Top Ten Death Battles that Should Happen (Or Should Happen Again)


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41 Nikki vs Banzai
42 Star vs Ed
43 Muk vs Timon
44 Luk vs Pumbaa
45 Boris Goodunov vs Zazu
46 Kodi vs Kion
47 Fox McCloud vs Simba


48 Fox McCloud vs Sora
49 Daxter vs Timon

Go Daxter. own that small annoying creature excuse of a meerkat.

50 Sonic the Hedgehog vs Fuli

Sonic wins.

Sonic - ToadF1

51 Princess Elise III vs Fuli the Cheetah
52 Karel vs Bunga

You won't believe how much I hate Bunga so much. He is mean, annoying and downright awful. Why did The Lion King need an equivalent of already annoying characters such as Scrappy Doo for example? Zuka Zama? My butt.

GO KAREL! Slice that mean, annoying little bugger into bits!

53 Wario vs Shadow
54 Bowser vs Dr. Eggman

Bowser - ToadF1

55 Rosalina vs Rouge
56 Yoshi vs Chao

The Chao are from the Sonic Adventure series in case you wanted to know. Although I'm a Yoshi fan, it doesn't matter to me who wins the battle.

Yoshi Wins, Why?

Yoshi Could just Eat the Chao - ToadF1

57 Tails vs Fox McCloud

Both foxes are awesome, though. It is hard to choose.

58 Wendy vs Daisy

Cloud, Squall, Daisy, Rosalina, Toad, Peach, Wario >Wendy

59 Krystal vs Zooey

The female equivalents of Fox McCloud and Tails respectively.

60 Fox McCloud vs Wolf O'Donnell
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