Top Ten Best Disney Cartoons That Were Forgotten

Yes, there are some shows that just were buried in time due to newer ones. I'm sorry for those.

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1 DuckTales DuckTales DuckTales is an American animated television series produced by Walt Disney Television Animation. It premiered on September 18, 1987 and ended on November 28, 1990 with a total of four seasons and 100 episodes.

My favourite cartoon - iliekpiez

It may not be "forgotten", but it sure was my favorite cartoon. I added this here because I feel that nobody remembers about this show. - Comi03

I'm into the comics :/

I forget it because whenever I see or hear the name, the song gets in my head-AHAHAAH! - DapperPickle

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2 Goof Troop Goof Troop Goof Troop is an American animated comedy television series produced by Walt Disney Television Animation.

I used to watch this show with my old babysitter, Caren

Okay, this show is not in anyone's memory, but this was one of those that were pretty pointless, but funny. It's mostly related to Goofy, one of the funniest Disney characters of all time. - Comi03

I use to watch this show. - nintendofan126

3 Brandy and Mr. Whiskers Brandy and Mr. Whiskers

I HATE Brandy and Mr. Whiskers so much! It's annoying, arrogant, racist, demeaning, and totally stupid. The only reason why they kept this stupid show on for so long is because Russell Marcus, the creator of this show is arrogant and he thought he was doing a good job. There are horrible episodes, terrible animation, unrealistic plots, and irritating characters! Brandy is extremely annoying and she is a totally mean and spoiled brat. Mr. Whiskers is also annoying and he's an idiot. I can't stand Lola Boa with her temper for every reason. Margo is a spoiled bratty ho as well. Ed is so dumb. Cheryl and Meryl, UGH! This dumb cartoon shouldn't have stayed on so long because it was really stupid. I give it 0/10 stars. I hate it and Russell Marcus needed to get a life.

It was stupid Brandy Harrington who made the show worse

I loved this show. Too bad Disney took the best show ever away. Well at least I have Sonic X and 4kids why? - Chaotixhero

I have no words to describe how funny this show was. - Comi03

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4 Henry Hugglemonster

No, really, this show exists. it's airing in my country! One thing I LOVE about this show is that a joke is a running gag throughout the series, and one episode actually cracked me up. It's plain awesome. - Comi03

5 Chip And Dale-Rescue Rangers

This show was AWESOME. It got me the feeling that this show is too darn underrated. Seriously, do you remember at least ONE plot of an episode? I do. All episode were very dramatic. I actually think there is no hope tot those heroes until a miracle happens. - Comi03

This is all I watched as a kid! Even now, I could explain what happened in every single episode in detail. One of the best kids shows I've seen.

This is definitely one of my favorites. - nintendofan126

6 Quack Pack


I liked this show, it was weird, actually creepy at times, and also a bit laggy, but... IT HAD DUCKS! Those duck-related Disney cartoons are THE BEST in my opinion. However, some cartoons are a bit better than this one. - Comi03

7 Gummi Bears

This show isn't as good as the rest, but was definitely one of the cutest show ever. It also was one of those shows that hid a HUGE secret trough the show, leaving a line of mystery. It was really good, but also, not as good as the rest. - Comi03

8 Zack And Cody-Suite Life On Deck

This is live-action, not a cartoon

I don't remember very well the title of the show, but it was pretty good. Not as good as the rest, as it decreased in like-ability as time passed by. It was nice, humorous, and had acceptable actors. - Comi03

9 Julius Junior

This show is actually the newest ones of all of these, but I feel that nobody EVER talks about it. It's pretty unpopular, but actually amazing. The episodes have an obvious moral, but... at least they have one. This one also could be not "forgotten" per say, since it's pretty new. I also don't know if it airs in the US. - Comi03

10 Lilo & Stitch

I just love stitch

The Contenders

11 Disney's House of Mouse

I loved this show - Randomator


12 The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is an American Saturday morning original animated television series produced by Walt Disney Television that ran from January 17, 1988 to October 26, 1991.

Winnie the Pooh in general is funny, awesome, nostalgic, memorable, cool, cute and classic. The plots of every episode of 'The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh' are adventurous and memorable. Tigger is my favourite character in the franchise, because he's funny, hilarious, memorable, cool and awesome. What a shame 'The New Adventures Of Winnie the Pooh' got cancelled in 1991. Luckily, a lot of amazing Winnie the Pooh FILMS have been released post-New Adventures, such as Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search For Christopher Robin, Seasons Of Giving (please don't hate me for this), THE TIGGER MOVIE, PIGLET'S BIG MOVIE, Pooh's Heffalump Movie (please don't hate me for this) and of course, the 2011 film the same name as the yellow bear in the red shirt. Overall, I give The New Adventures Of Winnie the Pooh a 10/10. Much better than the infamous Welcome to Pooh Corner.

13 Hercules: The Animated Series
14 Recess Recess Recess is an American animated television series created by Paul Germain and Joe Ansolabehere and produced by Walt Disney Television Animation, with animation done by Grimsaem, Plus One Animation, Sunwoo Animation, and Toon City.
15 Darkwing Duck Darkwing Duck Darkwing Duck is an American animated action-adventure comedy television series produced by Walt Disney Television Animation that first ran from 1991 to 1992 on both the syndicated programming block The Disney Afternoon and Saturday mornings on ABC.

Fearsome Five: What should we do whit Darkwing Duck?
(incredible explotion).
NegaDuck: Something like that... but worse.

16 B-Daman Fireblast
17 PB&J Otter
18 Braceface Braceface Braceface is a Canadian/American animated series that aired on Teletoon in Canada, and on Disney Channel and ABC Family in the United States, as well as Fox Kids and then Pop Girl in the United Kingdom.
19 The Replacements The Replacements The Replacements was an American action-fantasy-comedy animated television series for Disney Channel that ran originally from July 28, 2006 to March 30, 2009. Although the series originally aired episodes on Saturdays at 8:00pm EST, it was moved to Mondays at 5:00pm EST.
20 Pepper Ann Pepper Ann
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