want to bother.
While it is generic to assume this cutscene would be the best, take in the fact that this is 2008 work we're looking at. With this level of beauty in modern games (Sonic Forces *cough cough* Sega would be in a better place.
An action-packed cutscene full of explosions and hedgehogs? Heck yes.
The Werehog transformation is and probably will be my favorite. I mean, come on. You probably won't see Sonic go through a transformation like this in future games. Unless SU2 comes out.
But the cutscene in my opinion is stunning and while this is probably a cliche'd statement Sonic Unleashes dominates when it comes to cutscenes.

Screw this cutscene! I prefer the "Mario Unleashed opening cutscene" over the silly & overrated "Sonic Unleashed" cutscene.

This has to be the most detailed cutscene for a game ever. The graphics are amazing and it has Sonic turn into Super Sonic AND the Werehog!

This really is the best.

'No copyright law in the universe is going to stop me!'

This has gotta be his best quote.

Everyone loves this cutscene, Sonic supporting copyright :D

Silver getting kicked in the head

Silver haters (and even Silver fans! ) love to see Silver getting owned by Shadow! It's so funny!

The best part of a truly abysmal game.

... Ok. I remember this cutscene and love it despite it being from the game we shall never speak of again.

Where's that DAMN fourth Chaos Emerald

Shadow getting angry with a Chaos Emerald? Yes please!

Mephiles killing Sonic

Why do you Satan worshippers love this?
Actually, I want to know, because I might agree if you persuade me to. I don't know everything about Sonic, so, please tell me why you like this.

Even true Sonic fans find it hilarious to see Sonic get killed, its true! (Ok maybe I laughed a little... )

Sonic talking to a dead robot

Sonic insists that even though a robot is dead, he still has to threaten it. And when Tails finds him... Its pretty funny to see their reactions

What game is this?

Whats wrong with my mustache?!

During the final cutscene of Sonic Lost World, Eggman may have been victim to a hungry bunny attack... Well Eggman's moustache...

Sonic CD opening

The Sonic series first cutscene, how could it not be on here?!

Both JP and US opening song are so good.

Filthy Rat

Infinite called him a filthy rat, too. And yes, Sonic DID whine about it. Truth hurts. Truthfully.

During the ending of Sonic and The Secret Rings, Sonic captures Erazor Djinn, meanwhile he says 'How could I be denied by that filthy rat?! WHY' And Sonic in return says 'I TOLD YOU, I'M NOT A RAT! I'm a hedgehog! '

Sonic 06 Opening

The best ever.

The Contenders

Scene before the final fight (Dark/Hero) in Sonic Adventure 2

This was so a unbelievable, memorable, awesome, excellent, epic, extreme and amazing scene. And the boss fight is so EPIC.

Shadow the Hedgehog Opening

Its 2 cool 4 you

"If You Harm a Hair on His Head"
When Infinite Makes the Sun
I want you to get me a cheeseburger and a shake

This Sonic Colours cutscene was a particular comedic highlight, especially with Cubot and Orbot.

Is it right?

Isn't this where Silver asks Blaze about killing Sonic? I LOVE THIS!

Sonic Heroes Opening
Sonic vs Amy - Sonic Heroes
Vancouver 2010 Olympics Opening Cutscene

Rosalina was supposed to replace Princess PEach, the pathetic ice princess, whatsoever. Princess Daisy & Tails both have to return to Vancouver, Canada with Pac-Man (in his Pac-Man World design & voiced by Chris Brown).

S-Stop! D-Don't Move, or We'll Shoot!

While Shadow is walking straight toward them, holding a gun, completely uninterested.

I will fight like I always have

Shadow's best scene in the entire series

Sonic Adventure Opening
Friendship - Sonic Unleashed
Baldy McNosehair Scene
Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity Black Hole Scene
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