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21 Stewie vs Invader Zim V 1 Comment
22 Dhalsim vs Great Tiger

They need to do this on Death Battle. - egnomac

23 Bane vs Riddick
24 Big Daddy vs Nemesis T-Type
25 Legolas vs. Katniss

Just not until they make the third hunger game movie so that she can have her awesome bow that she gets - llamabaconllama37

Make it a 3 way battle between link, katniss and Legolas and it would be the most epic thing ever - Gamer4life

Death Battle: Katniss vs. Waluigi

V 1 Comment
26 Indiana Jones vs Nathan Drake

Prefer Indiana Jones vs James Bond - nerffan8000

27 Popeye vs Barnacle Boy (Young)
28 Madotsuki vs Isaac
29 Nemesis (Resident Evil) vs. Pyramid Head (Silent Hill)
30 Cole Macgrath vs Delsin Rowe
31 Sonic the Werehog vs Fierce Deity Link V 1 Comment
32 Cole Macgrath (Infamous) vs Alex Mercer (Prototype)

I like the idea, but what about "Alex Mercer vs Jackie Estacado"?
Don't get me wrong I don't disagree with your idea entirely.

33 Dracula vs. the Wolfman

Twilight sucks. go back to the originals, they is much better - llamabaconllama37

Anyone seen van Helsing this happened in there

34 Ash Williams vs Frank West

Yes Death Battle needs to do this

35 Sub-Zero (MK) vs Elsa (Frozen)
36 Kenpachi vs Kratos
37 Bowser vs Ganondorf

This one was just released! It was great!

How about Ganondorf vs. Horrid Henry?

Bowser vs. Knuckles. Please, ScrewAttack?

V 1 Comment
38 Ben Drowned vs Jason Voorhees V 1 Comment
39 Denver Nuggets vs Oakland Raiders
40 Link vs. Legolas
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