Best Cutscenes In Sonic the Hedgehog Games

This is all about the most memorable moments in Sonic Cutscenes, there are a lot more, but I couldn't fit them on, so feel free to add any of your favourite moments.

The Top Ten

1 Unleashed Opening

This really is the best.

This has to be the most detailed cutscene for a game ever. The graphics are amazing and it has Sonic turn into Super Sonic AND the Werehog! - Silverbronwyn

Screw this cutscene! I prefer the "Mario Unleashed opening cutscene" over the silly & overrated "Sonic Unleashed" cutscene.

2 'No copyright law in the universe is going to stop me!'

This has gotta be his best quote.

Everyone loves this cutscene, Sonic supporting copyright :D - Silverbronwyn

3 Silver getting kicked in the head

Silver haters (and even Silver fans! ) love to see Silver getting owned by Shadow! It's so funny! - Silverbronwyn

The best part of a truly abysmal game. - Cazaam

4 Where's that DAMN fourth Chaos Emerald

Shadow getting angry with a Chaos Emerald? Yes please! - Silverbronwyn

5 Mephiles killing Sonic

Even true Sonic fans find it hilarious to see Sonic get killed, its true! (Ok maybe I laughed a little... ) - Silverbronwyn

6 Sonic talking to a dead robot

Sonic insists that even though a robot is dead, he still has to threaten it. And when Tails finds him... Its pretty funny to see their reactions - Silverbronwyn

What game is this?

7 Whats wrong with my mustache?!

During the final cutscene of Sonic Lost World, Eggman may have been victim to a hungry bunny attack... Well Eggman's moustache... - Silverbronwyn

8 Sonic CD opening

The Sonic series first cutscene, how could it not be on here?! - Silverbronwyn

Both JP and US opening song are so good. - Chaotixhero

9 Filthy Rat

During the ending of Sonic and The Secret Rings, Sonic captures Erazor Djinn, meanwhile he says 'How could I be denied by that filthy rat?! WHY' And Sonic in return says 'I TOLD YOU, I'M NOT A RAT! I'm a hedgehog! ' - Silverbronwyn

10 Sonic 06 Opening

The best ever.

The Contenders

11 Scene before the final fight (Dark/Hero) in Sonic Adventure 2

This was so a unbelievable, memorable, awesome, excellent, epic, extreme and amazing scene. And the boss fight is so EPIC.

12 Shadow the Hedgehog Opening

Its 2 cool 4 you


13 I want you to get me a cheeseburger and a shake

This Sonic Colours cutscene was a particular comedic highlight, especially with Cubot and Orbot.

14 Sonic vs Amy - Sonic Heroes
15 Vancouver 2010 Olympics Opening Cutscene

Rosalina was supposed to replace Princess PEach, the pathetic ice princess, whatsoever. Princess Daisy & Tails both have to return to Vancouver, Canada with Pac-Man (in his Pac-Man World design & voiced by Chris Brown).

16 S-Stop! D-Don't Move, or We'll Shoot!

While Shadow is walking straight toward them, holding a gun, completely uninterested.

17 I will fight like I always have

Shadow's best scene in the entire series

18 Sonic Adventure Opening


19 Is it right?

Isn't this where Silver asks Blaze about killing Sonic? I LOVE THIS!

20 Sonic Heroes Opening
21 Baldy McNosehair Scene
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