Top Ten Death Battles that Should Happen (Or Should Happen Again)


The Top Ten

1 Mario vs Sonic

Mario wins - yunafreya648

2 Kefka vs Waluigi

Waluigi dies because he sucks - yunafreya648

I'm rooting for Kefka - ParkerFang

Kefka dies

3 Cloud vs Ichigo
4 Peach vs Zelda

Peach, the ugly bimbo that's inferior to Rosalina dies lol

Zelda - ParkerFang

Zelda wins - yunafreya648

5 Pinkie Pie vs Majin Buu
6 Goku vs Saitama
7 Wario vs Hector

Wario dies case closed - WendyIsQueen

8 Kenshin vs Shishio
9 Dante vs Bayonetta

Bayonetta dies

Dante the trashy filth dies

Tie - ParkerFang

Dante wins - hunnyqueen09

10 Daisy vs Sephiroth

Daisy wins.


The Contenders

11 Waluigi vs Daisy

Waluigi the filler dies lol

Waluigi dies lol - yunafreya648

Daisy dies lol

Daisy - ParkerFang

12 Sonic vs Shadow
13 Peach vs Amy

Amy - ToadF1

14 Kadaj vs Ghirahim

I don't know who would win. They're both great - ParkerFang

15 Dixie Kong vs Coco Bandicoot

I would love to see this

16 Knuckles the Echidna vs Carol Tea

Knuckles Wins - ToadF1

17 Toad vs Alex Kidd

Toad Wins - ToadF1

18 Daisy vs Blaze the Cat
19 Tifa vs Yang
20 K. Rool vs Hector
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1. Mario vs Sonic
2. Kefka vs Waluigi
3. Cloud vs Ichigo



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